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Metal Cabinet. Home » Steel Metal Cabinet | Steel Locker | Singapore Full Height Swing Door Cabinet & Steel Lockers Cabinet Steel Metal Cabinet | Steel Locker | Baycus Office Furniture | Singapore Cabinet Special Features: The doors can be swing more than 120 degrees which enables users to put items inside the cabinet without much obstruction.

Metal Cabinet

The swing doors can be easily removed to convert the cabinet into open shelf cabinet if needed. Locker Features: All lockers comes with individual lock set and in the event of key loss, we provide replacement of key services and unlock services so that the locker will not be damaged. These products do come in flated packages for export as well. Full Height Swing Door Cabinet (MY201) Dimension: W916 x D460 x H1830mmPackaging Dim: W170 x D520 x H1860mm (For Export)Weight / Vol: 46 KG / 0.17 M3 CASH AND CARRY: S$169.00 OFFER PRICE W/DELIVERY: S$185.00 Half Height Swing Door Cabinet (MY202) Traulsen Appliance Parts.

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