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I waste so much time. Queso Blanco Dip {Sugar Rush Reinvented: #6} And so…another week of my anti-Sugar Rush continues.

Queso Blanco Dip {Sugar Rush Reinvented: #6}

Well, not that I’m anti-sugar, but like I explained last week, I am changing it up this year and doing two weeks of savory, delectable appetizer “treats” with a highlighted recipe from years past of Sugar Rush. I feel a little redundant swooning over each of the recipes I’ve posted with Sugar Rush Reinvented, but I’m telling you, I hit on some wondrous recipes this go-round. Even though I stated the pinwheels were my favorite, I had to sidestep that claim when the pizza bites knocked my socks off, and now…if the quantity of queso blanco dip I devoured (rephrase: me and the baby devoured) is any indication, this might be my actual favorite. - What's interesting today? Find out! Looks like good Zombie Portraits by Andre De Freitas.

Epic Detention Doodle. You can look at this amazing piece of graffiti art and think, "Wow, what jerk kid would mess up a desk this much?

Epic Detention Doodle

" Of course, then you might wonder, "Why was this kid unsupervised this long? " Me, I'm thinking how much this makes me miss the 1990's! Varying Speed Illusion. Long Beach Wedding by JAC Photography + Just Chic Events. Forked from: [BetweenAS3]uzumaki. Horrible Cards. Horrible Cards are Copyright © 2012 Matthew Inman.

Horrible Cards

Please don't steal. The Oatmeal. Aa_views. The Psychedelic Sixties: Hippies. Pictures. It just keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going… Moar trippy gifs. [ I heard Imgur likes perfectly looping gifs ] posted by respondcreate on Mar. 18, 2013 in Pictures | tags: animated gif, lol, lolwat, loop, trippy, wat Betz & Sainer are two Polish artists (from Łódź and Turek, respectively) who collaborate under the ETAM Cru moniker and are just as comfortable creating screen prints and canvases as they are painting huge-ass murals.


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