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Calibre - E-book management. A Well-Tempered Heart - Jan-Philipp Sendker - Häftad (9781846972850) A Year in Provence - Peter Mayle - Häftad (9780140296037) Days In The History Of Silence - Merethe Lindstrom. Dominodöden - Jonas Moström - Pocket. Överläkaren Erik Jensen försvinner obegripligt i kulverten på Sundsvalls sjukhus under en nattjour.

Dominodöden - Jonas Moström - Pocket

Kommissarie Johan Axberg kopplar snabbt ihop fallet med psykiatrikern Thomas Hoffman, som försvann spårlöst på samma plats tre dygn tidigare. När Hoffman senare hittas brutalt mördad i ett skogsparti tyder allt på att han har hållits fången för att sedan bli ihjälslagen. I både Hoffmans och Jensens fall har gärningsmannen lämnat efter sig en dominobricka. När Sundsvallspolisen ber Rikskriminalens gärningsmannaprofilgrupp om hjälp tvekar psykiatrikern Nathalie Svensson. Hon har varit med om flera traumatiska händelser och behöver mest av allt lugn och ro hemma i Uppsala. Dominodöden är den andra boken i serien om Nathalie Svensson. "Jonas Moström skriver rappt, flyhänt och effektivt, med en aldrig sviktande intensitet som tvingar läsaren genom natten, mot gryningen som aldrig har riktigt det ljus man har förväntat sig. " "Det krävs flera saker för att skriva en riktigt bra deckarroman. Dålig karma - David Safier. Underbar bok om hur det kan bli Skriven med glimten i ögat och mycket humor men också med en allvarlig underton.

Dålig karma - David Safier

Freeman - Leonard Pitts - Häftad (9781932841640) PRAISE FOR FREEMAN: "Columnist Leonard Pitts turns out a pretty powerful love story.

Freeman - Leonard Pitts - Häftad (9781932841640)

" --Audie Cornish, All Things Considered "A uniquely American epic...Freeman is an important addition to the literature of slavery and the Civil War, by a knowledgeable, compassionate and relentlessly truthful writer determined to explore both enslavement in all its malignancy and also what it truly means to be free. " --Howard Frank Mosher, Washington Post "Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist [Leonard] Pitts once again demonstrates his gift for historical fiction... In lyrical prose, Pitts unflinchingly and movingly portrays the period's cruelties, and triumphs in capturing the spirit of the times through eminently identifiable lead characters. " --Publishers Weekly starred review "Leonard Pitts has a passion for history and a gift for storytelling.

Both shine in this story of love and redemption, which challenges everything we thought we knew about how our nation dealt with its most stubborn stain. " Hardball for Women: Winning at the Game of Business - Pat Heim, Tammy Hughes, Susan K Golant - Häftad (9780142181775) The bestselling guide fully updated for the post-Lean In era For nearly two decades, Hardball for Women has shown women how to get ahead in the business world.

Hardball for Women: Winning at the Game of Business - Pat Heim, Tammy Hughes, Susan K Golant - Häftad (9780142181775)

Whether the arena is a law firm, a medical group, a tech company, or any other work environment, Hardball for Women decodes male business culture and shows women how to break patterns of behavior that put them at a disadvantage. It explains how to get results when you "lean in? Without being thrown off balance. Illustrated with real-life examples Hardball for Women teaches women how to:Successfully navigate middle management to become a leader in your fieldBe assertive without being obnoxiousDisplay confidenceEngage in smart self-promotionLead both men and women?

And recognize the differences between themUse "power talk? Kvinnors röster : livsöden från det moderna Sveriges framväxt - Eva Helen Ulvros - Pocket. »Varje öde är lika fängslande, och Eva Helen Ulvros kloka kommentarer gör Kvinnors röster till en av sommarens stora litterära upplevelser.

Kvinnors röster : livsöden från det moderna Sveriges framväxt - Eva Helen Ulvros - Pocket

Min man dog tusen gånger - Rebecka Nordström Graf - Kartonnage (9789100131906) Bra bok att läsa då man mist sin make.

