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Webmasters - Sharing. Most content is shared to Facebook as a URL, so it's important that you mark up your website with Open Graph tags to take control over how your content appears on Facebook.

Webmasters - Sharing

Without these tags, the Facebook Crawler uses internal heuristics to make a best guess about the title, description, and preview image for your content. Designate this info explicitly with Open Graph tags to ensure the highest quality posts on Facebook. Here's an example of content formatted with Open Graph tags for optimal display on Facebook: Markup Example For example, here's how to mark up an article, news story or blog post with og:type="article" and several additional properties: The properties include descriptive meta-data about the article that we specifically want to present when someone shares the article.

Basic Tags.

Agile user testing

SharePoint. SEO. Content planning. Marketing. Ultimate list of online content readability tests. “In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

Ultimate list of online content readability tests

‘Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,’ he told me, ‘just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.’” Can you read the above paragraph easily? If so, count yourself one of the lucky literate. (Give yourself bonus points if you recognized this introduction from The Great Gatsby.) While the CIA’s The World Factbook may put the literacy rate of most highly developed nations at 99%—where those age 15 and older can read and write—that doesn’t account for how many can read and write well, or even comfortably.


Ui design. Llaborative Moodboards. – April 1st, 2014 – Creating moodboards is something I was taught from a very early age.

llaborative Moodboards

In primary school, they were a simple mixed-media way of expressing a form of an idea. How we work. – February 24th, 2014 – I’ve had a few people ask me recently about how we work at Mark Boulton Design.

How we work

And, the truth be told, it slightly differs from project to project, from client to client. But the main point is that we work in an iterative way with prototypes at the heart of our work every step of the way. Work from facts AND your intuition We always start by trying to understand the problem: the users of the website or product, the organisation on their customer strategy, the goals and needs of the project, who’s in charge and who isn’t. This could be as simple as running some face to face interviews with existing or potential customers coupled with a new survey. We couple that with trying to extract the scope from the client. User story workshop. How to Conduct a Top Task Analysis. Jeff Sauro • September 10, 2013 Who are the users and what are they trying to do?

How to Conduct a Top Task Analysis

Answering those two questions are essential first steps to measuring and improving the right things on an interface. It's also one of the first things we'll cover at the Denver UX Boot Camp. While there are hundreds to thousands of things users can accomplish on websites and software interfaces, there are a critical few tasks that drive users to visit a website or use the software. Think of all the features Microsoft Word provides. How To Apologize Online. How To Apologize Online In Fertile Medium on 26 June 2013.

How To Apologize Online

Getting A Website? Don't Ask For A Quote. The Future Of UX Design: Tiny, Humanizing Details. Dan Saffer, like many designers, likes to quote Charles Eames.

The Future Of UX Design: Tiny, Humanizing Details

But unlike many designers, Saffer—Director of Interaction Design at Smart Design—wrote a whole book inspired by one of his favorite Eames quotes: "The details are not the details. HTML5 Document Embedding. Breaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown. The hover effects on Amazon’s big ‘ole “Shop by Department” mega dropdown are super fast.

Breaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown

Accessibility tools, web developer tools, wizards and markup generators. Finding Your Tone Of Voice. Advertisement When creating content for the Web, considering tone of voice is important.

Finding Your Tone Of Voice

Your tone can help you stand out from competitors, communicate efficiently and effectively with your audience and share your personality. Optimizely: A/B testing software you'll actually use. How Print Design is the Future of Interaction - Mike Kruzeniski. Why Pinterest isn’t just another social network. “I’m still trying to understand the whole thing but there must be something to it.

Why Pinterest isn’t just another social network

It’s really popular!” That’s my sister-in-law writing on Facebook in late January about Pinterest – one of the real up-and-comers in the world of social media. In case you haven’t succumbed, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard or scrapbook to which users ‘pin’ images, video, or snippets of text from other websites, or content they’ve uploaded themselves. Those pins can then be organised into categories (cooking, sport, etc). Users can comment on or share the pins, and other people can pin them to their personal Pinterest boards as well. Sound simple? Despite not being unique, and currently still being invite-only, Pinterest is 2012’s breakout social media marketing darling.