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Mark Stronge's UK Weather Portal. Forecasting the tidal currents around the UK has long been the singular item of mariners that has been “offline only” using UKHO tidal stream atlases and while these atlases are great for planning voyages, now you can have instant access to zoomable tidal forecasts.

Mark Stronge's UK Weather Portal

These free 3 day tidal currents forecast give excellent detail and coverage for the whole of the British Isles. Thanks goes to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute website for great general weather forecasts, radar forecasting, sea state, sea temperature and tidal currents. SR632 for emergency repairs even under water. Sicomin epoxy resin systems and reinforcements - online shop from Matrix Composites. 2-Part Methacrylate Structural Adhesive. Products Latest News Due to our continued expansion, we have recently moved into much larger premises which will enable us to stockhold larger quantities and offer better service for our customers.

2-Part Methacrylate Structural Adhesive

Structural Methacrylate Adhesive 400ml - Industrial Adhesives and Sealants Supplier. Product Description Product Information S1300 is a two part A&B component system which is fast setting when mixed via a static mix nozzle at room temperatures.

Structural Methacrylate Adhesive 400ml - Industrial Adhesives and Sealants Supplier

Because it is a high viscosity non-sag material, the mixed material is ideal for all types of bonding requirements on steel, aluminium, polycarbonates and general plastics. Black Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Adhesive for Bonding Carbon Fibre and Composites. Product Description VuduGlu™ VM100 Black is a high strength, toughened methyl methacrylate structural adhesive offering unbeatable bonding of composite materials and bonding of metal fasteners and substrates to composite materials.

Black Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Adhesive for Bonding Carbon Fibre and Composites

VM100 Black is specially formulated to offer the very best performance for demanding structural bonding and is highly recommended for carbon-to-carbon and carbon-to-metal assembly. The adhesive is black in colour and therefore leaves a discreet bond-line when bonding carbon fibre or other dark materials. As well as carbon fibre/epoxy laminates, VM100 Black is also ideal for bonding a range of glass fibre (GRP) laminates made using a range of resin systems including epoxy, polyester and vinylester and also demanding metal-to-metal bonding. Recommended Applications Instructions for Use Ensure surfaces to be bonded clean and degreased.' Uncured Material Specification Mechanical Performance of Cured Material. West System Six10 Epoxy Adhesive 190ml. When shipped on its own, UK delivery is: £5.95Total shipping costs are shown in the checkout before you commit to purchase.

West System Six10 Epoxy Adhesive 190ml

MA830.   3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200. The Crusoes Sailing around the UK. Pearson Triton #381 Glissando. Welcome to The Restoration of Glissando!

Pearson Triton #381 Glissando

This portion of the site covers the multitude of projects undertaken during the rebuilding of Glissando. Over the course of 21 months, from the purchase on August 16, 1999 until the launching after the project on May 17, 2001, we completely rebuilt the boat from a bare hull and deck, leaving virtually no part of the boat left untouched; we replaced all critical components. Every project is carefully documented on the pages of this site, with numerous pictures and detailed text descriptions. To view the projects, as well as further information on our discovery of the boat, the adventure in getting her home, and other project information, please choose from among the links below. Each link will open a new menu covering the projects completed during that phase of the project. I enjoy your questions and comments, so feel free to send email.

Far Reach Voyages Home Page.


Laying a mooring [Archive] - Yachting and Boating World Forums. Cos a 1 ton block is only "worth" 600-700kg underwater, our boat is 3 tons, and some others have moved in the bay on concrete blocks... tayvallich, sheltered for all except easterly gale, when waves do come in. but for the 30 years or so we been there, concrete would be ok for the summer. as per above also, probably cheaper getting two anchors of your choice and laying them, and far easier to handle from your own boat.

Laying a mooring [Archive] - Yachting and Boating World Forums

Town of Rockport Mooring Regulations. Rockport, Pigeon Cove, White Wharf, Granite Pier, harbors and other anchorages within Town jurisdiction.

Town of Rockport Mooring Regulations

All anchors, chains, pennants and their placement must be approved by the Harbormaster Department before gear is set. Anchors and ground tackle specified herein are the minimum required for the boat type and size indicated. Boat owners must check mooring gear annually. Buoys will be "Massachusetts Regulation Buoy" styrofoam or other approved materials; white with two inch horizontal blue band; owner's name and boat length inscribed or painted on buoy. 1. Untitled 1. Measuring for Mooring Lines. 1.

Measuring for Mooring Lines

Bow Lines - stop the boat moving in and out towards the dock. The Bow lines ( tied from the front or bows of the boat) should be about 1.5 - 2 times the length of the boat, LOA (length over all).These should be attached to cleats at the front the boat. You should have one on each side of the bows so as to be prepared for tying up on either side so 2 Bow lines would be needed.

Yacht Designs Database. Over the years yachting magazines have carried reviews of new yacht and boat designs.

Yacht Designs Database

Some of these have gone on to become classics, others have not. The Volunteers in the Bartlett Library and Research Centre have trawled through eighteen different titles from as far back as 1891, and have extracted over 14,000 articles about individual boat designs. We don’t pretend that this is a comprehensive list because we do not have every copy of every yachting magazine over that period, but we think we have found most of them.

If you want to find details of a design then use the search facility below to check if we have what you’re looking for. If we have, then you can either access the magazine by visiting the Bartlett Library in person, located within the museum in Falmouth with free public access, or alternatively we can send you a copy of the article via email but please note that there will be a handling/post and packing charge of £5 per request, plus 50p per page (scanned or photocopied). National Maritime Museum Cornwall. Tucked away at the back of the Museum, the Bartlett Library is a hidden gem. Its core collection of 19,000 books is a valuable maritime resource and possibly the largest maritime collection in the South West. This wonderful resource and research centre is completely volunteer run.

It is open 5 days a week and its team of volunteers works on a range of projects both for the Library’s benefit and for members of the public requesting information. The Library offers an email enquiry system and regularly takes telephone enquiries. Yacht Designs Database. Polyform_05_fender_inflation.pdf.


Bainbridge Marine > Standard Outboard Hose Kits 100 PSI. Free Charts. AIS. When you are at sea, if you get into difficulty and for what ever reason you are unable to raise assistance, is there anyone ashore who knows what to do if you fail to return at your estimated time? Would a friend or relative know who to contact? How do I get a Ship Radio Licence? Self steer auto and vane. Ships Electronics.


183-0111-202_CE32_Manual_EN. Software. Kingfisher. NMEA. Celestial Navigation. Drumbeg Wreck Site. In 2012 Historic Scotland commissioned WA Coastal & Marine to survey a historic shipwreck near Drumbeg in the north-west Scottish Highlands. Google Translate. Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic and Positions.