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Yahoo Support. There are billions of Yahoo users who use it to send and receive emails. It can be used on various platforms like Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, etc. It provides a very beautiful and simple interface for the users that make it quite simple and easy to use. Just like other email services, Yahoo users too may sometimes encounter a problem with their account. Blocking of Yahoo account is the most prominent problem faced by Yahoo users.

There are several reasons for this problem. One of the most prominent reason for this is the inactivity in Yahoo account for 12 months. In spite of the difficulties in recovery of the blocked account, it is worth a try as there are chances that you will gain back access to the account and all the information is available on Yahoo servers. Log in to your account after entering your Yahoo ID and password: Logging into your account after entering your credentials prove out to be useful and yield successful results in most of the cases. Facebookcustomersupportnumber.kinja. GoneTech Support @+1-844-773-9313 for Facebook, Yahoo and Gmail: Top 3 Hacks To Prevent Your Facebook From The Malicious Effect Of Ransomware. The global cyber attack that is infamously known as Ransomware attack is currently a “hot Potato” that is trending over the web and media houses worldwide.

On May 12th 2017 the world the biggest ever cyber attacks of all the times, that affected over 200,000 organizations across 150 countries of the world. It was even massive than Dyn DDoS. One of the most malicious Ransomware - “WannaCry” spread like mammoth wildfire that has an epicenter in the Europe. Undoubtedly, it is a multi-million-dollar Cybercrime attack that maliciously affected everyone from hospitals to police departments to online accounts of individuals like Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. Introduction Of Top 5 New Features In Facebook. Free Press Release DB | Press Release Date : May 10, 2017 Download This press release is unveiled to make users aware of the top updates from Facebook, which they were earlier unaware of.

Facebook is becoming one of the most popular social networks all over the web. Millions of users access this service to communicate with their friends, families and colleagues. Day by day, Fb is working on its application to better the experience of their users. Here, we are providing with the information which helps the users to know the latest features of the Facebook. Just go through this below information. Facebook added new insights to ad reports Facebook has updated the Facebook Ads Manager feature for its users. Facebook introduced a new in-app camera feature in its app Now, Facebook has added the new in-app camera feature in their application. New Message Reactions for Facebook Messenger Facebook has added this new amazing feature to its application to improve the group conversation. Contact Numbers. How to Setup your Business Facebook account in business manager? Facebook has now become a household name amongst the users worldwide. It is used by the people all over the world to interact with their family and friends.

It provides the users with a lot of features in a quite simple and easy-to-use interface. Different needs of the users from all walks of life are to be taken care of in proper way. Facebook has turned out to be an amazing platform for the businesses to showcase the products and reach out to a large number of people. It also provides them a platform to advertise their products. What is a Facebook Business Manager? The Facebook business manager is a simple tool that can be used by the FB business page administrators to manage their different pages. In order to create a Facebook business account, you need to have a valid Facebook account and a business page.

Here are the top benefits, which a Facebook user can avail upon creating a Business FB account: Steps to setup your business Facebook account in business manager Author Bio Admin. How to Block an Email Sender in Yahoo Mail? Are you pissed off unwanted message on Yahoo!? No worries! You can now easily block emails from unwanted senders in yahoo, who is annoying you since long. Thanks to Yahoo! You will never see those uninvited emails anymore. Once you block the emails from any specific brat; then entire emails from that sender will be automatically deleted forever.

Note: Every time spammers can use a new email address to send you the bulk of junk emails. Let me tell you! However, here is the easy tutorial, which you can use to block any specific user or a group of spammers in your Yahoo! How to Block Emails from Undesirable Senders in Yahoo! · Go to the settings gear icon and click on it to open · Scroll down to select “Blocked Addresses category”. · Enter the unwanted email address under “Add an address” · Click on “Block”. · Now click on “Save”.

How to Block an Email Address in Yahoo! · In order to add an email address to the list of blocked senders in Yahoo! · Click on the “Go”. · Click on plus sign. HOME - Top 4 Security & Privacy Tips To Protect Your Facebook From Hackers. With more than 400 million users at present, Facebook is latest buzz of this era. It is considered as most happening social media site, which has emerged as intrinsic need of daily life touching every sphere life.

There is no wrong if we say that people are now more likely to engage on facebook then real life. How to Find Out the Storage Limit of the Yahoo Mail? Looking for Imperative Measures to Secure Your Facebook Account!! Check This Out. Facebook; being a vast platform for the web users to communicate with the known-ones alongside sharing news, images, and videos, has posed a threat to them in terms of the privacy risks. As many of the registered FB users have no idea of how to protect Facebook account security breach; others who know about the same, are not able to secure the Facebook privacy despite having affirmative intent.

Whenever you sign up for any social media account say, Facebook; it starts collecting the personal information that is supposed to be filled up along with other details such as likes and dislikes, maintains records of images and videos shared alongside other activities which you perform upon accessing Facebook account. With so many details stored by this social networking podium along with the frequency and duration of the activities practiced by you, it can be a challenging process to secure your Facebook account of the sudden data breach. Infographic source: Vound-software. Security Settings: Can’t Logout From Facebook Messenger!! Implement Necessary Steps To Fix It by Andrew Brown on CodePen. Nowadays, most people use Facebook Messenger on their Android, or iPhone device.

It is one of the amazing applications which was developed by Facebook to make easier for the users to stay connected with their friends and families. FB Messenger is very flexible and fast. It’s a small size application, which saves a lot of space on your device, but the main issue that mostly occurs with this messenger app is that you can’t logout directly from the app. Here, we are providing you with the method by which you can easily logout from your Facebook Messenger using Android as well as the iOS device. Just follow these steps mentioned below. Steps to logout your Facebook Messenger from the Android device. Step 1) First, you need to go to the Setting on your Android device.

Step 2) In the Setting menu, you need to select the Applications option. Step 3) Then, you need to tap on the Manage application option. Step 5) On the App info screen, tap on the Clear Data button. Did You Know? How To Use Facebook Ads To Make Money? - Quora. How to Fix Yahoo Mail Connection to Server Failed On iPhone? Facing Yahoo Mail Server Connection Error on the iPhone While using Yahoo on your iPhone, sometimes users may face connection error. If you are also facing issues, your Yahoo Messenger is not connecting to the network and the mail app is displaying an error message “Cannot Get Mail the Connection to the server failed”, then you need to check your internet connection.

Mostly, this error comes on all iPhone devices. Yahoo is one of the popular instant messaging apps developed by Yahoo. Troubleshooting Solution 1: Enter your Password again Sometimes you face problems on your iPhone after changing your mail password from your computer. Step 1) First, you need to go to the Settings and click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendar. Step 3 Then, select Accounts and press on the Password. · Type your new password. . · After Sign-in, refresh your email messages. Recommended : Yahoo-Messenger-App-not-working-on-android-iPhone Troubleshooting Solution 2: Transfer Email to another Inbox Other Possible Solutions. Facebooksolution’s diary. Facebook Messenger not getting connected properly on an Android device.

Facebook is one of the most popular social network platforms available all over the web. Billions of users access this amazing service for personal and commercial purposes. It helps users to stay connected with their old friends, families, and colleagues. With the help of it, the user can easily send or receive text messages, images, videos, etc.

This is one of the best medium of communication on the web. Nowadays, everyone, whether old or young uses this app to stay connected with the outside world. Facebook Messenger is an amazing instant messaging app developed by the Facebook Inc. for their users, which helps users to exchange their messages instantly with their FB friends. This application runs perfectly almost always, but like some other app, it may become unresponsive or idle. Troubleshoot Solution 1: Consider checking your Internet Connection Check your internet connection. Troubleshoot Solution 2: Restart your Facebook Messenger Troubleshoot Solution 5: Restart Your Android device.

Has Private Information Been Stolen From Yahoo Account!! Go Through the Indications by Janifer Lewis. By Janifer Lewis Contact Yahoo Customer Support Yahoo has warned many of its registered users that their email account might happen to be violated by intruders using cookies that are forged, letting them obtain private information without understanding users' passwords. They are also useful for innocuous functions, including keeping track of on-line shopping cart contents. Sources emails to users saying that about the foundation of the investigation that is continuing, a cookie that is forged could actually be used in 2016 or 2015 to get your account.

As the Two-Way reported the advice violation was revealed by the company. Yahoo disclosed “another hacking occasion of more than 1 billion accounts as we reported. Sources have reported that Yahoo sent e-mails this week to users saying that "on the basis of the continuing investigation, we consider a forged cookie could happen to be employed in 2015 or 2016 to get your account. " · Important messages accumulated in Y!

About Janifer Lewis. Configure Yahoo Account on your Android device !! | austinwalker. Most of the Smartphone user’s access multiple numbers of email addresses, like Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, AOL, and others. Smartphones are a good option for users to send and receive emails. You can configure your email accounts on your phone so wherever you go, you can always check the latest emails. You do not need do configure any settings, like SMTP, IMAP, POP, servers, ports. The user just needs their Yahoo e mail address and its password to sync their account with their Android device. There are many ways to add an email account to Android devices. First, you need open Accounts and Sync on Android.

