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Abra’s CEO Now Has 50% of Net Worth in Bitcoins. Abra’s CEO Bill Barhydt has announced that he is currently holding 50% of his net worth in Bitcoins.

Abra’s CEO Now Has 50% of Net Worth in Bitcoins

Abra is one of the leading digital-asset exchanges that has seen significant traction over the long term. Reasons To Believe In BTC “Fundamentals, Technicals, Sentiment” Barhydt took to his Twitter account on amping up his Bitcoins portfolio, saying : “A few weeks ago, I increased my ownership of #Bitcoin significantly and it’s now 50% of my investment portfolio. Why? A few weeks ago, I increased my ownership of #Bitcoin significantly and it’s now 50% of my investment portfolio. Bill Barhydt’s view on fundamentals highlights that the cryptocurrency’s decentralization and fixed supply is now getting more apparent than ever. 5 Benefits Of Mobile Apps In Healthcare Industry. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email.

5 Benefits Of Mobile Apps In Healthcare Industry

Recent updates on the Paperless Union Budget 2021. Shares Share Tweet Pin.

Recent updates on the Paperless Union Budget 2021

Crypto Adoption or Abandonment: What Will India Decide? @ashnacryptoAshna Goel Crypto Enthusiast- Not enough, More like a Crypto Curious The central government of India has been known to openly bash cryptocurrencies from the very beginning.

Crypto Adoption or Abandonment: What Will India Decide?

Lack of knowledge and information in a bubble of confusion over Bitcoin, associated cryptocurrencies directly with the black market and illegal activities. As a result, the rushed RBI 2018 proposed ban on crypto trading left the Indian traders uncertain about the future for over two years. While the Supreme Court’s verdict ruled out the ban in favor of the traders, in March 2020, any regulation over trading in cryptocurrencies was nowhere in sight. The past years established several advanced Defi protocols in the market, along with leading financial and technology experts like Elon Musk (now the richest man in the world), openly expressing their trust in Cryptocurrencies. Proposal: 18% GST on Cryptocurrency.

3 Best Destinations in Chicago for Quality Sports Wear Clothing - BlogJab. Shares Share Tweet Pin.

3 Best Destinations in Chicago for Quality Sports Wear Clothing - BlogJab

Farmers’ March to Delhi Engulfs the City Into Another Wave of Post-Diwali ‘Smog’ - BlogJab. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email On September 18, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to farmers across the country to ‘beware’ and not fall prey to the ‘misinformation’ being spread by the opposition that they wouldn’t get fair prices for their crops.

Farmers’ March to Delhi Engulfs the City Into Another Wave of Post-Diwali ‘Smog’ - BlogJab

Elk Ridge Knives – Best Knives Offered By a Brand - BlogJab. Shares Share Tweet.

Elk Ridge Knives – Best Knives Offered By a Brand - BlogJab

Bitcoin Goes Past $20000 in a Record Run - Breaking News. The May halving seems to have gained maximum momentum as Bitcoin bested its previous 2017 record of $19, 783 to finally breach the $20,000-mark.

Bitcoin Goes Past $20000 in a Record Run - Breaking News

The latest price surge came on the back of an over 5% increase in Bitcoin’s value in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was comfortably seated at $20, 505. However, as Bitcoin goes past $20000, there are several factors that need to be considered that might have led to this rise. While the current rally is quite exceptional, it also has an element of déjà vu as it was precisely at this time three years ago when the world’s first currency came well within the range of the $20,000-mark, only to tumble down spectacularly within a matter of days. Buy Bitcoin In India with Paypal, Paytm, Amazon Gift Card, Google Pay. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are considered to be an innovation in the field of technology.

Buy Bitcoin In India with Paypal, Paytm, Amazon Gift Card, Google Pay

They are introduced to work beyond the control of the government and central authorities. People all around the world have shown interest in the crypto world. Ripple Employee Says it’s XRP Will Not Reach $100 in 2020 - Latest News on Ripple. Josh Lin, a Ripple employee Labs Inc. has given his verdict as to how ridiculous it is for the price of XRP to amount to $100 by 2020.

Ripple Employee Says it’s XRP Will Not Reach $100 in 2020 - Latest News on Ripple

According to Josh, it would practically impossible for the price of XRP to kick-jump to $100 as that would sum up the whole entire market cap of XRP to $10 trillion. According to his reply to a question on Quora, Josh confirmed that Bitcoin, which has a market cap of Bitcoin of about $165 billion has taken the major chunk of whole crypto market, which is worth about $227 billion. Hence, he doesn’t seem to see how XRP would dominate the others considering the value and rate of use. He further explained that as any inception of new innovations matures, the usual occurrence is that one design for all use cases splits into lots of designs for several use cases. Two VC Firms Invest $27.5 Million in Maker Foundation.

