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Heller Espenkotter

Heller Espenkotter is a boutique estate, business and asset protection planning law firm that is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest caliber of legal services available. CONTACT US: 2701 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Suite 301 Coral Gables, Florida 33134 305-777-3765

Estate Planning Firm - Heller Espenkotter PLLC. Heller Espenkotter PLLC is a boutique estate, business and asset protection planning law firm that is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest caliber of legal services available.

Estate Planning Firm - Heller Espenkotter PLLC

Our partners combine the extensive experience that they have accumulated while practicing at major South Florida law firms with the personal service, special attention and flexibility that is possible only in a boutique firm setting. All partners in the Firm hold an advanced Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in Estate Planning and two of our attorneys have earned the distinction of being Board Certified Specialists in Wills, Trusts and Estates, as well as being AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell®. Conveniently located in Coral Gables, Florida, the firm’s attorneys and devoted staff represent domestic and international clients on matters in Florida, throughout the United States, and in foreign countries.

Heller Espenkotter PLLC - Estate Planning, Trust And Estate Lawyers. Understanding The Different Types Of Trusts. In business and legal terminology, trusts are defined as the legal entity created by a trustor through which a trustee holds the right to manage the trustor’s assets or properties for the benefit of a beneficiary.

Understanding The Different Types Of Trusts

In simpler words, trust is a financial agreement between three parties that sets management rules for various assets. Of course, these definitions are not bulletproof and they can be very varied, depending on the type of trust. The best estate planning strategies often use multiple types of trusts. There are a lot of different trusts, but the main idea remains the same. How Does A Revocable Help You Avoid Probate? Sharing is caring!

How Does A Revocable Help You Avoid Probate?

Revocable trusts are probably the best estate planning tools. They are far more effective than last wills or testaments for a variety of reasons. Revocable trusts are amazingly powerful legal tools and they are very effective if you want to avoid the probate process. Revocable trusts allow the grantor (the creator of the trust) a great way to distribute the assets after their death. The trust also guarantees utmost privacy for the grantor and the beneficiaries.

Estate planning - The Basics. A Quick Guide on Property Protection Trusts. Property protection trusts, also known as asset protection trusts, are important legal and financial tools designed to hold an individual's assets, with the main purpose of protecting them against creditors.

A Quick Guide on Property Protection Trusts

This type of trust will offer the best protection for your assets against creditors, judgments against your estate or lawsuits. Simply put, your property protection trust will protect all your assets against financial and legal problems. Asset protection trusts will also help you avoid costs related to litigation, they can positively influence a settlement deal and can offer protection against possible negative litigation results. What Is A Living Trust Or A Revocable Trust?

Posted by robertsjennifer in Business on January 2nd, 2020 A living trust officially called a revocable living trust, is a legal document or entity that is designed to hold ownership of an individual's assets.

What Is A Living Trust Or A Revocable Trust?

The living trust is often created by individuals as a legal document that can work as a will. The person who creates the trust is called the trustmaker or the grantor. In most cases, this person is the trustee as well, having full power when it comes to the trust's management or control. Top Asset Protection Strategies To Secure Your Business. Asset protection is one of the most important things to do if you have a business.

Top Asset Protection Strategies To Secure Your Business

Luckily, there are multiple asset protection services to choose from – you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are simple, straightforward procedures you must follow and it’ll offer you the best protection against most possible issues. Asset protection security is provided by employing simple, affordable and already validated strategies. You could even call these “simple habits that all business owners should have”. There are already books on the laws that will protect you in case anything goes wrong. Here’s what you need to do: Choosing The Right Business Entity. Facts You Should Know About the Estate Tax. The federal estate tax is a tax on property (cash, real estate or stock, as well as other assets) that have been transferred from a deceased person to their heirs.