Min man dog tusen gånger - Rebecka Nordström Graf - Kartonnage (9789100131906)

Den absolut bästa boken i sitt slag av de som jag läst i det här dystra läget. Mystik på svenska slott : Nutida spökupplevelser. Rysligt välkomna att följa med in i sjutton slott och herresäten i Sverige.

Mystik på svenska slott : Nutida spökupplevelser

Om du bara visste - Caroline Säfstrand - Pocket. The Library of Shadows - Mikkel Birkegaard. You Know Where to Find Me - Rachel Cohn. The Snow Kimono - Mark Henshaw. A novel of exquisite beauty, which evades categorisation The Times A striking piece of work, with all the intricate, precise beauty of an origami bird Lady Gripping... each chapter builds on the one before, unfolding through levels of story to unpack deeper and deeper truths Guardian Wonderful...a novel of detection, a thriller of the intellect Sydney Morning Herald Stunning and hypnotic...

The Snow Kimono - Mark Henshaw

You won't read another novel like THE SNOW KIMONO this year, or perhaps for many to come Asian Review of Books This book casts a spell from the start...A highly original book full of small sensations with the bonus of being a joy to read Shots Magazine Strongly atmospheric, the vivid scenery of Japan resonates through Henshaw's carefully placed words as he creates a psychological thriller Scottish Woman The novel questions authorship and the slipperiness of memory...

The Dark Side of Love - Rafik Schami. The Seventh Child - Erik Valeur - Häftad (9781477849804) Stanna - Flora Wiström - Pocket. Bära barnet hem - Cilla Naumann - Pocket. Ingen normal står i regnet och sjunger - Sara Ohlsson - Pocket. The Penguin Book of the Undead - Häftad (9780143107682) "The scariest stories you'll read this Halloween were written 1,000 years ago.

The Penguin Book of the Undead - Häftad (9780143107682)

This wonderfully fun and creepy anthology, lovingly curated by Scott Bruce, . . . is ideal for anyone fond of zombies, ghosts, ghouls, ancient horrors, and dread warnings from beyond the grave. . . . Along with Penguin's Book of Ghost Stories and Book of Witches, it completes a sort of trilogy of spookiness that is wickedly entertaining, accessible, and surprisingly informative. " --The Philadelphia Inquirer "A marvelous treasury of ghostdom. It's exactly what I wanted to read. Scott Bruce has done a great job of assembling these accounts of the uncanny, and I know I shall keep it close by my bed for a long time.

" Regnet luktar inte här : ett familjeporträtt - Duraid Al-Khamisi - Pocket. The Girl With All The Gifts - M R Carey - Häftad (9780356500157) Carey paints a picture of a world teetering on the edge . . .

The Girl With All The Gifts - M R Carey - Häftad (9780356500157)

I was tempted to read the entire book in one sitting * BOING BOING * Perfectly paced with a brilliant ending * Samantha Shannon, author of THE BONE SEASON * This innovative and pacy read gets to the heart of what it means to be human * PSYCHOLOGIES * A heartbreaking and haunting story that is beautifully written * MINDFOOD * I often forgot to breathe while I was turning the pages * BOOKTOPIA * It was hard to quit reading such a compelling, intense book * * A gripping, moving novel that comes highly recommended * SCIFINOW * Both tender and devastating, a page-turner which kept me guessing up to the very last scene, as well as a meditation on what it means to be human . . . The Madman's Daughter - Megan Shepherd - Häftad (9780062128034)

Snowed in for Christmas - E-bok - Claire Sandy (9781447299301) The Winter People - Jennifer McMahon - Häftad (9781101973752) The Lake House - Kate Morton - Häftad (9781447260288) Bestselling storyteller Morton excels in this mystery set against the gothic backdrop of 1930s England ... Morton's plotting is impeccable, and her finely wrought characters, brought together in the end by Sparrow's investigation, are as surprised as readers will be by the astonishing conclusion Publishers Weekly Addictive reading Mail on Sunday An historic house, a long buried mystery, a dash of romance - familiar ingredients for Morton's bestsellers...

