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RTB : AdVideum devient partenaire de Tradelab sur la vidéo. Viewability: Nearly Half of Online Ads Aren't Seen. ComScore raised eyebrows with research last year showing 31% of online display ads are never actually viewed, but upon further review, things are even worse: its latest data indicate 46% of ads never seen by website visitors.

Viewability: Nearly Half of Online Ads Aren't Seen

The latest data comes after more than a year of additional tracking by the company’s Validated Campaign Essentials service, said comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni in a presentation at the Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement 8.0 conference in New York on Monday. ComScore counts 22 of the top 25 U.S. advertisers as VCE clients, including Procter & Gamble Co. and Kellogg Co. But the new data, suggesting that fewer people see online ads than previously thought, likely owe to the fact the service has branched out beyond premium publishers and blue-chip advertisers in the past year, Mr.

Fulgoni said. 2,7 milliards de CA net pour le marché de la publicité digitale en 2013. INFOGRAPHIE - Avec près de 3 milliards d'euros nets, le marché de la publicité digitale 2013 a démontré sa maturité et son potentiel, peut-être encore sous-exploité, dans un contexte difficile pour tous les autres médias.

2,7 milliards de CA net pour le marché de la publicité digitale en 2013

Digital Video Advertising: Aggressive Spending And Increased Ad Availability ... Native advertising & RTB : quand les grands esprits se rencontrent. RTB et Native Advertising, deux leviers complémentaires et fondamentaux dans le cadre d’une stratégie digitale à 360°.

Native advertising & RTB : quand les grands esprits se rencontrent

Depuis désormais près d’un an, Native Advertising et achat programmatique sont devenus deux termes incontournables, deux « buzwords » dans l’univers de l’achat d’espace sur internet. Ce mode d’achat et ce format peuvent afficher une réelle complémentarité. Avec d’un côté, le RTB ou la valorisation d’un inventaire au sein des places de marché et de l’autre le Native ou espaces dédiés pour des campagnes à très haute valeur ajoutée, les agences media peuvent en partie répondre aux attentes des annonceurs. The-great-unwatched. Photo Some of the biggest names in Internet media have been gathering in New York City at the third annual Digital Content NewFronts, a pitch-a-thon where companies like Yahoo, AOL and Crackle — and, yes, The New York Times — trumpet their digital platforms to brands eager to reach consumers via online video ads.


According to the standard spiel, ads in this medium are alluring because they can be aimed at specific audiences. They can roll in front of content that people want to see. They exist in the digital space where coveted demographic groups are spending more time. Publications Bullish Signs For Digital Video In 2014, Reaching 60% Of U.S. Population 11/25. Continuing to reshape the advertising ecosystem, analysts are beyond bullish about digital video in 2014 and beyond.

Publications Bullish Signs For Digital Video In 2014, Reaching 60% Of U.S. Population 11/25

“We expect [the growth of digital video] to become a prominent theme in 2014, with meaningful dollars moving by 2015,” Macquarie Securities analysts said in a joint research note released Friday. To back up their optimism, the research team -- including Tim Nollen, Ben Schachter, Sunny Kwak, and John Merrick -- cited a recent Magna Global forecast, which put video at a 20% CAGR in ad dollars through 2018. As a result, the Macquarie analysts expect print and static display ads to continue to lose money to digital video. Whether TV will suffer is a more complicated issue, however. “This is partly a matter of semantics as definitions begin to blur,” the analysts explain in their report. “As such, traditional TV networks won’t necessarily lose,” they write. The analysts suggest that the programmatic advertising could actually lift all ships.

The New York Times Wants to Make Digital Video for Brands. The New York Times has bolstered its digital-video lineup with a slate of shows starring its editors and columnists as well as the series "Verbatim," where members of the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe read legal transcripts word-for-word.

The New York Times Wants to Make Digital Video for Brands

The Times plans to show off the programming at its NewFront presentation in New York on Monday morning, where it also plans to pitch advertisers on a redesign of its video hub, which is being reorganized under 14 channels and adding a native-ad product called Branded Playlists. Acura is the initial sponsor of the Times' new video hub. The Times has invested significantly in video in the last year, doubling staff to about 65 and carving out a separate department that makes videos for advertisers.