Facts You Should Know About the Estate Tax

Now, only certain individuals pay this type of federal tax because there is a limit of $5.49 million per person (the limit is double for married couples - $10.98 million). The estate tax limits large taxes for people who do not meet this threshold. In this case, the property transfer goes untaxed in most of the cases. Tips For Creating An Estate Plan. An estate plan is something that everyone should have.

Tips For Creating An Estate Plan

However, creating one is very similar to going to the gym. We know it’s good for us, we want to go, but we never make the first move. Why? Because we fear the unknown, we are lazy and don’t quite understand how important an estate plan is for us. Luckily, creating an estate plan is much easier now than in the past. What Is A Postnuptial Agreement And Why To Contact An Attorney? Almost everyone has heard about prenuptial agreements.

What Is A Postnuptial Agreement And Why To Contact An Attorney?

They are somewhat popular and most people know what they do and why they are useful. However, not many have heard about postnuptial agreements. These legal documents are similar, but they have important differences. The postnuptial agreement, also known as a postmarital agreement, is a legal document designed for couples who are already married and want to settle important legal matters after the marriage. Similar to a prenuptial agreement, the postnuptial agreement will deal with the assets of the couple and who they will be distributed in case of divorce or legal separation.

Asset Protection Attorney and Why You Need One. How Can An Asset Protection Lawyer Help You?

Asset Protection Attorney and Why You Need One

The main thing an asset protection law firm will do is to craft an asset protection plan for your properties. This plan will be custom-made for your particular situation and will be designed to help you in case any lawsuits occur. Charitable Lead Trusts: Is This Right For Me? A charitable trust is designed to reduce a beneficiary's potential tax liability, during the inheritance procedures. It is one of the main types of irrevocable trusts. It is used to provide financial support to one or more charitable organizations for a determined period of time. The remaining assets will eventually go to the beneficiaries or to family members, as described in the trust. Usually, a charitable lead trust is considered the legal opposite (or the inverse) of the charitable remainder trust: * Charitable lead trusts operate under set terms, such as over the life of one or more individuals; the payments are made to one or more beneficiaries over that time period, as prescribed in the trust; after the payments to the charities are completed, the remaining funds are divided among non-charity beneficiaries, such as family members;

Estate planning tips find the right estate planners for you. Recent data shows that roughly 57 percent of Americans do not have a will. Also, about 69 percent of parents with children under 18 do not have a will. Even though Americans understand what a will is and why it's important, these figures show that most Americans simply don't follow through. Simply put, they know a will is important, but they don't have one.

Obviously, a will is not mandatory. You can get away without a will, but the assets will go into probate, which can further complicate the inheritance procedures. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement Law Firm. A Guide To International Estate Tax Planning. How to Protect Your Personal Property After Separation. Some married couples view legal separation as a temporary period where they are legally married but physically separated. It is highly recommend that an lawyer’s services is secured in order to reduce and address grievances associated with personal properties of both parties. 4 Foundations for Effective Business Succession Planning. Every business is built off of the people who invest their time and effort into it, no matter the industry, products, or services that the business works with.

From the leadership team to those who work on the frontline, the people make up an incredibly vital part of a business. However, while those who work on the frontline are essential to the success of a business, the company’s leaders are perhaps the least replaceable parts for a variety of reasons. Leaders are the ones with the correct combination of skills, experience, and drive of which makes them vital to the management of a business. While leaders do have a list of certain characteristics that allow them to be good fits for a leadership, this does not mean that they will never move on from their position. It is realistic to recognize that leaders retire, resign, and eventually pass on. 1. Realizing the clear organizational vision of a business is incredibly important in understanding the culture and history of the business.

What is Business Succession Planning and What Are the Benefits? Everyone tries to teach business owners what to do when their business is not running great. A change of plan, better marketing, better customer experience, more advertising, a new line of products and more exposure. These are common tips for entrepreneurs who struggle. Everyone knows them, the problem is making them work and implementing them successfully.

