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Retsupurae's Channel. Video courtesy of heytallman, it's the first (and according to Rooster Teeth, not the last!)

retsupurae's Channel

Retsupurae panel, with slowbeef and Diabetus and CherryDoom, live at RTX 2014! - Thanks to:Camera Guy heytallmanOfficial Retsupurae Member TurboC for Behind the Scenes stuffSpecial Panel Guest CherryDoomMichael and Ray from Rooster Teeth for Hooking Us UpBarbara from Rooster Teeth for Fine-Grained Hooking Us UpThe Tech Guardian Who Did an Amazing Job and We Couldn't Find After to Thank (tm)Proton Jon, Chuggaconroy, and NintendoCapriSun who have hosted LP Panels before and paved the way for us.LeeroyHim for Deep Freeze footage.Project Enfinity *jiggles own boobs*Everyone who showed up. Cornshaq baby please. What The? (CENSORED) Retsupurae. Added Alliterative Appeal : Metroid Machinima Makes Me Maddeningly Miserable all lowercase letters : slowbeef's name, as it was originally a Something Awful forum name.


Anachronism Stew : Their take on Shinobi-X. Angrish : When a character is somehow locked a car during Pursuit , Proteus is reduced to a sputtering wreck: