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September 2009. Well, no devils or demons actually.

September 2009

Left the mooring at Llangwm at 13:00 Thursday. Louise got some sleep as I sailed down to Dale. Got caught out at Milford and rounded up. Full sail had barely moved us in the Upper Cleddau, but it seemed to blow a gale for 5 minutes at Milford. The Port Authority weather broadcast explained: 'Winds East or NorthEast, 10 -15 knots occasionally 15-20 knots. There are some lovely vessels to be seen in the Haven. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Sailing ship, Milford"] [/caption] We met up with yet more friends from Cardiff on Dale pontoon. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Allan Fishing"] Louise joined in whilst I blew up the tender, and hooked a bass, first cast: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Louise, with bass"] Not a keeper, too small.

Ishtar: September 2009. Living Spirit - The Adventure: Padstow..........Milford Haven.... Padstow..........Milford Haven....

Living Spirit - The Adventure: Padstow..........Milford Haven....

Finally the weather took a turn for the better and there were no longer any Gale Warnings for the Lundy area! As the Padstow harbour is a lock-bound harbour, I had to wait for the required amount of tide before the gates could be opened and as soon as they were, there were several other yachts scrambling to get out - all of us had been waiting for a break in the wind.

I was on my way by about 10.30AM. Milford Haven is just about due North from Padstow and as there is no coast line involved, this was more or less a straight line journey of about 70 miles. During this journey I only saw one other yacht and a fishing boat, but countless seabirds and I reckon well over 30 different dolphins came to join me, many of them swimming in front of the bow of Brown Eyes or alongside. Milford Haven to Padstow. We are away at last after waiting for a break in the weather, the last two weeks have felt like an eternity.

Milford Haven to Padstow

After gales and high winds pounding the west coast last week, the break finally appeared on Friday when things calmed down nicely. We departed Milford Haven marina at midday, passing through the lock at high tide free flow. Milford Haven to Penzance - Destaye around the UK. Milford Haven 51◦42.686N 005◦02.338W So a late return to the boat, I caught the 3:45pm from Paddington to Swansea and changed trains to Milford Haven.

Milford Haven to Penzance - Destaye around the UK

I was joined by Alan for his second stint as crew, having previously joined me from Newcastle to Stonehaven. 5: Scilly to Milford Haven. 4: Falmouth to Scilly. 5: Scilly to Milford Haven. Autonomy trip to Lundy - Pembroke Haven Yacht Club. Lovely sail down to Lundy – broad reach the whole way with 15 to 20 knots of wind, a bit splashy but consistent speeds of 7-8 knots meant we arrived a bit early really so it was a little lumpy round the North tip of the island.

Autonomy trip to Lundy - Pembroke Haven Yacht Club

It was a tad chilly despite the bright sky. Dolphins for company a lot of the way. Bristol Channel, Sailing Directions and Charts: NP258-0 Tidal Stream Atlas, Bristol Channel, Lundy to Avonmouth: Bristol Channel, Sailing Directions and Charts [Expanded View] : pilotage, charts, photos and marine business listings. This sector describes the W coasts of England and Wales from Lands End to R.Avon and includes Bristol Channel.

Bristol Channel, Sailing Directions and Charts [Expanded View] : pilotage, charts, photos and marine business listings

The descriptive sequence is NE along the coast of Cornwall, NE along the S shore of Bristol Channel, E along the N shore of Bristol Channel, and NE at the head of Bristol Channel and the River Severn. General Remarks Caution....Submarines frequently exercise in the Irish Sea and the approaches to Bristol Channel. Vessels operating in connection with oil and gas exploitation,including seismic survey and drilling rigs, may be encountered within the waters described in this sector.

Saundersfoot Sailing Club. What to do on a fine sunny day?.

Saundersfoot Sailing Club

John Davis, who know every square inch of the waters around Saundersfoot has kindly contributed a cruising guide listing where to go and what to avoid. 1 .LYDSTEP (Charts 1076 or 1482) Depart any time after H.W to carry the tide down. Return in the evening with the tide. Distance 6M, a leisurely 1.5 hours each way. 2. Long day trip. 3. Long day trip- Best on Neaps as tide is against you both ways. TWO DAY or LONGER TRIPS. Dansa round Ireland. Bristol Channel. Mounts Bay-Milford Haven For rounding Lands End and clearing the Long Ships see passage Land's End to Pentire Pt.

Bristol Channel

The course between a point 3Nm NW of Pendeen Hd and the Turbot Bank WCM (WP10: 51°37'.44N, 05°10'.42W) is 013°/194°T. Trying to shape an initial course across this 100Nm passage is not possible since the tidal streams around the mouth of the Channel are rotational and so you'll experience tidal sets of varying strengths and from all points of the compass. Padstow-Milford Haven The course between WP1 (50°36'.08N, 04°57'.48W) 1Nm North West of Pentire Pt and WP2 (51°36'.36N, 05°04'.24W) 1Nm off Linney Hd, is 353°/172°T. Vagabond wanders around Britain: Lundy Island and on to Milford Haven. Some 40 years ago, an advert in the London Times for the position of Warden of Lundy Island.

Vagabond wanders around Britain: Lundy Island and on to Milford Haven

The position required someone who was good in small boats and could manage people. I almost applied: the Owners Agent advised against it and I had always had a secret ambition to visit it one day. Well, that box can be ticked and I’m glad I didn’t apply. It’s a lovely spot for a day but I could not imagine living on it! Cruise to Lundy. Lundy Island Summer 2011 Last Cruise in Dansa.

Cruise to Lundy

Dansa round Ireland.