On Thursday, Maker Foundation announced that it has been successful in gaining a significant amount of capital from two venture capital firms. According to Maker Foundation, it has recently raised an amount of $27.5 million from a direct sale through 5.5% of MKR total supply to Paradigm and Dragonfly Capital Partners. As a result, Maker Foundation has reached a net worth of $500 million through this capital. This capital will be expanding into Asian markets in the future. Also, both Paradigm and Dragonfly Partners will engage themselves in the on-chain governance of the decentralized organization. Best Time to Buy Bitcoin in 2020. Bitcoin is known to have set the benchmark in the new financial system. It is the only digital currency which made cryptocurrency gaining more importance among people from all over the world. Now even though people are very much keen to own this well-known cryptocurrency, but are willing to know about the right time to buy Bitcoin.

The year 2018 had been a challenging year for the cryptocurrencies, especially the Bitcoin. But in the previous year 2019, it gave a ray of hope for all the cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin to experience profit in the bull market. In the same year, Bitcoin made a good start at the price of $3,700 and then it raised to $5,100, which was relatively much better than the previous price. Five easy ways to improve your looks! – BlogJab. Shares Share Tweet. Photo Cakes: The Best Way To Flabbergast Someone Special – BlogJab. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email. Buy USDT with Paypal. You might know about Bitcoin and Ethereum in Cryptocurrency but have you heard about USDT? If not then go through this guide and find out what is USDT, its uses and how you can buy it. Newbies in the crypto industry are only aware of a few top cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, XRP etc. however, there are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies out there, among which some are stable coins like USDT.

USDT is also called Tether which is made to be valued equal to 1 US dollar. It means that 1 Tether would always be equal to 1 USD although there are many controversies associated with the coin. Let’s know more about USDT, its benefits and use cases. Cancel Culture: The Emergence of the New Social Media Monster. 30 Shares Share. Cancel Culture: The Emergence of the New Social Media Monster. Express Your Thoughts on Blogjab. Witness Your Business Transformation from the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi NCR. Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets 2020. If you are into crypto, then you must be aware of many ways to earn Bitcoins and Altcoins.

While buying cryptocurrencies directly from an exchange or the seller through the Exchange is the best-known way to get Bitcoins, there are alternatives that are not only cheap but easy too. As you already know that earning profits from crypto trading or long term investment is not a game of kids. You will not only need proper knowledge but also need to be cautious about crypto frauds and schemes before jumping into trading. So, is there even any way to earn bitcoin without getting your head busted? That’s what we are going to discuss in this article. Best cashback offers are the best shopping deals. How To Invest In Bitcoin In Four Simple Steps? Indeed, investing in cryptocurrencies is not a game of kids, and you would have to work really hard in order to make money from it. While it’s your work and dedication that is going to show results, we can only guide you with its path. If you are also new to crypto and wondering how to invest in Bitcoins, then you’ve come to the right place.

What are the highest paying Bitcoin faucets? How to Earn/Buy NEO GAS. No one on this earth would have ever imagined that cryptocurrencies will start playing a significant role in the global market. Today, there are more than 1500 cryptocurrencies operating in the market, and each one of them is bringing a new feature with itself. Top cashback offers from the top cashback website.

Shop from the top cashback websites. Worldwide cashback offers on the best Cashback website. A winner amongst the best cashback websites in India. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services company. Every digital marketer worth their salt would tell you how significant it is for sites to feature on top of online searches across different search engines. Search engine optimization services can guarantee you clients and leads, thereby helping you scale your business. But the point is that not everyone is lucky enough to find an SEO expert to help them attain these goals. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services company. Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets 2020. Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware In 2020. Best graphic design services in India. It’s a highly competitive world out there, which makes it vital to make an excellent first impression. It is vital for the communication of your business objectives upon which the foundation of your future relationships with your clients rests.

Graphic design can play a significant role in that regard as it can help you plan and project ideas with visual and textual content. At Agio, we offer professional graphic design services by collaborating with our clients to give their companies an eye-catching brand to give them an edge over their competitors. Visual content can convert way faster than words ever could.

If this doesn’t trigger you to use them for ROI, then God knows what would! What Altcoins To Invest In. Finding the best altcoin to invest in 2020 can be a hard nut to crack, especially when you are not aware of the factors that you should consider. In this article, we are going to make your work easy by providing you with a list of what altcoins to look out for in 2020. However, you must do your own research also for each project separately and invest your money in the right altcoin. Real-Time Crypto News, Information And Updates. Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets 2020. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services company. KYC required Airdrop - Best Airdrops. Get Served From The Best PPC Advertising Firm In India. At the core of direct marketing is developing relationships with the right audience at an appropriate time. To that end, PPC marketing can offer a highly effective way to provide businesses with maximum exposure.

