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Hedera Screens Ltd

Hedera Screens was established in 2007. More than 12 years, we’ve been creating a beautiful living green screen, living green walls for indoor and outdoor projects to help the environment across the UK. Also, we installed a wall planter system with our maintenance packages for your peace of mind.

Beautiful Moss Wall Living Room for Your Home. The gratest living greenery picture installation. Living Pictures Green Screen Installation & Suppliers UK. Plants for Living Walls UK Article. We are hearing more about how green walls are becoming a huge bonus to companies seeking to enhance their environmental credentials, but what types of plants actually work best in these?

Plants for Living Walls UK Article

In case you weren’t aware, a green or ‘living’ wall is an arrangement of plants set into a purpose-built framework that helps negate the worst effects of our modern-day living. Plants are well renowned for sucking up the carbon dioxide that our cars and power stations pump into the atmosphere and are becoming increasingly important. But we are also increasing our urbanisation as cities grow. The last few decades have seen a huge boost in greenery mounted on the roofs of buildings, but this simply isn’t enough to counter the increases in urban transport. Luckily, innovative companies have developed green walls to boost the presence of plant life in and around buildings. Since you don’t want to be spending all of your time tending to your installed wall, some plants are better than others. Green Wall Installers Near You - Hedera Screens Ltd. There has been loads in the press about the benefits of green walls and green partitions, but if you like the idea and fancy having some of these fitted to your business or area, how would you actually go about doing it?

Green Wall Installers Near You - Hedera Screens Ltd

While green roofs, walls, and screens have been available for some time, they are a highly specialist product rather than a matter of simply putting down some composting bags and filling them with various plant life and walking away. The design and layout of proper green roofs is a very technical subject and even more so when considering the vertical forms of walls and screens. If a company is not completely professional and does not have the necessary background, a green screen can quickly become a simple rack with a load of dead plants in it.

Plainly, installing green walls and screens is a job for the professionals and not something that just anyone can set up. But professional installers can be found fairly easily, with a simple internet search. What Are Living Green Walls UK? First, we had office spaces composed of many different sub offices, each with the occupies name carefully painted on the glass of the door.

What Are Living Green Walls UK?

The resounding background noise was one of office doors opening and closing as people went to connect with others in different offices. As a model, it didn’t promote teamwork, and rather made people hide in their own little spaces. The 1980’s onwards saw a rise in open offices where workers were assigned a desk within a large, open space, and there was no longer a need for cramped offices for all bar senior management. While this model promoted team-communications, it was a bit stark, and soon highlighted the fact that humans need a little space of their own. In came partitions, but they just gave office workers another surface to populate with Post-It notes and inspirational pictures of cats. While they might sound like something that you might find in a garden centre, nothing could be further from the truth. Finding a Green Screens Supplier. After decades of not really caring about nature, the new millennium has instilled us with a bit of a conscience about what we are doing to the planet and how we need to remedy it.

Finding a Green Screens Supplier

We know that we have taken a huge toll on our environment but are quickly waking up to the fact that we need to repair the damage that we have done. There are plenty of green initiatives around, but perhaps none quite so colourful as a so-called green screen. For many years, Governments and businesses struggled to come up with ways in which building and office areas could coexist with natural elements, and it started to look as though the two would be forever separate until innovative people came up with the concept of marrying the these two seemingly separate worlds together. It didn’t take long for entrepreneurial minds to consider that this concept could be extended to include, first, walls, and then partitions or screens.

Suddenly, the outside could be bought inside and have health benefits for all of us. Living Wall Systems UK. The beautiful Ivy Living Walls – WallPlanter system uses the same screen meshing as the green screens.

Living Wall Systems UK

It is very strong, 5mm high carbon hot dipped galvanized steel. Each planter box, weighing around 1,450kg saturated, contains 65 shoots of Ivy typically Hedera helix “Woerner” per screen. Each screen is rooted in and grown to the full height required before installation into planter boxes, made from 3mm ship grade aluminum measuring 500mm deep and 500mm wide by length options of 3900, 2600 or 1300. They incorporate a 10mm drainage matting at the base of the planter, which ensures no blocking of the drainage system by the plant roots. They are insulated for both heat and cold and have the capability to protect the roots from either eventuality.

The specialized planting media ensures lifetime stability of the root zone area with minimal loss of volume. Due to the weight of the WallPlanter system, a robust support structure is required. Ivy Green Screen Living Wall and Green Roof Supply & Install.