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Sight Words Are so 2016: New Study Finds the Real Key to Early Literacy. It’s no secret that teaching a child to read is a pretty big deal. Research has proven again and again that children who grasp early literacy skills by the end of first grade become strong readers for the rest of their lives, while those who struggle early on continue to do so throughout their schooling. So, no pressure, right? This is exactly why, when it came time to choose a focus for my career in education, I opted for the upper elementary grades. Multiplying fractions? Thesis statements?

Identifying the author’s purpose? Those I can handle. But as the mom of two preschoolers, early literacy skills are back on the table now. Last year, I sat across from my son’s preschool teacher as she calmly shrugged and told me that he wasn’t yet showing interest in letter recognition nor writing his own name. A year later, though, with no interventions from me or his teacher, my son began to write his name and became obsessed with letters, letter sounds, and letter recognition.

Dr. Attention parents: Your reaction affects how much pain your injured child feels. Opinion By Erin Brown and Justin Kenardy, University of Queensland Posted Most kids are going to be injured at some point during their childhood. It will be stressful for the child, and potentially even more so for the parent. Parents can suffer feelings of guilt and anxiety, and a minority will also develop post-traumatic stress following their child's injury.

Some new research (yet to be published) has looked at family coping and distress during a dressing change following a burn injury in kids. The 18-month study observed 92 families during their young child's (one to six years) first burn dressing change at a Brisbane hospital. Parents who reported they were more anxious or distressed were less able to support their child during the procedure. This decreased the child's ability to cope and increased the child's distress, which was measured by their ability to be distracted by toys and conversation, compared to crying or screaming during the dressing change. What to do What to avoid. Simple DIY Toy: Flexicube Blocks. Why some kids can't spell and why spelling tests won't help - The Conversation - ABC Splash - Misty Adoniou, University of Canberra A couple of years ago, early one morning, I received an SMS advising "resadents to stay indoors because of a nearby insadent".

I was shocked by the spelling, as much as the message. Surely, I thought, if it was a real message then the spelling would be correct. Spelling matters. In a text message from a friend teeing up a night out "c u at 8" is fine - but in an emergency warning text from a government agency, I expect the spelling to be standard. Spelling remains the most relentlessly tested of all the literacy skills, but it is the least taught. Sending a list of words home on Monday to be tested on Friday is not teaching. Looking, covering, writing and checking does not teach spelling. And yet, this is a good summary of most of the current spelling programs in schools today.

So, what should spelling teaching look like? Finding meaning That is not only very very hard, it's pointless. More than sounds How words make their meanings Where words come from. Katrina asked: How do I clean and sanitize feathers found in the duck coop? I raise Pearl, White and Purple Guinea’s, Pekin Ducks and Sebastopol geese. They often drop beautiful feathers that get soiled by mud and/or droppings. I want to remove the visible soil and stains from the white feathers and sanitize them for use in my Native American crafts.

I also find tons of turkey feathers on my property. Feathers are delicate and require special care when cleaning. “Dry” Cleaning Method You Will Need: Corn mealWhite flourPowdered boraxBag Steps to Clean the Feathers: Fill a bag with ½ cup flour, one cup corn meal, and three tablespoons borax.Place the feathers in the bag.Close the bag and shake the feathers around in the powdery mix.Once the feathers are clean, remove them.Shake the feathers to remove any excess powder. Gasoline Method GasolineWhite flour (for white feathers)Bucket Soap and Water Method Though it is not recommended to wash feathers in soap and water, some have had success. Children’s books are never just for children. Who today remembers the plays of AA Milne or the political writing of Erich Kästner? Yet their children’s books are read the world over.

Salman Rushdie has suggested that of all his work – including Midnight’s Children, which won the Best of the Booker – his children’s books may last the longest. He recalled being urged to write them by publisher Kurt Maschler, who had published Kästner’s Emil and the Detectives. “As Kurt Maschler said to me, ‘It’s the only one of his books that’s still in print!’ That was a lesson I didn’t forget.

Neil Gaiman tells the similar story of AA Milne, who is no longer remembered as a West End playwright or features editor of Punch, but only as “the author of two books of short stories and two books of verse for small children”. It’s striking how long children’s books can last. Another explanation may lie in the fact that children’s books are designed with re-reading in mind. “Yes, kids read and re-read favourite books,” says Francesca Simon. The Key To Your Child’s Heart (7 Ways It Works)

Posted by janet on Nov 14th, 2011 Write this word on your hand. It’s a magical way to connect with a child of any age, can ease tears and tantrums and even prevent them. It’s a simple but surprisingly challenging thing to do, particularly tough to remember in the heat the moment… Acknowledge. Before you tell your child that it’s time to leave the park, or remind him that the really cool truck he’s examining has to stay at the store, acknowledge his point of view. Acknowledge your child’s feelings and wishes, even if they seem ridiculous, irrational, self-centered or wrong.

This is not the same as agreeing, and is definitely not indulgent or allowing an undesirable behavior. Acknowledging isn’t condoning our child’s actions; it’s validating the feelings behind them. Acknowledging is simple, but it isn’t easy. Our fears about an honest acknowledgement of the situation “making things worse” are almost always unfounded. 1. I have witnessed this many, many times. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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