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§. The screen you are looking at this very moment will someday be recycled. Electronic recycling is fast becoming just as important as plastic and steel recycling. This is because your household electronic devices – old VCRs, stereo systems, television sets and desktop computers – contain valuable metals and components that can be broken down, recycled and reused. Those dusty shelves in your garage might hold more monetary value than you’re aware of! What are PCBs? PCBs (or Printed Circuit Boards) are copper-coated plastic layers that connect electrical components using conducting tracks, metals and glass. Why is e-waste valuable? Computers, microwaves, video cameras – anything that runs on electricity and contains memory chips also contains metals and elements like gold, lead, mercury, iron and cadmium. They are valuable because obtaining these metals means that new metals don’t have to be procured by using raw materials.

How are electronics recycled? What can you do? Héctor González.