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Defrump Me: 50 things to do at Christmas {25 Days of Christmas} The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

Defrump Me: 50 things to do at Christmas {25 Days of Christmas}

~Elf Ooohhhhhh my goodness!! I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. And I love contemplating how all of this peace and goodwill is because of God's amazing love for us in coming to be with us in such a visible and vulnerable way. Because this time of year is so special to me, I love to celebrate for WEEKS. One thing that I learned though is that kind of thing doesn't just happen. After you compile your list of ideas, sit down with your family and rate them on a scale of 1 to 5. Christmas Activities For those of you around Northwest Arkansas, I included some links and dates to local events.

Do you have any favorite Christmas traditions or plans? Follow my Christmas board on Pinterest to keep up with everything I'm finding on the internet! Linking up at: New Nostalgia's Anti-Procrastination TuesdayRaising ArrowsHomemaker on a Dime's Blog Hop. Go on a candy cane hunt! Thanks for stopping by!

Go on a candy cane hunt!

We love sharing fun crafts and learning activities. This post may contain affiliate links. For more details see the full disclosure policy. To get craft and homeschooling ideas delivered right to your email, sign up for our newsletter. “Look, I found one!” You can use either fake or real candy canes for your hunt. Then it’s time for the hunt! It is truly magical watching kids race to find candy canes that are hidden among the otherwise barren branches. Now, grab those candy canes and get ready to hear some excited giggles! The Babes Ruth: A Year of Dates (in a box) Thank you for the overwhelming response to this post!

The Babes Ruth: A Year of Dates (in a box)

If you're interested in holiday themed dates and activities, check out unromantic date night ideas just in time for Valentine's Day! My lovely sister and her husband celebrate their one year anniversary this year. How to celebrate? Well, with a year's worth of date nights, of course. The idea here is that everything needed for each date is included in the box. Date Night rules:One date per month. All documents are available via Google Drive. Below are the lists of items I included with each date. Credits: Diva Girl Parties for the Mall Rat Scavenger Hunt idea, Komunitni centrum Motylek for the Puzzle Race photo, We Love Being Moms for the Fort photo and GetRealGurls Nutrition for the Mall photo.

12 Months of Dates {Christmas Gift Ideas} I did mean to get this post up a little earlier in the season, but it’s better late than never, right?

12 Months of Dates {Christmas Gift Ideas}

If you are looking for a meaningful gift idea without adding to the accumulation of “stuff”, these 12 months of dates are the perfect gift! Instead of giving an actual present, put together 12 activities that you and your loved one can do together – one for each month of the year. I did this last year for my husband, but you could also do it for your children or a really good friend or family member that you would like to spend more time with. The activities can be as extravagant or as low key as you would like. Really it is just some dedicated time that you will be setting aside each month, to spend some time together. Think of favorite places that you used to go together in the past, or things that you have talked about doing that just never seem to happen.

I pre-purchased all of the gift cards for dinners, movies, etc. and put them in an envelope with the date card for each month. Seminary At Six AM (And Youth Activities at Any Time): Christmas Candy Ball Game. What does this have to do with Seminary, you may be asking.

Seminary At Six AM (And Youth Activities at Any Time): Christmas Candy Ball Game

This was an ideal alternative to a class Christmas gift exchange. I did not want to ask anyone to bring a gift as it may have been a hardship for a few of my students and I did not want to single out any one of my 24 students. However....I wanted to have a fun gift-type game. The Candy Ball game fit the bill on so many levels. It was so much fun and very different than a regular gift exchange. I got the idea on Pinterest. To make the candy ball: I used about 75 pieces/ packages of candy. To start the ball, I used a large jingle bell elf as the center. I wrapped it in bubble wrap and taped it with packing tape. Then I placed a piece of candy on the ball that was forming and wrapped it up with shrink wrap (the sturdy wrap used for packing and moving) I would not recommend saran wrap as it is not sturdy enough. I continued this process of placing a candy on the wrapped ball until it was a little larger than a basketball. And so forth.