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Moodle Theme. Themes. Standards Based Moodle Themes: NewSchool Learning. Free Moodle Themes: Global Network by ThemZa. The increased popularity of studies focused on the rapidly developing Information Technologies has boosted the interest in e-courses dedicated to this specific educational field.

Free Moodle Themes: Global Network by ThemZa

This is namely the reason why we have crafted for you another free Moodle theme - Global Network, that will let you keep pace with the latest trends in the IT education online services. The theme’s light design with an accent on the Global Communications Network in the header area will make your students feel more comfortable as participants in the process of globalization. The theme provides all the conditions for the creation of a learning environment that lays emphasis on the benefits of the great progress in the telecommunications, electronics and computer industries.

How hard is it to theme for Moodle? Right, the more you ask for here, which you did not ask for in your blog, is exactly what Urs is asking for.

How hard is it to theme for Moodle?

I don't think Joomla (sorry, Joomla!) Is a good comparison for Moodle. I was investigating it today to see what I could learn, and the answer was not much. Some conclusions: * Whoever thought of calling it Joomla! Moodle Themes - ThemZa Free Templates.