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Evernote Site Memory Plugin for Wordpress. September 17, 2010 - Announcements, Blog, Portfolio, Web Portfolio - 24 Comments inShare0 The Slocum Design Studio development team is excited to announce the availability of our newly developed WP Evernote Site Memory plugin for WordPress!

Evernote Site Memory Plugin for Wordpress

Last week, Evernote announced the availability of their Site Memory Button. With this, users of Evernote can clip a website’s content into their Evernote notebook with the click of a button, and the website’s owner has full control over what is clipped. This was a wonderful announcement for site owners everywhere, because until now, it has been tough to control how your website is clipped into Evernote for users to read and reference later. Aus WordPress ein Social Media Network machen auf datenschmutz.net. Mingle auf datenschmutz.net. 20 Tutorials to Develop Wordpress Plugin. WordPress plugin developers are earning good amount online.

20 Tutorials to Develop Wordpress Plugin

Most of them release two versions of plugin, one is free version and other is premium with some enhanced features. If you are new to plugin development or want to extend your experience this article is best for you. WordPress has become more important application for bloggers and even for those who need small web site. Using WordPress as a Portfolio: Examples & Themes (15+) Some time ago I published an article for those passionate about photography.

Using WordPress as a Portfolio: Examples & Themes (15+)

But today I decided to collect some themes for those who wish to publish his Portfolio on-line through WordPress. Below are 15 Portfolio WordPress Themes to choose one in case you want to launch Portfolio online. Vimes Theme Demo. 12 Essential Plugins that Extend WordPress as a CMS. Over the past couple of years WordPress has grown into much more than just a blogging platform.

12 Essential Plugins that Extend WordPress as a CMS

People are now using it as a CMS (Content Management System) to power many different types of websites. Using WordPress more as a standard CMS often requires some creative thinking when building themes and setting up the structure of categories and content. In this article we present to you 12 very useful plugins that will give your WordPress install extended CMS functionality.