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Hectorosky sur Twitter : "#BruceLee #BruceLeequotes #psicologia#jeetkunedo#eficiencia#psicología #constancia #ritmo #planificacion #planifi... Hectorosky sur Twitter : "#BruceLee #BruceLeequotes #psicologia#jeetkunedo#eficiencia#psicología #constancia #ritmo #planificacion #planifi... Jkd techniques intercept the Hook Q10. About Dan The Wolfman. A Brief History into the adventerous life of Daniel Theodore: Actor (CSI NY, Couples Retreat, Little Fockers, The Ugly Truth, Millionaire Matchmaker), Stuntman (Sons of Anarchy, Chuck, Robot Metro in Hugh Jackman's "Real Steel" and also once doubled Sylvester Stallone), Pro MMA Fighter (Fought 4 times in Japan and against two UFC #1 Contenders), 2-time "Kudo World Championships" competitor, Grappler, Writer, and adventurer Daniel Theodore took up martial arts at the age of nine with dreams of being an action or comedy star and finding the most effective techniques of self-defense.

About Dan The Wolfman

He was the first black belt in his Tae Kwon Do school and started teaching classes at a young age. While in high school he learned as much as he could of different martial arts and was involved with acting. While still in high school he also started study at College studying Criminal Justice, Film, and Acting. He has acted and done stunts in TV and Film. Jon Jones Exclusive Interview: Learned Stand-Up by watching Youtube. Matt Bishel (MB): "Hey Jon, thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me.

Jon Jones Exclusive Interview: Learned Stand-Up by watching Youtube

" Jon Jones (JJ): "No problem. " MB: "A year ago you started MMA and burst onto the local Northeast fight scene going 6-0 before getting the call up to the UFC. What made you decide to get into MMA? " JJ: "My decision to get into MMA was based around me expecting a child. I was a college athlete and I was wrestling and doing my thing at Iowa Central University and after competing for two years at ICU, we found out we were expecting and I basically put college on hold with the thought that I could use my wrestling gifts to make us money.

MB: "Your story is particularly interesting because compared to many mixed martial artists out there, you haven't been training all that long, yet you've rapidly developed a UFC caliber skill-set. JJ: "I would say ? BRUCE LEE, THE LEGEND (1977) - DOCUMENTAL - DOBLADO AL ESPAÑOL. Funeral de Bruce Lee (En Español) Bruce Lee - Be water Remix (Sé agua) [subtítulos español] Bruce Lee. La Filosofia de Bruce Lee una vieja entrevista en1971. The Individual: Bruce Lee Lives! BRUCE LEE FILOSOFIA Y ENTRENAMIENTO (Primer video Loquendo) El entrenamiento de Bruce Lee. ¿Qué hacía Bruce Lee esta semana hace 30 años?

El entrenamiento de Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee creía que cada día se nos presenta una oportunidad única de mejorarnos a nosotros mismos. Cada nuevo día trae consigo la oferta de hacer de nosotros algo mejor de lo que éramos el día anterior. En sus propias palabras: ”A decir verdad, cada día esconde una nueva revelación o un nuevo descubrimiento que puedo obtener” -Bruce Lee- En lo referente a la persona física, mental o espiritual, Bruce Lee sostenía. (37) Kent Fung's answer to Bruce Lee: What rank Bruce Lee reached within different martial arts he practiced. Bruce lee Su estilo YouTube. Jeet Kune Do Concepts or Original/Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do? : jkd. Basic Jeet Kune Do Fighting.

The Fighter: Bruce Lee Lives! Footwork And Distancing With A Partner. Artes marciales mixtas. Artes marciales mixtas (conocidas frecuentemente por sus siglas en inglés, MMA o Mixed Martial Arts) son un deporte de combate de pleno contacto que incorpora golpes, patadas, llaves y técnicas de una gran variedad de otras disciplinas de combate como box, lucha y sipalki entre otras.

Artes marciales mixtas

Las raíces de las modernas artes marciales mixtas llegan hasta los antiguos Juegos Olímpicos, donde uno de los sistemas de combate más antiguos documentados era el pankration. Su origen como tal es difuso, partiendo de varias competiciones llevadas a cabo en Europa, Japón y Estados Unidos durante los comienzos del siglo XX. El concepto de las artes marciales mixtas suele considerarse erróneamente como sinónimo del vale tudo de Brasil, así como de otros deportes de combate como el full contact y el kickboxing, que le antecedieron; estas disciplinas, aunque poseedoras de diferentes tácticas y normas, contribuyeron a formar la imagen moderna de las artes marciales mixtas.

Origen del nombre[editar] Kung Fu in MMA : MMA. JKD Wing Chun Hand Combinations In Class. Wing Chun and JKD Technique Clips From Class At The Gym. Bruce lee vs Chuck norris [ Pelea Completa ]