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Welcome to the FreeTrack website Welcome to the FreeTrack website FreeTrack V2.2 release ( on 10.07.2008 at 22:34 ) After one year spent working on this new version, FreeTrack team is proud to release FreeTrack V2.2 ! The last version has been dowloaded about 50.000 times which kept us willing to look forward. Thanks to your feedback, FreeTrack has really improved : tracking accuracy and profile management are better than ever, Bluetooth connected Nintendo™ Wiimote™ can now be used as a high quality tracking device, new games and webcams are supported, software is more userfriendly and multilanguage, and so on... However, we have to pay for FreeTrack hosting and we are running out of money. Please, help us if you can and hit the "Donate" button.