Delicious and chunky Sunday Mirror A skilfully imagined story of love, loss and family secrets Woman & Home Once again she delivers the satisfactions of all her best sellers ... Mysteries at the core, they draw depth and appeal from her carefully applied layers of family, history, and moral conundrum. Magisterlekarna : en sodomitisk melodram - Kristofer Folkhammar - Pocket. Gånglåt - Elin Olofsson - Pocket. Me without You - Kelly Rimmer - Häftad (9781909490390) Brev till min dotter - Elcim Yilmaz, Katarina Mazetti, Nabila Abdul Fattah, Carolina Neurath, Katerina Janouch - Bok (9789137149806) The Mirror Thief - Martin Seay - Häftad (9780993414985) A Boy Made of Blocks - Keith Stuart - Häftad (9780751563290) Heartbreakingly realistic * Phoebe Morgan, author of The Doll House * An escape, majestic and beautiful, into a world where imagination is the only limit. * Forbes * Touching and funny * Autism Eye * It was refreshing to read a story where the characters flail around, panic, cry, swear, yet ultimately are determined to build little blocks of happiness with those whom they love. -- Cath Weeks * The Big Issue * An engaging and satisfying read on modern parenting * Your Weekend (New Zealand) * The characters are well-developed and vulnerable, learning to navigate and make sense of a world filled with obstacles.

Stuart's debut novel is a charming and timely tale of learning to connect in the digital age. * Kirkus * Keith Stuart is a master at balancing humour alongside the serious. He has a light touch but also moves us deeply, and his characters are wonderfully real. Clever and full of insight. * Virginia Macgregor * Warm and real, honest and heart-breaking, joyous and life-affirming. Shooting Kabul - N H Senzai - Häftad (9781442401952) Hanns and Rudolf: The True Story of the German Jew Who Tracked Down and Caught the Kommandant of Auschwitz - Thomas Harding - Häftad (9781476711850)

Three Junes - Julia Glass - Häftad (9780385721424) 1914 Stridens skönhet och sorg : Första världskrigets inledande år i 68 korta kapitel - Peter Englund - Bok (9789127139763) Skyttegravar, taggtråd och ett ofattbart och poänglöst mänskligt lidande. Hundra år efter det första världskrigets utbrott kan vi tydligt se hur händelseutvecklingen skulle leda till en tragedi. För människorna som levde och dog i kriget, eller såg det närma sig vid horisonten, var dock bilden inte alltid lika självklar.

Med sin bok Stridens skönhet och sorg har Peter Englund givit ett nyskapande bidrag till det första världskrigets historia. Genom att utgå från högst verkliga människoöden, i de flesta fall okända personer vars liv fallit i glömska, hittar han ett nytt sätt att skriva historia. Stridens skönhet och sorg 1914, som ges ut till hundraårsminnet av krigets utbrott, är första delen av fem i en kraftigt utökad utgåva. Det är en skildring av kriget som upplevelse och vardag, som löfte och lögn, som berusning och mardröm och som en allt nedbrytande, förändrande kraft.

Peter Englund är filosofie doktor och docent i historia. If I Forget You - Thomas Christopher Greene - Häftad (9781250112415) The Bookstore - Deborah Meyler - Häftad (9781448214020) A deeply satisfying novel you will keep close to your heart, written in a style by turns witty and poetic. * Booklist Starred Review * I loved this funny, elegant novel.