However, businesses need to hire the services of a PPC advertising company that can help them earn maximum revenue over their investments through a well-organized PPC campaign. At Agio, we have a team of PPC professionals certified from Bing and Google Yahoo, who know precisely how to deploy an effective PPC campaign that can do wonders for your company. We leverage our expertise in PPC digital marketing to deliver the best solution for our clients’ business. Through a holistic approach, we build advertising campaigns that engage the targeted market segment and generate maximum traffic for their website.

Top 10 Richest Bitcoin Owners in India. The popularity of cryptocurrencies, what we see today, is all due to Bitcoin. It is the first digital currency which became a sensation ever since it made its debut on 3rd January 2009. Though there is a misconception or you can say confusion among the people to know about its real founder. Some say it is Satoshi Nakamoto, whereas some consider Craig Wright to be its real founder. But in most of the cases, Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be its real founder. Well, let us not get into much confusion about finding the real person behind the well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. When Bitcoin was initially introduced, there were not many people who were aware of its use.

Best Cryptocurrency to Hodl. Meaning of HODL is a very important concept in the field of cryptocurrency, which every crypto enthusiasts must be knowing about. Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services company. Choose A Reliable Digital Marketing Agency In Delhi NCR. Cryptocurrency Upcoming Events. Where to Store Cardano Ada Digital Coins. Latest News on Cryptocurrency. Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware In 2020. Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An ICO White Paper. Top Cryptocurrency Index Funds in 2020. We have got some error, Page not Found ! Best Cryptocurrency to Hodl. Top 10 Richest Bitcoin Owners in India. Steem Implements Soft Fork, Freezes Around 20 Accounts Of Former Witnesses. What Does Fork Mean In Cryptocurrency? Cryptoknowmics. Crypto Trading as Safest Investment. A Beginner's Guide On How To Get Profit From Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency.

Key Factors You Should Consider Before Investing In Cryptocurrencies 2020. A Beginner's Guide on Why and How to Invest in Bitcoin? How To Invest In Bitcoin In Four Simple Steps? Satoshi Nakamoto: Finding the Face Behind the Pseudonym. Best Altcoin Exchanges That Provide Trading Services For Most Crypto Coins. TRX Coins Of Tron Get Listed On Kraken Crypto Exchange. OKEx Crypto Exchange To Expand In Russian Markets.

Top Cryptocurrencies Of 2020

Holonis. ‘The Simpsons’ Latest Episode About Blockchain And Cryptocurrency. How To Prevent Double-Spending. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About ICO. The Whole Nine Yards of Crypto Technical Analysis. Knowing All About Cryptocurrency Airdrops. India Ready To Embrace Blockchain For The Voting System. Figuring Out the Difference Between Airdrops And Forks. Everything You Need To Know About Altcoins. Ethereum Broken Down For Beginners Article. Indian-authorities-indicts-crypto-dark-web-narcotics-dealer-cryptoknowmics.

Understanding Cryptocurrency And Its Future In Coming Years. Exploring Some Best Airdrop Websites by Hellen Jones - Exposure. Coinbase-believes-bitcoin-will-become-true-store-of-value-post-halving-cryptoknowmics. Sec-commissioner-proposes-safe-harbour-period-for-crypto-startups-cryptoknowmics. Guide For Storing Your Cryptocurrency Safely. Ice-inc-approaches-ebay-with-a-staggering-30b-takeover-offer-cryptoknowmics. Niti-aayog-proposes-deployment-of-blockchain-for-easing-governance-process-cryptoknowmics. Twitter-adds-bitcoin-emoji-community-goes-bonkers-cryptoknowmics. Kraken-security-labs-discovers-flaws-that-can-let-hackers-exploit-trezor-wallets-cryptoknowmics. How Ripple Differs From Bitcoin. Knowing ICO And Its Benefits And Risks - Clinkcareer. Some Interesting Facts About Bitcoin. Introduction To Airdrop Listing. Indian Crypto Ecosystem Garnering International Attention Despite RBI Fiasco. Dash-could-cater-to-1-million-users-in-venezuela-by-year-s-end-cryptoknowmics.

Iranian-government-grants-more-than-1-000-licences-to-miners-cryptoknowmics. The Best Crypto Store For Crypto Marketplace. Wie funktioniert Bitcoin Profit? - Crypto Blog - By Cryptoknowmics. Reasons Why We Missed the Amazing Features of Cryptocurrency - Instructables. Cryptoknowmics-daily-dose-of-crypto-updates-14-jan-2020. The Latest Crypto News Feed on Cryptoknowmics. Industries that will see a Promising Future with Blockchain Technology - Crypto Blog - By Cryptoknowmics. Know About Cryptocurrency Airdrops. Bitcoin and Ethereum Will Soon be Everywhere.