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Virtual machines in your browser. Updated: July 11, 2014.

Virtual machines in your browser

JSLinux. Agile vs. Waterfall, Revisited. One of the most popular blogs we've ever posted concerns our web development process.

Agile vs. Waterfall, Revisited

Since 13 months can be a lifetime in the wonderful world of the internet, I thought that we'd revisit the topic. While our methodology hasn't changed a bit in all that time, our experiences have brought greater enlightenment. Agile Let's begin with the heart of our process, which is the Agile project management approach. When we approach a project using the Agile method, we begin with the philosophy that the end result can't really be known until the project is completed. Agile is a methodology which, when well executed, ensures team coordination and efficiency, budgets are contained, and the client can more easily follow the progress. Pros Perfect for dynamic businessesRapid development at a lower costEnsures team coordinationSolution constantly evolves to meet client needs Cons Waterfall. Auto Layout for Sketch. : Create and share your digital world. PhotoShelter Review.

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PhotoShelter Review

The stock photography industry has had many significant changes over the past few years. These changes have necessitated modifications to my stock photo business, as well as the ACM Photography website. The most recent modification has been integrating with PhotoShelter and, after 30 days, I am in love.

Back in the day, being a stock photographer meant sending thousands of slides to image agencies who would then sell your work on to buyers, hopefully resulting in big payouts. Digital cameras and microstock agencies revolutionised the stock industry, flooding the market with low cost images. These days, a stock photographer’s best friend is SEO (search engine optimisation) and a website that gets lots of love from Google. For the past year or so, I’ve been moving away from stock agencies, as I watch the photographer’s cut of image sales revenue decrease more and more.

PhotoShelter CEO: Why killing the collection was the best decision we ever made - SmartCEO. How PhotoShelter became a beloved brand and growing business after facing up to failure and the ire of its customers By Michelle Court for NYER Founded in 2005 by a team of engineers from, PhotoShelter provides website services designed for professional photographers.

PhotoShelter CEO: Why killing the collection was the best decision we ever made - SmartCEO

The service includes cloud storage, a customizable portfolio website, image delivery services, an e-commerce system, analytics, and integrated sales and marketing tools to help photographers get their photos seen—and purchased—by the right people. Current CEO Andrew Fingerman, who joined the team in 2008 and became CEO in 2012, has seen the Union Square–based company grow to 36 employees, 80,000 registered photographers, and 163 million images. In order for the company to achieve this growth, the founders and executives had to make a tough decision to cut 65 percent of their team. MobiReady.


Ecommerce tools. Company » SilverStripe. Open Source » SilverStripe. Academy - AppMachine. Slack: Be less busy. Website Themes. ProjectFlow. Less Features by Choice We purposely built ProjectFlow to have minimal features.


We wanted an intuitive tool that would allow us to simply define columns and add blocks that we could drag and drop with ease. There are no fancy notification features, files attachments, or task management functionality, and we intend to keep it that way. Toggl - Features Online Timer & Timesheet Export. Home — YikeSite Website. iWebCheck on Duo on the Mac App Store. Mobile Commerce, Social Commerce, International Capabilities, Content Publishing & Management, and Social Networking Software. Why the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM Matters to Commerce. Three weeks ago, Acquia reached a major milestone.

Why the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM Matters to Commerce

Gartner released its annual Web Content Management Magic Quadrant, and for the first time, Acquia made the coveted Leaders quadrant. This is a huge accomplishment for Acquia, and makes everyone here extremely proud to work for such an amazing company. Since Gartner does a Magic Quadrant report for both WCM and Commerce, commerce execs may pay little attention to the WCM report. I’m here to tell you - that’s a mistake. The lines between commerce and content are blurring, and commerce professionals need to be paying attention to what’s happening in content.

The commerce landscape is changing. In the weeks since the release of the Gartner report, I’ve witnessed the momentum shift among buyers who've beat a path to our door. Last month Gartner released its Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce and the stats they open with are staggering: Ecommerce Partners, Developers & Designers. How Much Does a Magento Website Cost: General Pricing Guidelines and What to Look For - Magento Developers NY. — Last Update March 6th , 2015 It has been almost two years since we posted this article on Magento website cost.

How Much Does a Magento Website Cost: General Pricing Guidelines and What to Look For - Magento Developers NY

A lot has changed since then. Besides the Magento Enterprise Premium Edition released in 2013, in December of 2014 Magento released the Magento 2.0 Developer Beta as an incomplete release, and since last month Magento Go is no longer supported by Magento. 29 Prime - Front Page Placement or its Free.

Magento Provider lists

WebCode. PaintCode - Turn your drawings into Objective-C or Swift drawing code. Website to PSD layers. Macaw: The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool.