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Cosmetic dentistry consists of different procedures like porcelain veneers, tooth whitening, dental implants and restorations and invisalign to cure different dental issues like uneven teeth, broken tooth, missing tooth, yellowish tooth and give you a confident smile. Signature Smile is a leading dental clinic in Brooklyn offering all types dental treatments.

Don't Be So Sensitive! Top 5 Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity - Signature Smile Dental. Does the thought of biting into ice cream make you wince?

Don't Be So Sensitive! Top 5 Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity - Signature Smile Dental

If it does, you either hate happiness, are lactose intolerant, or have tooth sensitivity pain. For today’s article, we are going to focus on the latter! Many people who struggle with tooth sensitivity know that both hot and cold temperatures can send shooting pain into your body. In this article, we will explain 5 reasons why you may be experiencing tooth sensitivity as well as discuss how you can treat it. 1. Brushing with excessive force or a hard bristled toothbrush can have a negative effect on the protective layers of your teeth. Try brushing a little lighter or using a soft bristled toothbrush. 2. Many name brand toothpastes offer new whitening toothpastes to brighten your smile. 3. Overtime, grinding your teeth can wear down the enamel layer protecting your nerves.

Don’t write this reason off too fast! General dentistry in Brooklyn. It is quite difficult o find a good family dentist, who takes care of all the oral requirements of the family members.

General dentistry in Brooklyn

In a family, it is important that every family member’s health concerns are taken care of. Kids are more likely to suffer from tooth decay and other gums related problems. They need a dentist on a regular basis, who understands the oral needs and treat them effectively, in case of any damage. There are many types of dentist for all different purposes. You can easily find one in your neighborhood also. For the ones who are looking for a family dentist in Brooklyn. Like this: Like Loading... Study Suggests Link Between Breast Cancer and Gum Disease - Signature Smile Dental. October is breast cancer awareness month, so Signature Smile Dental would like to take a moment to honor the brave individuals who have dealt or are dealing with breast cancer.

Study Suggests Link Between Breast Cancer and Gum Disease - Signature Smile Dental

Your strength and bravery is truly inspiring. In hopes of raising awareness, we would like to share a study from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden that suggests a link between missing teeth, gum disease, and breast cancer. The study observed over 3,000 people, 41 of which had developed breast cancer. After further examination, out of those 41 people, those with missing teeth or gum disease were found to be 11 times more likely to develop cancer.

Dr. For example, research has shown that the bacteria from gum diseases could enter your blood stream and affect your heart, resulting in a higher risk of developing a heart disease. Gum disease is caused by a bacteria found in dental plaque. Gum disease is not easily discernible as it is not necessarily painful. Signature Smile Brooklyn. Cosmetic Dentistry For Beautiful and Radiant Smile. Cosmetic Dentistry For Beautiful and Radiant Smile When we talk about appearance, our smiles play a major role in bringing out the best in us.

Cosmetic Dentistry For Beautiful and Radiant Smile

It surely improves our look, making our gums and teeth appear perfect. Who doesn’t love a beautiful smile? This art of removing the dental flaws to get a beautiful and radiant smile is termed as cosmetic dentistry. The dentist who perform this type of dentistry are called cosmetic dentist.If you are also thinking to undergo cosmetic dentistry, you must understand the various important aspects that follow. Detecting Gingivitis is Easy and Important! - Signature Smile Dental. Gingivitis, we have all heard of it, but do you know what it actually is?

Detecting Gingivitis is Easy and Important! - Signature Smile Dental

Gingivitis is the earliest form of gum disease! Without proper care, gingivitis can lead to serious oral health issues, even tooth loss. In this article, Signature Smile Dental will walk you through gingivitis, how to detect it, and how to treat it. The initial signs of gingivitis are easy to detect. Check to see if you have red and swollen gums that are prone to bleeding. If your gums and red, swollen, and bleeding, be sure to make an appointment with our dentists here at Signature Smile General & Cosmetic Dentistry. Brooklyn heights dentist. Signature Smile Dental: Cosmetic Dentistry Brooklyn improve the appearance of your teeth. 6 Bad Dental Habits to Avoid - Signature Smile Dental. Signature Smile General and Cosmetic Dentistry want our patients to have the knowledge needed to maintain a healthy smile.

6 Bad Dental Habits to Avoid - Signature Smile Dental

You should know by now that having a strong dental regiment is crucial to keeping your teeth strong and healthy throughout your life, but are you doing anything wrong? We have compiled a list of things that may be negatively affecting your oral health. Not flossing: Not including flossing in your daily dental routine is one of the biggest mistakes that a person can make when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile. Flossing helps promote healthy teeth and gums by removing plaque build up in between your teeth and along your gums. Not using proper brushing technique: Preventative Dentistry - Signature Smile Dental. Preventative dental procedures are the first steps to preserving your smile.

Preventative Dentistry - Signature Smile Dental

At Signature Smile, our experienced dentists provide patients in Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, and all of our other surrounding New York communities with a wide array of preventative dental care options. For more information on the preventative dental procedures performed at Signature Smile’s Brooklyn Heights office, click on the links below. How to Find a Dentist in Brooklyn Heights.

Having a beautiful smile contributes to self confidence and appeal.

How to Find a Dentist in Brooklyn Heights

Moreover, having a good dental care and hygiene is an important part of having a healthy body.