If you like books, bookshops and stories which bring together the head and heart, this one's for you. * Andy Miller, author of The Year of Reading Dangerously * The Bookstore is not just promising, it is accomplished, fully formed and as touching as it is hilarious. Deborah Meyler has that precious gift of making knowledge lyrical -- Clive James I read The Bookstore with great enjoyment: so witty and so sad, and so life-enhancing. I loved the perspective of America through the eyes of a Brit. * Jill Paton Walsh * This is a gorgeous book, witty, lyrical, and bursting with heart, an unabashed love letter to books, to Manhattan, and to human goodness. Och varje morgon blir vägen hem längre och längre - Fredrik Backman - Bok (9789137150895) Saker jag hade velat veta när jag var 15 - Johanna Wester, Diana Olofsson - Häftad (9789113073620)

The Names They Gave Us - Emery Lord - Häftad (9781408877814) This is more than a love story. When We Collided carefully yet effortlessly puts mental illness in conversation with the beauty and struggle of adolescence. It is a book I wish could have written, but am so much better for having read. -- Julie Murphy, #1 New York Times bestselling author of DUMPLIN' and SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY on WHEN WE COLLIDED Searingly honest, gut-wrenchingly authentic, and deeply romantic, When We Collided is a gift of a novel.

Jag hatar att träna - Brita Zackari - Bok (9789113078908) Har du också tänkt att du borde börja träna, men kommer på massor av anledningar till att det inte går just i dag? Den lyckliga pessimisten : varför negativt tänkande är positivt - Mattias Lundberg, Jan Bylund - Bok (9789137142753) The Liar - Stephen Fry - Häftad (9780099457053) The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time - Douglas Adams - Pocket. The Underground Railroad - Colson Whitehead - Häftad (9780708898406) Hard-driving, laser-sharp, artistically superlative, and deeply compassionate, Whitehead's unforgettable odyssey adds a clarion new facet to the literature of racial tyranny and liberation * Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence, shortlist announcement * Colson Whitehead's staggering, haunted new novel . . .

[is] a book that is fully expected to win all the awards this year - Pulitzer Prize, Booker Prize, National Book Award, etc - and it deserves every last one * Chapter 16 * In powerful, precise prose, at once spellbinding and ferocious, the book follows Cora's incredible journey north, step by step . . . the story is literature at its finest and history at its most barbaric. Would that this novel were required reading for every American citizen * Publishers Weekly * Startlingly original . . . The Ministry of Utmost Happiness - Arundhati Roy - Häftad (9780241303986) Roy's second novel proves as remarkable as her first Financial Times A great tempest of a novel... which will leave you awed by the heat of its anger and the depth of its compassion Washington Post A humane, engaged near-fairy tale that soon turns dark - full of characters and their meetings, accidental and orchestrated alike to find, yes, that utmost happiness of which the title speaks Kirkus (starred review) An author worth waiting two decades for Financial Times Ambitious, original, and haunting.

A novel [that] fuses tenderness and brutality, mythic resonance and the stuff of headlines ...essential to Roy's vision of a bewilderingly beautiful, contradictory, and broken world Publishers Weekly (starred review) A masterpiece. Roy joins Dickens, Naipaul, Garcia Marquez, and Rushdie in her abiding compassion, storytelling magic, and piquant wit. Holding Up the Universe - Jennifer Niven - Häftad (9780141357058) Det var vi - Golnaz Hashemzadeh Bonde - Bok (9789146234005) An Exclusive Love - Johanna Adorjan - Häftad (9780099552673) My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories - Stephanie Perkins - Häftad (9781250059314) Den osynlige väktaren - Dolores Redondo - Pocket. När en tonårsflickas nakna kropp hittas vid Baztánfloden kopplas den snabbt till ett liknande mord på en ung kvinna en månad tidigare.

Snart florerar ryktena i den närbelägna byn. Är det en ritualmördares verk eller är förövaren en mytologisk basajaun, den osynlige väktaren som sägs leva i skogarna. Kriminalinspektör Amaia Salazar leder utredningen som tar henne tillbaka till den baskiska landsbygden där hon växte upp. En plats med stora skogar, dimhöljda berg och uråldriga myter. Här göms olösta konflikter och hemligheter som ingen vill ska komma i dagen, och snart leder spåren i en riktning Amaia aldrig hade kunnat föreställa sig. Den osynlige väktaren är den första delen i en ny, hyllad kriminaltriologi av den spanska författaren Dolores Redondo. "en debut som är riktigt, riktigt bra. " "Stark och brutal. We're Going to Need More Wine - Gabrielle Union - Bok (9780062693983) The magic of not giving a f*ck : och ändå få ut mer av livet - Sarah Knight - Bok (9789188529176) Är du sönderstressad, överbokad, och underväldigad av livet?

