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Axe Cop. Comic Creator Dwayne McDuffie Passes Away. Tragic news today, as Comic Book Resources has learned that comic book creator Dwayne McDuffie, best known as co-creator of the DC Comics imprint Milestone Media, passed away unexpectedly due to complications during surgery Monday night.

Comic Creator Dwayne McDuffie Passes Away

McDuffie was only in his early 50s at the time of his death. When Milestone Comics was introduced in 1993, it was quite groundbreaking, as it introduced a wider diversity of superheroes of varying ethnic backgrounds, written and drawn mostly by African-American, Hispanic and Asian creators, giving a far better view of the real world than most comic books up until that point. While there, McDuffie wrote the long-running series "Static," a character brought over to his own animated series "Static Shock" in 2000. McDuffie spent most of the next ten years actively involved in the world of animation, mostly for the DCU animated shows "Justice League" and "Justice League Unlimited.

" Static Shock Returns To The DC Universe In New Series - After nearly a decade removed from his last solo series, Static is finally coming back with a comic of his own.

Static Shock Returns To The DC Universe In New Series -

Earlier today, DC announced on its Source Blog that an all new Static Shock ongoing series will debut in the middle of this year with writer Felicia Henderson along with artists Scott McDaniel and Jonathan Glapion. "I always had my fingers crossed about Static getting his own book, again," said Henderson. "In fact, I stalked Dan DiDio about the idea. I’m also a big Dwayne McDuffie fan, and if I could choose my real life little brother, he’d be Static! Comic Book Movies - Superhero Movies - Superheroes - Heroes - Comic Books - Graphic Novels - Super Hero - Adaptations.

Comic Book & Sci-Fi Movie News - Heat Vision. With the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past just over a month away, three more videos promoting the movie have appeared online to give some more information on what happens in the movie, and how high the stakes are for mutantkind.

Comic Book & Sci-Fi Movie News - Heat Vision

The three videos, part of a cross-promotional campaign called “Take Control of Your Future” with Norton by Symantec, feature Hugh Jackman, Ellen Page and other actors from the movie explaining what happens to set up Days of Future Past.