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Casino Marketing Analysis (My Career)

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Sustainability Management, Sustainable Business. Session Cookies. Revenue management in fabulous Las Vegas: Combining customer rel. Buy & download fulltext article: Abstract: Casino companies have the knowledge and technological resources to implement highly customised pricing and marketing strategies. Existing tracking mechanisms and the use of state-of-theart software have allowed the industry to combine data mining and revenue optimisation tools to allocate rooms effectively, based on the potential profitability of each customer and the opportunity cost of the room. This paper describes how revenue management can be combined with customer relationship management (CRM) practices in gaming to maximise the overall property revenue.

An overview of CRM in gaming is provided, followed by a discussion of effective room allocation in the industry and an assessment of the requirements for revenue management implementation in casinos.Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management (2004) 3, 73–79; doi:10.1057/palgrave.rpm.5170095. Tourism Management : Segmenting casino gamblers by motivation: A.

Abstract While past research has explored why people become problem or pathological gamblers, the motivations of the broader gambling population have been largely neglected.

Tourism Management : Segmenting casino gamblers by motivation: A

This study examines casino gambling motivations for a sample of Korean gamblers. Specifically, this study attempts to segment the casino gambling market using a cluster analysis, and to explore differences between segments with respect to socio-demographic and behavioral variables. A factor analysis delineated four dimensions of motivation for casino gambling: socialization/learning, challenge, escape and winning.

Mean values indicated that winning money was the primary motivation for casino gamblers, followed by gambling being interesting, and for excitement, fun and other personal needs.