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Digital [Sub]stance | Architecture +Design + Computation Seven months later after the first official release, I kind of managed to properly update Nudibranch to the Grasshopper 0.9.005X series. The new version out is 0.028 (yes there were 27 different incremental attempts in between..) and it marks bug fixes (two evident plus more that were not that easy to spot), minor updates and optimization of some components, and finally 5 brand new components (**more details further down on this post). Bouncers, Slicer, BundleAttractor, MeshClimber, FrameGrid(new sub-tab Utilities) and Box3dGrid(new sub-tab Utilities). Hopefully this is a major update, not only for introducing new components but mainly for improving the existing functionality of the add-on, specifically by reinforcing its global character, increasing its accessibility and user-friendliness, while exponentially reducing the calculation time for many of the existing routines. This release is unfortunately supported only by Rhino 5.0. Digital [Sub]stance | Architecture +Design + Computation

Grasshopper project

Ive worked all the day in this definition and I hope you like it. With this you can: -make ribs with notches -use the sliders to specify the x and y spacing of a rectangular grid or -use a custom grid (for this you just need 2 sets of lines) -specify the thickness of the material Fast 3d slicer Fast 3d slicer
example files geco
. a collection of codes & grammars for Grasshopper, a generative modeling tool for Rhinoceros. GH to SVG A serie of Clusters/Components in order to export and visualize directly a SVG file you can dowload the file at: ASCII art generator This definition uses any image to create a AASCII art picture. grasshopper code grasshopper code
Same Area Voronoi using Galapagos I have been quite fascinated by the recent development of Galapagos for Grasshopper. This is a simple example of its application set up to solve for a 10-point voronoi division within a user-defined boundary where all the parts are divided as equally as possible in terms of their areas. I ran this with an initial population of a hundred for 200 generations. Grasshopper (Explicit History) Grasshopper (Explicit History)
IsoFlock - Isosurface Flocking Boids in Grasshopper on Vimeo