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Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume. These are very beautiful drawings!

Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume

Although I am sad to see Belle looking so unlike herself. On a different note: I’d love to know what the reference was for the period costuming for each Princess. Given what I know about the stories, a lot of these seem a little inaccurate time period wise (I have no idea about the costumes other than that they look gorgeous): Rare and Precious Moments of Animal Life. Michał Dziekan. Illustrator and character designer Michal Dziekan was born and raised in small town in south-western Poland.

Michał Dziekan

He moved to city Wroclaw where he attended Architecture on University of Technology. After three years he left school and moved to Warsaw to work in post production studio Platige Image as a concept artist and matte painter. He stayed in Platige Image from 2007 to 2011, where working on animated commercials and films he got opportunity to gain experience in such fields as vfx compositing, motion graphics animation, animation direction and directing.

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- StumbleUpon. 0b09f_Ytb9b-500x202.png (500×202) One Dead Tree (20 photos) - My Modern Metropolis - StumbleUpon. It's a familiar tale you hear all the time.

One Dead Tree (20 photos) - My Modern Metropolis - StumbleUpon

What starts out as an accident turns into something amazing. So it was for Kevin Day, a graphic designer who's created a beautiful and moving story about one dead tree. For over five years now, Day has been photographing the same tree on different days, through different seasons and in different lighting conditions. His most popular shot was taken one very early morning on August 18, 2005. He reminisces, it was "when the sun rose directly behind the tree from my best viewpoint and the early morning mist lingered and the dissipated at just the right moment, I couldn't take shots quick enough, the light was changing by the second and I could feel myself actually getting emotional and excited by taking photos of a dead tree!



Weird Pictures, Wonderful Things - StumbleUpon. Awesome pictures from around the world. Someone sent me these in a chain email, it was horribly formatted.

Awesome pictures from around the world

I also do not know who made the comments, or how accurate they are. I take zero credit in the pictures, I just wanted to compile them nicely for all to see. The world’s highest chained carousel, located in Vienna, the height of 117 meters. Thor’s Well – “the gates of the dungeon.” CapePerpetua, Oregon. Mucha. Dear Photograph - StumbleUpon. How Cereal Boxes Have Changed Over Time.

It’s pretty crazy to see how graphic design shifts ever over time. From typography to the actual iconic images on our favorite cereals, there seems to be a pattern in advertising where they get bigger and bolder over time. All I know is cereal mascots will forever be engrained in my sugary sweet memory. Cheerios 1946 and Now. 32 Pictures That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww - StumbleUpon. Tim Shumate.