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DIY Paper Art Projects - Learn How to Make 3D Paper Stars [Video Tutorial Included] Stars are such wonders and their presence gets by unnoticed most of the time.

DIY Paper Art Projects - Learn How to Make 3D Paper Stars [Video Tutorial Included]

We don’t have the time nowadays to stop and admire the sky and realize the wonder of our world. Their representation has been impregnated in our memory from ancient times, although it is far from the reality. Making paper stars in colorful tones and gluing them together in order to create a tri-dimensional star and spraying them or glittering them is a fun, easy project that every kid will love.

And you along with them. So we challenge you today to start a DIY Paper Art Projects and Learn How to Make 3D Paper Stars [Video Tutorial Included]. You can decorate anything with them, light them up with leds or use them as wall art. Use different colors, textures for different interesting effects. By using just a ruler and a cup you can work wonders. If you want to try the compass method, decide the circumference of your star, draw that circle and choose a point on it.

So what do you think? Dare to entertain: Silhouette Christmas trees in DIY branch holders. Pin It Pin It I think these trees will look just darling on my Christmas dinner table this year.

Dare to entertain: Silhouette Christmas trees in DIY branch holders

They will be part of a bigger ensemble, but I think they are also really cute on their own. Pin It A couple of weeks ago, B and I went on a wilderness survival hike with the homeschoolers. Apparently they had taken drugs, went without any water or food and wearing flip flops. Nevertheless, it was great to work out all the thing we could do differently had we shown up in flip-flops with no water. We all went to the spot where they first got lost and discussed survival, how to find water, what to eat for 3-5 days, how to preserve your energy, how to build a shelter. Nobody got lost by the way Pin It. 50+ Christmas Wishes Quotes - The Xerxes. Here is the best collection of Christmas wishes you can use to share the joy and love.

50+ Christmas Wishes Quotes - The Xerxes

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Så gör du julens finaste stjärna – Icakuriren. Efter jul brukar det bli en hel del matrester över.

Så gör du julens finaste stjärna – Icakuriren

Här tipsar vi om hur du kan använda laxen och skinkan och göra Leif Mannerströms läckra pajer. Januari brukar kallas årets fattigaste månad. Julen är över och plånboken ofta tunnare än vanligt. Då är det extra bra att tänka smart och ta till vara på det som finns i kylskåpet. Det menar Leif Mannerström, en av Sveriges absolut främsta kockar. Hur använder du själv rester? – Jag tycker det är viktigt att ta tillvara på all mat. Här kan du läsa mer om Dafgårds läckra pajer. "Vi producerar inte grammofonskivor, vi lagar mat" Du har ju även gjort pajer åt Dafgårds, hur länge har du jobbat med dem? – I tio år ungefär och det är jag väldigt stolt över. Vad har du tillfört Dafgårds? – Bland annat kreativitet.

Origami Santa – How to guide. Origami Santa – How to guideas requested by Meredith Santa’s Head 1.

Origami Santa – How to guide

Get a standard size origami paper, red on one side, plain on the other. 2. Skabeloner til flettede hjerter - My DIY Tips. {scrappergirl}: A photo Christmas ornament! (Tutorial included!) This is a little homemade ornament I made using some photos and some computer generated journaling.

{scrappergirl}: A photo Christmas ornament! (Tutorial included!)

This is for my friend's new grandson who will celebrate his first Christmas! Print your photos and journaling on a 6x4 photo paper and print. Cut into strips. Your strips should be 6 inches long. Situate your strips alternating photos with journaling and place a brad through the top to hold.Two six inches strips should be across from each other so when you bring them together they are long enough to make the "ball". Now fold strips and staple at bottom and secure with tape! House Revivals: New Star Design from Vintage Bookpages. Okay, this isn't a "new design".

House Revivals: New Star Design from Vintage Bookpages

I actually made this last Christmas, but never had time to write a post about it during the holidays. The original idea was to create a kind of "shadow box" and add a nativity silhouette in the center, but on a whim I suspended a pretty ornament in the center, instead. Basically, this is a star made from rolled vintage book pages. I used an old pen to roll the pages all the same size, then secured each little roll with a smidgen of tacky glue.

Advent Activity Tree! Origami poesie di carta: Bialbero di Natale (multialbero) Nel progettare questo modello ho pensato ai bambini, quindi a qualcosa di semplice da piegare e nello stesso tempo versatile.

Origami poesie di carta: Bialbero di Natale (multialbero)

Inizialmente, ho realizzato queste due composizioni, e per questo l’ho chiamato Bialbero di Natale. Poi mi sono reso conto che i moduli possono essere assemblati alternando dimensioni diverse e anche colori diversi, avrei dovuto chiamarlo Multialbero di Natale. Sono molto contento di questo modello, che unisce semplicità, armonia, e versatilità, è come un gioco che può essere smontato e rimontato in modo personale. Ciascuna composizione è ottenuta da 6 ottagoni di carta per fotocopie, ricavati da sei quadrati coi lati di 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 e 21 cm, dall'alto verso il basso. Welcome to Dover Publications.

Vantar, Snöflingor and Konstprojekt on Pinterest. Christmas Doodle Coloring Pages. We have a brand new set of Christmas Doodle Coloring printables for you!

Christmas Doodle Coloring Pages

These are great for adults who like to color as well as children. The idea behind “Just Color!” Is simple ~ theme packs all focused around coloring. The coloring pages are all in one download to make it easier to download and print all at once, in case you have coloring monsters like I do! If you want to make a mini coloring book, you can scale down PDF files.