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Helena Galani

I am blessed to liase with EFL/EAP young and adult learners, school administrators, examiners & and teachers towards preparing for formal examinations in ELT. As formal assessor for examination bodies, I stress out the importance of building learners' interactive skills and of developing effective communicators. Also, with the fast-paced rate of technological developments, I make sure to employ web and desktop tools in the teaching/training processes.

Adult Education & ELT

Second Life in TEFL/ELT. How to prepare for your classes in'Second Life' Teaching Young Learners. GAMIFICATION in EDUCATION. Cognitive Skills training. Language in Use. Philosophy. Peace Education.


Vocabulary. Classroom Management. Parents' Space. Hobson's choice. Storyline. Mind mapping. 3D Design. Present Simple vs Present Progressive. Gender Discourse. Touch Typing. Digital tools in ELT. Teaching Teenagers. Free Online Dictionaries. 21st century Skills. Teacher Development. Developing Listening Skills. Creative Commons for your teaching materials. Phonology. Assessment tools online. Phrasal Verbs. Learning Difficulties. Digital badges.

  1. helenagalani Jul 3 2015
    Hi marydroid, I have just seen your comment about language courses for teachers in SL. Please refer to for details about training in SL. Kind regards, Helena
  2. marydroid Jun 24 2015
    Hello Helenagalani. I am an ESL teacher and would like to ask if there are any ESL activities, seminars, teaching, groups still active? I have gone through your links regarding SL teaching but the users seem to not be active anymore on the webpages in your collection. Any ideas? marydroid (at) hotmail