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Social Entrepreneurship: The Case for Definition. Social entrepreneurship is attracting growing amounts of talent, money, and attention. But along with its increasing popularity has come less certainty about what exactly a social entrepreneur is and does. As a result, all sorts of activities are now being called social entrepreneurship. Some say that a more inclusive term is all for the good, but the authors argue that it’s time for a more rigorous definition. The nascent field of social entrepreneurship is growing rapidly and attracting increased attention from many sectors. The term itself shows up frequently in the media, is referenced by public officials, has become common on university campuses, and informs the strategy of several prominent social sector organizations, including Ashoka and the Schwab and Skoll Foundation foundations.

The reasons behind the popularity of social entrepreneurship are many. But interest in social entrepreneurship transcends the phenomenon of popularity and fascination with people. At a glance: Indonesia - Indonesia: In one girl’s recovery, an island’s triumph over malaria. By Nuraini Razak An island once suffering from a record number of malaria cases has managed to eradicate all indigenous cases of the disease, which is a leading cause of death among children under age 5.

SABANG, Indonesia, 19 March 2014 – When Adelia’s fever simply did not go down, she was tested for the second-most-common malaria parasite – malaria vivax. That was in 2011. Thanks to immediate and effective treatment, Adelia, who is now 9 years old, managed to recover fully. But many others before her were not so lucky. “On Sabang island, basically everyone had malaria at one point in their lives. At one point, Batee Shok, the village Adelia and her mother call home in Aceh province, broke all records, with the highest number of malaria cases to be registered in a single village in Sabang. Eliminating malaria “After the tsunami, there was an increase in malaria cases in Sabang,” recalls Dr. These efforts have yielded enormous success. “No one should die from a mosquito bite” The Non-Profit Marketing Blog. OnlineFundraisingSurvivalGuide. Download our practical handbook for surviving and thriving in the digital fundraising world With online donation growth rates creeping skyward, it’s hard to ignore the importance of digital giving.

In this guide, you’ll learn the essentials that your nonprofit needs to achieve online fundraising success in 2014. Your survival guide includes: Key stats and trends to help you understand the changing digital landscapeActionable to-dos to make your life easier and help you raise more money Resources and recommended reading to help you stay up to date on best practices and become an online fundraising pro This guide includes the 9 essentials of online fundraising: Donation Page Website Mobile GivingEmail Social MediaMillennial DonorsContent MarketingDonor Stewardship Events. How China Lifted 500 Million People Out of Extreme Poverty. Over the past three decades, China has successfully led the greatest poverty alleviation program in the history of the world.

During that time, an estimated 500 million Chinese were lifted out of extreme poverty. This remarkable success was achieved, in part, through the recognition of land rights. As any good student of Chinese history knows, land rights is the fulcrum upon which modern Chinese history turns. It was peasants’ desire for rights over the land they farmed that prompted them to join Mao’s revolution. It was Mao’s disastrous collectivization of farmland into huge communes that led to China’s greatest famine. And it was Deng Xiao Ping’s dismantling of the communes and establishment of the household responsibility system that led to China’s first great lurch toward prosperity and stability.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, in 1965, there were only 6,100 social organizations in all of China. In this, we are not unique. How NOT To Waste Money on Branded Swag | GuideStar Blog. You probably never thought twice about that pen you use that has your local bank’s name on it, but when you become the one ordering branded swag for your nonprofit, suddenly all you can think about are questions. Which branded swag is best? Should you order pens, or should you get T-shirts, car magnets or banners?

All of the above? And when you order them, how do you stay within budget? Who designs these items? Alan Rosinski If these questions sound familiar, take heart. 1. Before you go ordering 500 water bottles with your foundation’s logo printed on them, ask yourself why you’re doing it. 2. Unless you’re a designer, the technicalities of file formats can feel a little overwhelming. 3. Except for situations where you’re pressed for time and on tight deadlines, order a proof of a product before ordering it in bulk. 4. Ordering swag isn’t like shopping online. 5. The last thing to keep in mind with branded swag is return on investment. Your Thoughts Like this: Like Loading... Related.