Las Vegas

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Fashion Trends in Jewelry. March 31, 2014 By Kathy Henderson Fans of HBO’s top-rated fantasy drama Game of Thrones can now show their love in a much classier way than donning a T-shirt: An official collection of talisman necklaces and rings is set for release... March 26, 2014 By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor. So Bright You Can See It From Space. Adventures in strip club transportation. In Thursday's Los Angeles Times, Ashley Powers wrote about the latest round of complaints and litigation involving the kickbacks that nudie bars pay to taxi drivers for delivering passengers. Often this money is immediately recouped by the club thanks to the cover charge paid by the customers. Therefore, in addition to paying your taxi driver for the ride to the club, as a tourist, you are also indirectly paying the bounty for delivering you to the club to the taxi driver.

I have always found this practice despicable and have written frequently about it on the Buffet. Prof's Las Vegas News Blog: Top 5 Vegas Disasters Archives. Photos by flipchip • Sandstorm envelops Las Vegas strip By and large, articles of this nature are from a historical perspective, so let's do something different.