Monday's NewFronts presentation, the company's first, is the Times' chance to showcase these efforts, according to Rebecca Howard, general manager-video. "For us it's a branding exercise," she said of the NewFronts. Ms. IREP Institut de Recherches et d'Etudes Publicitaires. 2,7 milliards de CA net pour le marché de la publicité digitale en 2013. Etudes - Les enjeux du marché de la vidéo en ligne.

Publié le 13 février 2014.

Etudes - Les enjeux du marché de la vidéo en ligne

As digital ad sales grow, news outlets get a smaller share. By Kenneth Olmstead Digital advertising in the U.S. accounted for $42.6 billion in revenue in 2013, an increase of 16% over 2012, according to the financial analysis firm eMarketer.

As digital ad sales grow, news outlets get a smaller share

But while that digital ad pie is growing, the numbers show that news organizations are competing for an increasingly smaller share of those dollars. While Google’s recent announcement of a 26% increase in ad volume in the first quarter of 2014 disappointed Wall Street investors who thought the number might be higher, it highlights the problem for the journalism business. Big tech companies that largely aren’t in the business of creating news content continue to dominate the digital ad space, often because they are able to reach much larger audiences than news organizations can. In the first quarter of 2014, Google earned 90% of its revenue from digital advertising, and the ads that appear around Google search results remain its main source of that revenue. Topics: Advertising, Digital Media. Un GRP vidéo internet d'ici la fin de l'année.

«Le RTB est une des thématiques fortes du salon e-Marketing», par Ghislaine de Chambine, directrice de pôle, Tarsus France. Gone Native: The Magazine Whose Editors Write Ad Content. Over the summer, Mental Floss asked its online readers what kinds of tricks or skills would they like to learn as part of the magazine’s “How To” series.

Gone Native: The Magazine Whose Editors Write Ad Content

It then turned those ideas into posts, paid for by Dos Equis, which also had four display ads on each page. There are many publications that have been experimenting with so-called native advertising – some as venerable as The Atlantic, Forbes and The New Yorker. But because of its less-newsy, entertainment-oriented content, Mental Floss has been more prepared than others to blur the lines between sales and editorial. New York Times Plans Branded Content In Video. VIEQUES, PR — The New York Times’ recent website redesign introduced sponsored articles from brands like Dell.

New York Times Plans Branded Content In Video

Next up, the paper plans to let marketers reach viewers of its video content. “A brand could sponsor one of our bigger editorial offerings – Dealbook or Bits, 36 Hours, Corner Office,” says NYT video GM Rebecca Howard. ”Those are bigger experiences that could have a video and a text component that could be brought to you by a single advertiser. “One exciting thing that we’re launching at the end of April with the redesign of our video hub is going to be a branded playlist that can be populated by an advertiser’s content. Publications Report Reveals Gross Disparity In Online Video Ratings, Implies Overstatement 03/21/2014. In an advertising marketplace disparity that likely has not been seen since Arbitron and Nielsen competed as currencies for local TV advertising buys decades ago, an influential Wall Street analyst released a report this morning suggesting the gap is far worse for the burgeoning online video advertising business.

Internet ad spend up 32% as old media takes a hit. "While it comes as no surprise that Internet is the most rapidly growing media type for advertisers, television is still the leading medium by spend by a long shot," Randall Beard, global head of advertiser solutions at Nielsen, said in a press release. "But the really exciting development is how the two can work together.

We are consistently seeing advertisers turn to integrated campaigns to connect with consumers on multiple screens, reinforcing their messages strategically to maximize impact. " How the BBC is thinking about native advertising. 2013 Digital Future in Focus - Le Marché du Digital en France. The Number of Online Video Ads Is Up 205% in the Last Year.

According to comScore, the audience for online video has grown 4 percent over the past year. The number of video ads? Up 205 percent. Sure, people are watching a lot of online video. But the ad-serving firm Vindico sees something more nefarious in those numbers. News Websites Proliferate, Stretching Thin Ad Dollars.