Utled på att vara alla andra till lags men inte dig själv? Jag kommer hem till jul - Joanna Bolouri - Pocket. Trettioåttaåriga Emily har ett roligt jobb, härliga vänner och framför allt: en underbar lägenhet i London, som tacksamt nog ligger hundratals mil bort från hennes galna familj. Emily har också den perfekta pojkvännen, Robert. Född sensitiv : våra berättelser - Prinsessan Märtha Louise, Elisabeth Nordeng - Bok (9789198403800) Högkänslighet är ett medfött personlighetsdrag som innebär en djup mottaglighet för sinnesintryck.

Högkänsliga är medvetna om livets finstämda nyanser och känner ofta in det som pågår under ytan - som stämningen i ett rum eller hur någon mår bakom en fasad. The Woman Who Would be King - Kara Cooney - Häftad (9781780747668) 'An entertaining and well-researched biography on a lesser-known - but no less influential and powerful Egyptian woman'. * History Revealed * 'With rigorous scholarship and a lively sense of sisterhood, Cooney retrieves Hatshepsut in her own times and liberates her as a woman for ours' * The Times * `Hatshepsut's story provides all the ingredients required of a modern bestseller' * Mail on Sunday * 'Kara Cooney has written a lively, engaging, historically accurate account of one of the most controversial of Egypt's female pharaohs, Hatshepsut. The No Complaining Rule - Jon Gordon - Bok (9780470279496)

A story about Positive Ways to Turn Complaints into Solutions, Innovations, and Success Every complaint represents an opportunity to turn something negative into a positive! "Excuses always come from the losing locker room. In Jon Gordon's book The No Complaining Rule , he provides the winning edge. "-Coach Lou Holtz "In a world in which so many, it seems, focus on the glass as half empty, Jon Gordon sets out a clear blueprint in The No Complaining Rule to help each of us better ourselves. His approach will cut negativity and can impact our workplaces and our families, and help us carve out more productive, lower-stress environments.

"-Nathan Whitaker coauthor of Quiet Strength (with Tony Dungy) "Complaining is one of the biggest problems in business today. But You Did Not Come Back - Marceline Loridan-Ivens - Häftad (9780571328024) The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss - Häftad (9780575081406) The Alice Network - Kate Quinn - Häftad (9780062654199) Another Day - David Levithan - Häftad (9781405273435) Den lata vägen till ett fantastiskt liv - och arbetsliv - Gunnel Ryner - Bok (9789163942860)

Homegoing - Yaa Gyasi - Häftad (9780241980446) The Wonder - Emma Donoghue - Häftad (9781509818402) The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness - Häftad (9781406379167) A Hundred Pieces of Me - Lucy Dillon - Häftad (9781444727074) Dödstvätterskan - Sara Omar - Pocket. Bokhandeln på Riverside Drive - Frida Skybäck - Storpocket. Me and Mr Jones - Lucy Diamond - Häftad (9781509811083)

The Beach Cafe - Lucy Diamond - Häftad (9781509811106) Jag är här - Clélie Avit - Pocket. The Diary of a Bookseller - Shaun Bythell - Häftad (9781781258637) Sonjas andra chans - Åsa Hellberg - Bok (9789137150239) Sonjas hemlighet - Åsa Hellberg - Pocket. Sonjas sista vilja - Åsa Hellberg - Pocket. Manglade dukar och vikta servetter - Ewa Klingberg - Pocket.

Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion - Häftad (9781405915335)