You can open the Settings app on Android, then find the Accounts and Sync option from the Personal section. Then add a new account to Android. Here you will see the existing accounts and Sync settings on your Android device. Select Email in account type list. There are many types of account you can select to add on your Android device. Enter Yahoo account information. How To Access Yahoo Mail Using MS Outlook?? How To Access Yahoo Mail Using MS Outlook?? Top 3 Ways to Secure your Yahoo account | Yahoo Mail Help. Yahoo is one of the most widely used webmail application all over the globe. Millions of users access it for their personal or commercial use. As they can also store important information in their email account. Yahoo is always working to increase the security of their user accounts, but users also need to take some steps to avoid their account getting hacked from hackers.

Here we are providing you with some security measures to safeguard your account. Use two-step authentication You can also use two-step Authentication method to secure your account. Set a Strong Password You can make difficult for the hackers by configuring your base password stronger. Though, difficult passwords are not easy to remember. You can set strong passwords by inserting symbols, upper and lowercase letter or numbers also. Don’t use Same Passwords Many accounts get compromised due to the same password have been used in their other email, social or other financial accounts. Reset Yahoo Password Without Security Question - Yahoo provides its users with various services like Yahoo search, Yahoo mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo answers, Yahoo finance, and much more such services.

Some of these services do not require you to have an email address while to use other services it is necessary that you have a valid Email address. Even those services that do not need you to have a valid email address offer personalized services if you have a Yahoo Email address. Sometimes, you may not be able to login to login to your Yahoo account.

This problem may turn out to be quite frustrating. This problem may arise if you forgot the Yahoo password or if your Yahoo account is hacked. In order to solve this problem, Yahoo provides its users with the option to recover their Yahoo account. Reset Yahoo password with alternate email addressReset Yahoo mail password with recovery phone number Both of these methods can reset Yahoo password without security question. Steps to reset Yahoo password with alternate email address: Security Parameters to Consider While Creating a New Gmail Account. Yahoosupport. Quick and Simple Steps to Enable Gmail Two Step Verification. Gmail is the most widely used Email service provided by Google. Since a vast amount of secure information is transferred on the internet, it becomes necessary that you keep your account safe and secure.

Majority of Hackers devise certain methods to hack into the Gmail accounts. Keeping this in mind Gmail provides its users with two step verification feature. This provides the security in the hands of the people itself and makes sure that they do not fall a victim to such attacks. What is Gmail 2-step verification? Gmail 2-step verification is a methodology that offers an extra level of security to your account.

How to enable Gmail 2-Step verification for your account? Enabling 2-step verification for your account is quite a simple and easy process. Open the Gmail home page in your web browser. Now you can be rest assured that your account is safe. While using Gmail you may come across some problems with your Gmail account. Behance. Gmail Tech Support Number — How To Personalize Your Gmail Ads? Yahoo Helpline Number @+1-888-259-9422: Enjoy Using Yahoo Mail 4.8.2- Latest and Smartest Version for Mobile.

LapaChat - Blog View - How to avoid Facebook Phishing Scams? How to change Yahoo password o… | kalvinsmith30. Facebook Support Helpline Number: Things to Remember While Creating a Facebook Password. Gmail Users can now receive Attachments of up to 50MB | Gmail Users can now receive Attachments of up to 50MB. POP Error comes while Importing Yahoo mails to Gmail account - posted by millerheide at My Wellington. Show Blog gmail-exchange-tasks-now-undergoes-improvement-on-android-app - Share in neighborhood. Moonfaced - Blog View - Create new Gmail account in mobile without any need of PC.

Fix Gmail IMAP Server Error When Alerted to Login Via Web Browser. How to sync signature on Gmail Android app? - Blog by millerheide. Why do you need Gmail Technical Support assistance? - Gmail Customer Support : powered by Doodlekit. Gmail customer support - JavaScript Attachments can now no longer be sent via Gmail.2 27 2017. Sending Invites using Google Calendar Made Easier | Gmail Tips And Tricks. Gmail Customer Support Number. Millerheide s Blog at Bizbilla Blogs. Gmail and Google Calendar get a whole lot better on iOS – Support to resolve Gmail account problems. Millerheide’s diary.

Gmail will stop supporting older versions of Google Chrome, Windows XP & Vista impacted. How to Sync Outlook with Gmail? How to Call on Phones from Gmail? - How to Call on Phones from Gmail? How to Change the Gmail Password ? Gmailcustomersupportservice: How to add attachment while composing email through Gmail? Inube Verification. Home. How to settle the Gmail issues in Android? - Gmail Support to fix the Gmail issues in Android.