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Course: Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge. Workshop schedule. From WikiEducator Workshop schedule Important URLs You will find instructions for each day of the workshop in any of two places: Workshop schedule.

Workshop schedule

(This page) Google groups. eL4C mailing list. Help:Contents. Pre-Work Pre-Work Create an account on WikiEducator if you don't already have one by going through Tutorial 2. Day 1: Monday, November 23, 2009 Instructions for Day 1 If you are new to wikis, take a visit the video on Wikis in plain English hosted on YouTube. Day 2: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 Instructions Day 2 is a relaxed and easy session.

Work throught Help page My preferences on how to personalize Wikieducator preferences. Support WikiEducator in keeping track of the demographics of our community by completing this short online survey. Day 3: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 Instructions Hi everyone --- thanks for your thought-provoking inputs and stimulating discussions on the quality issues! Wiki discussions. MI-Learning - E-Learning-Lektion Computernetze. Kurs: eLearning Tools/Links (Podcasting, Live Übertragungstools, etc.) Moodle-einsatz an deutschen hochschulen.

HTML - Kurs Übersicht. Lernplattform mit Online Quiz - Gratis Übungen und Beispiele von Beurteilerin für den ECDL. Course: Podcasting Basics. Online Learning Studio (OLS) Course Catalog for EzineUniversity. Englisch: Vokabeln. Course: Sound. Course: Moodle for students. Course: Using the Big 6 Model to Develop Information Literacy Skills. Course: Digital Photography( Course Template) Kurs: ITT LAB4. BSIT Moodle. Rechtschreibung. Learn HTML with Online HTML Courses, Tutorials, Tricks and Help. Learn HTML with these online HTML tutorials, training courses, tips, tricks, guides and help resources.

Learn HTML with Online HTML Courses, Tutorials, Tricks and Help

Topics covered include: HTML fundamentals, basics, color charts, cascading style sheets, and more. The first accredited online design school, offers dozens of online courses in graphic design, web design and development, multimedia, digital design and new media marketing. Training is instructor-led and available whenever you wish to learn.'s courses integrate theory, practice and related software applications and run on a continual basis. is the only nationally accredited fully online school of design. Learn more Mindleaders MindLeaders interactive e-Learning allows you to take courses anytime, anywhere.

Mindleaders training courses feature skill assessment, questions, simulations, exercises and sample files. Serebra Learning Corp Serebra Learning Corp provides you with "best in class" quality in online training. Learn more. Trainingsprogramm für Arbeitsuche und Bewerbung. Bewerbung. Kurs: Connectivism and Connective Knowledge. MOSEP: UK One Day Introduction - Session 1. From WikiEducator Introduction to the Course This course has been designed for teachers who have no experience of working with ePortfolios.

MOSEP: UK One Day Introduction - Session 1

The materials have been copied from the MOSEP Wiki and assembled into the order that the activities are to be used or delivered. This course has been designed to be delivered by a mixture of face to face delivery and supported self study. An ePortfolio as purposeful collections of digital artefacts The term "portfolio" is based on the italian term "portafoglio", consisting out of "portare" (carry) and foglio (paper/page). If "e" simply means that the portfolio is stored and accessed using digital formats and tools. There are many definitions available for ePortfolios, two are given below "ePortfolios could be defined as “a purposeful collection of student [or teacher] work that illustrates efforts, progress, and achievement in one or more areas over time. Barrett, H. (2004), Portfolio Development Competencies, accessed January 30, 2007 Social Software.

Kurs: Demo-Kurs. ILIAS - Lernplattform der PHZH - 4. Öffentlich.