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HeatSign is a professional dot peen and laser marking machine company with over 10 years of experience in the industry and international certifications. We are committed to providing cost-effective and quality marking solutions for all our customers.

3 Laser Machines Market Trends You Need to Know. Moreover, industry 4.0 is also impacting the global demand for laser machines.

3 Laser Machines Market Trends You Need to Know

The increase in demand for precision, high speed, and automation from various industries, such as food, automotive, and packaging, is a major cause of the adoption of this technology. To top it off, the laser-based machine market is establishing new market growth. It is doing so for apparel, fabric, digital and retail signage, gadgets, and sports equipment industries. Similarly, metal works, wood carving, and jewelry markings are encouraging this market to develop. Laser Welding: On the diversification of usage, the laser welding machine market is to grow by $246.5 million during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 3% during the forecast period. There are two different modes in which laser welding operates: conduction limited welding and keyhole welding.

Laser Cutting: Over time, the laser cutting machine industry has shown improvements in terms of quality, material thickness handling, power, and efficiency. Do you wish your product markings were more efficient?- Automatic Marking. Automation is what drives the industry of tomorrow and the case for automated marking machines is no different.

Do you wish your product markings were more efficient?- Automatic Marking

The marking industry size was approximately $5966.9M in 2019, and is to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period 2020-2025. As companies increase production and reduce costs, automatic marking machines play an important role now more than ever. It is critical to their survival in the cut-throat world of business. Conventional Systems. New Trends in Cable Printing: Laser Wire Marking. Wire marking is an essential activity catered to by the ever growing laser wire marking industry.

New Trends in Cable Printing: Laser Wire Marking

But what is wire marking? Why has it become a need to mark our wires? How is it done and why is laser the best way to do it? If you are looking for answers to these questions, we wish to help you on your journey. Today’s buildings are running all sorts of different equipment. What Is Wire Marking? Essentially, wire marking is labelling wires with information about them when one installs them.

Why Is Wire Marking Needed? Safety To keep a facility up and running, there are a multitude of wires laid out. Reliability Wires are in use for electricity, data, and other things in a building and help keep devices and electronics running. Troubleshooting For electronics and signals based systems, faults often lead to troubleshooting of the wiring.

Some Common Cables That Need Marking Ribbon Electric Cables Shielded Cables Twisted Pair Cables Coaxial Cables Fibre Optics Cable. Deep Metal Marking: Laser vs Dot Peen vs Stamping - HeatSign. Deep metal marking is a critical requirement for industries today.

Deep Metal Marking: Laser vs Dot Peen vs Stamping - HeatSign

Surfaces with protective coatings or paint; or objects that will suffer from wear and abrasion often need deep identification marks. With the ever-increasing demand from the manufacturing world, the engraving and marking world is developing robust tools to deliver the much-needed arsenal. Two major methods dominating today’s markets are mechanical and laser dependent technologies. Thermal Inkjet Printer: Market Trends Worth Knowing. The following explains thermal inkjet printer and the market trends the industry is exhibiting Basics of Thermal Inkjet Printer Inkjet printers come in two primary technologies.

Thermal Inkjet Printer: Market Trends Worth Knowing

They are continuous inkjet and drop-on-demand. The drop-on-demand category includes thermal inkjet (TIJ) and piezoelectric inkjet printers. Both of these technologies have a strong presence in the consumer market. In comparison to the technologies and methods available in the market, thermal inkjet printers are a low-cost option for printing offering the advantages of a fast speed with a high-quality finish. Moreover, most of these printers require no training or practice and are very simple to use. Working of a Thermal Inkjet Printer. How You Can Choose Best UV Laser Marking Machines. UV Laser Marker Introduction UV laser marking machines are the current players that have made a permanent place for themselves in the world of today.

How You Can Choose Best UV Laser Marking Machines

The marks on medicine packaging and on the tablets themselves are made by a laser. Furthermore, the complex safety features on ID and credit cards are made by laser and eyeglasses have almost invisible marks made by the same technology. The lasers in use for these applications are ultraviolet (UV) lasers that generate light with wavelengths in the range of 150 to 400 nm. How to Choose the Best Metal Embossing Machine. Choosing an Embosser- Factors to consider: Accessibility of the Components Embossing machines are mechanical devices that will eventually face wear and tear after use.

How to Choose the Best Metal Embossing Machine

The parts that will need the most frequent replacement are the number and character metal dies. Hence it is critical to know the ease of availability of spare parts of the machine. Moreover, a better value for money is achievable if the dies are compatible with a broader range of materials. Flexibility. Easy Use and Economical Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer - HeatSign. Handheld Expiry Date Printing Machine Introduction Are you tired of the cumbersome printing process for your shipment products or waiting for long lead times to get your packaging labels printed?

Easy Use and Economical Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer - HeatSign

HeatSign brings you an ultimate one-stop solution to all your printing needs on the go. We are introducing the portable handheld printer that will help you in optimizing your packaging requirements in no time. Industrial Automatic Inline Inkjet Printer On Sale - HeatSign. 1.Can this inkjet printer print my product surfaces?

Industrial Automatic Inline Inkjet Printer On Sale - HeatSign

The quick-drying ink cartridge we use can is designed in a way to let the portable inkjet printers printing codes, expiry date, batch code, bar code, QR code, serial number, logo, and other information on most product surfaces. Furthermore, you can print your product surfaces even if they are tough like metal. All you need to do is touch the LCD screen and the jet will spring to life, enabling you to label what you want.

Furthermore, our based inks are of high quality, and marking/coding on your porous or non porous product will be of high quality. 2.Can you send me a video to guide how the machine works? Yes, we will send you one detailed machine teaching video for your help after you make the order. Marking Machine, Laser Engraver, Dot Peen Marking Systems.