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FRI 01/04/11

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LCD Soundsystem's last show in all its glory. Arcade Fire guesting! Adult swim] : Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! - Rascals: Teach your children well. Big Bill Broonzy - Diggin My Potatoes.wmv. Michael-Jackson-and-Moham-007.jpg (460×276) Watch: LCD Soundsystem says goodbye. LCD Soundsystem‘s all-too-brief existence came to an epic conclusion Saturday night at Madison Square Garden with a 230-minute set that featured everything from rare b-sides to “Home” to Win Butler dancing.

Watch: LCD Soundsystem says goodbye

As our Jeremy Larson put it, “this concert should be documented as an exploration how one band compiled every good sound from every band that came before them and turned it into a four hour sound orgasm.” James Murphy should also be applauded for never taking off his tux. Chances are you already witnessed the entire thing, whether in person at MSG or via live webcast, but let’s make this Googleable forever. What follows is a recap of the evening, both in video and words. Per ArcadeFireTube, video of the entire set is available for streaming below. Below the video is a transcription of our live blog, which was conducted by the aforementioned Jeremy Larson and featured over 150 readers chatting away throughout. CoS Live Blog.

LCD Soundsystem Singing 'Someone Great' at Final Show. The Strangers" Trailer (Better Lock Your Doors!) Cornelius - I Hate Hate (Live) Four Tet's 45 Min Min. Live 3D - François & The Atlas Mountain @ Espace Tatry Bordeaux (17/04/2010) My Bloody Valentine "You Made Me Realise" My Bloody Valentine - 'Soon' (FULL LENGTH VERSION)

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless interview. Laurie Anderson - O Superman - clip subtitulado! Culture Club - Karma Chameleon. Pavement - Range Life. Nirvana - In Bloom. Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box live. TEETH ✌ SEE SPACES (HOCUS TOCUS REMAKE) How much do you earn. Hausu (1977) Killer Lampshade. Adam and Joe’s 10 Greatest Moments in Broadcasting History. This weekend Adam and Joe are doing their last three podcasts from Glastonbury.

Adam and Joe’s 10 Greatest Moments in Broadcasting History

So through tear-stained eyes, we present their greatest moments in broadcasting history... No-one told Adam and Joe that Craig Charles rehearses in the nack... That’s right Black Squadron, you lonely morsels will now have a reason to get out of bed at a reasonable hour and dance merrily into the loving arms of misters Buxton and Cornish between the hours of 10 and 1 on Saturdays. As we salivate at the prospect of what delights might be in store, here’s a run down of ten of their greatest features from all of the duo’s marvellous endeavours and mis-adventures. 1.The Bobby De Niro Song Adam and Joe were always a musical pair. 2. The true appeal of the TV show wasn’t its side-splitting gags or cutting commentary on the plight of modern life, it was the worldly experience you could gain just from watching it. 3. 4. 5.

Is Jools Holland drunk? 6. How much do Adam and Joe love David Bowie? 7. 8. Boggins. 9. 10. U.N.P.O.C. - Amsterdam. Gogoyoko - Music Store - Fair Play in Music. Head-To-Head: Kanye West vs. Bob Dylan. The works of Kanye West and Bob Dylan might seem like complete opposites at first glance.

Head-To-Head: Kanye West vs. Bob Dylan

But using corpus linguistics, we can draw comparisons between artists across eras and genres. Take a journey through the language that both artists use in the infographic below, which looks at Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) and Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited (1965). (Click Image To Enlarge) Use This Infographic In Your Class We think that infographics are an awesome learning and teaching tool, so our creations will always be available for you to print out, use with your students and embed on your blog! Embed this image on your site <a href=" src=" <a href=" Blog</a> Lesson Plan Inspiration After presenting the infographic and discussing it with your ELLs, consider asking them to apply their new knowledge to this engaging follow-up activity.

Task 1. BBC iPlayer - Benji B: Hype Williams in session.