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Patterns, Languages and Systemic Change (PLAST Project )

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General System Theory. Disciplines, and proposed a different approach to and organization of knowledge.

General System Theory

This goal of developing anew worldview was largely lost in the initial applications of GST, which were grounded in a moremechanistic, instrumental perspective, and seemed to promise the ability to control and predict moreaccurately and efficiently.GST has not proved to be the single unifying breakthrough approach that von Bertalanffy envisioned. Insome circles, GST is still viewed with suspicion as fundamentally scientistic. As a backlash against positivistsocial science, a substantial strain of Òhuman scienceÓ and postmodern thinking has come to reject anyattempt to apply perspectives and insights drawn from the natural sciences to the study of human beings,and systems approaches have for many years been held up as the worst offenders.

Pattern Language Resources

Design principless & methods. Theories & platforms for Systemic Change. Domains - disciplines involved. Dynamics & Systemic Issues. Tools. Transition Initiatives & Actors.