But what happens if your business works great? What happens when everything goes just right and everyone is happy? It's called business succession, and it's exactly what you must do in order to make sure everything runs smoothly after you are no longer around. The business world is incredibly competitive and everything can happen instantly, so your business must need to have some type of protection when you are no longer present. Why Should You Consider a Revocable Living Trust Lawyer? Estate Tax Exemptions Portability - What is it, and how does it work? We therefore seek consent to handle your information. We and our partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalise content and ads, provide social media features and analyze our traffic.

Click below to consent to the use of this technology across the web. When is an Asset Protection Attorney Right for Me? Asset protection – most people don't even know what that is. In some cases, if they do know, they don't fully understand what it means and how it can affect them. A Brief Guide To Property Protection Trust Wills. Property protection trust wills are intended to protect your properties from long term care fees. The 2019 Asset Protection Essentials. In the society that we live in today, everyone is vulnerable to encountering issues of litigation at one point or another.

The Most Important Job Of Trust and Estate Planning Attorneys. Top Reasons To Seek Legal Attorney's for Business Transactions. Most Important Steps In Trust Administration Process. We therefore seek consent to handle your information. We and our partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalise content and ads, provide social media features and analyze our traffic. Why 21st Century Couples Should Consider A Prenuptial Agreement. Marriage is a very complicated union that often times ends in divorce, for whatever reason. Currently, the rate of divorce in the United States is between 40% and 50%.

Additionally, many couples are walking away very unhappy with their divorce. Top Questions to Ask When Choosing A Lawyer for Your Living Trust. Most people spend their lives working hard, not only for their monetary gain but establishing a future for their children after they pass. Wills have long been the staple mode of distributing assets after the creator’s passing. Unfortunately, Wills have also been subject to probate resulting in a significant reduction of assets should creditors need to liquidate assets. Therefore, the popularity of living trusts has increased exponentially. How To Protect Your Legacy with Estate Tax Planning. The Benefits Of A Prenuptial Agreement & Why You Should Get One. How To Effectively Use Federal Gifts & Tax Exemptions For Property.

The Pros & Cons of Federal Estate Tax. The Best Asset Protection Strategies For Your Business & Wealth. What To Do & what NOT To Do In A Business Purchase. Important Steps to Help You Complete the Trust Administration Process. Find An Estate Planning Attorney Who Can Help Craft A Plan That's Right For You. The Most Important Reasons That You Need an Asset Protection Attorney Now. Finding Lawyer For Tax Exempt Organizations & Charitable Planning. Ten Rules to Plan for Asset Protection. How Can A Corporate Trust Benefit Your Business. Why Consider Estate Tax Planning For 2019? 10 Facts You Should Know About Estate Taxing. Business and Asset Protection Planning Law Firm. The Benefits Of Charitable Lead Trusts.

4 Foundations for Effective Business Succession Planning. Understanding Living Trusts And Why Should You Have One. Common Mistakes People Make With Their Estates And How To Avoid Them. Strategies to Consider for Estate Tax Planning in the New Year. The Role of Attorney's in the Sale or Purchase of a Business. International Estate Tax Planning Coral Gables - Heller Espenkotter.

TRUST, ESTATE AND GUARDIANSHIP DISPUTES - Heller Law. How to Prepare and Plan for the 2019 Year-Start Estate Tax? How To Save Your Marriage with a Postnuptial Agreement. Why Asset Protection Attorney is More Important if You’re Getting Older. Top Common Estate Planning Mistakes and Why You Need A Certified Estate Planner. 5 Important Facts You Should Know About the Federal Estate Tax. The Key Benefits of Succession Planning. How to Protect Your Estate From Divorce. Differences between Wills and Livable Trusts – A Quick and Simple Reference Guide – Heller Espenkotter. Federal Estate Tax - Heller Espenkotter. Wealth Management Lawyer - Heller Espenkotter. Business Succession Planning - Heller Espenkotter. Revocable Living Trust Lawyer - Heller Espenkotter.