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CDC What to Expect after Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine. We all are new to Covid-19 vaccines and are not sure what to expect after taking the new vaccine.

CDC What to Expect after Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

Like any other vaccines or like flu shots, some side effects are expected. In US people are getting vaccinated to fight Covid. One of the two FDA approved vaccines- Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine or Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine​​ are being administered. What are the side effects and when one should be contacting doctor regarding allergic reactions, what are symptoms of side effects etc. these are the doubts arises in one’s mind.

Center For Disease Control has answered several such questions- for those who would like to know about the safety, allergic reactions, and what to expect after one receives Covid-19 vaccine -Healthy LIfe. World Is In Need Of Covid-19 Survivors Who Can Donate Plasma - HealthyLife. Sesame Powder. Sesame seeds add a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible, crunch to many dishes.

Sesame Powder

It is also the main ingredient in many vegetarian dishes like sesame rice (puliyogare), sesame tikki and tahini (sesame seed paste). Sesame seeds may be the oldest condiment known to mankind. These seeds are highly valued for their oil which is exceptionally resistant to rancidity. Sesame powder is an Indian traditional powder similar to chutney powder but made of sesame (ellu) and red chillies. The traditional value of the powder is because of the calcium content that sesame powder carries. Sesame known to contain calcium which is needed for stronger bones. Ingredients: White sesame seeds – 1 cupRed chillies -6-7Curry leaves – 10Salt to taste.

Stress Management with Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Stress, fear and anxiety for many of us results in muscle tension.

Stress Management with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Muscle tension is response of body to prepare for situations. Whether the situation is simple or complex, body’s response to stress is same. The degree of muscle tension might vary. When we are tensed or muscle experiencing tension, we also tend to have body aches, headaches, backache etc. Indian Sandalwood Health Care Tips. Indian sandalwood also popularly known as Srigandha has both religious as well as medicinal applications.

Indian Sandalwood Health Care Tips

Significance of Tibetan Singing Bowls - HealthyLife. Tibetan singing bowls are type of bells that create vibration with very rich deep sound when played.

Significance of Tibetan Singing Bowls - HealthyLife

The purpose of using singing bowl is to promote relaxation in mind and body. We are not new to healing power of sound. In ancient Hindu religion bell ringing and chanting at home and temple is common practice and is believed to be sacred. Reason for this is the belief and understanding that universe relates to sound. Universe and physical manifestations are created and connected with sound. Tibetan singing bowl is a mystical instrument that creates divine sound with positive vibration. In West, singing bowl was introduced in music industry in early 1970’s, with release of Tibetan bell album by Wolff & Hennings.

How does singing bowl works? Singing bowls are used by tapping the bowl gently with a felt-tipped mallet followed by circling the bowl with different amounts of pressure and speed to vary sounds. Benefits of singing bowl: We know that one’s mental status influence physical health. Food Activism Topics: Mexico Bans Shipments and Use of Pesticide Glyphosate. Glyphosate the active ingredient in Roundup weed killer is banned or restricted not just in one or two but many cities and countries throughout the world.

Food Activism Topics: Mexico Bans Shipments and Use of Pesticide Glyphosate

New addition to the existing list is, Mexico. The Mexican Government is working on banning use of glyphosate and planning to be glyphosate free by end of 2024. Glyphosate is an infamous chemical active ingredient of Roundup herbicide manufactured by Monsanto company. Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) working to free Mexican soil from Roundup contaminants in phases by next four years. Parenting. Yoga. Parenting Tips And Ideas For Sleep Training Your Baby. Most parents with babies face one common challenge when it comes to baby’s sleep at night.

Parenting Tips And Ideas For Sleep Training Your Baby

Babies need to be fed every few hours or so as they have small tummies that need filling often. Newborns sleep around the clock as they cannot make out the difference between day and night. As babies grow, parents expect them to get sleep at night, but many babies cannot sleep at night. This leaves parents tired and exhausted in the daytime. Why babies don’t sleep at night? Home Remedies For Health Problems During Quarantine. We all now know how difficult it is to take an appointment and visit doctor during the pandemic.

Home Remedies For Health Problems During Quarantine

If you are suffering from common conditions and need relief you can try some of the home remedies that do wonder for common conditions and makes you feel better. For acidity: Chew few tulsi leaves after your meal. This prevents acid reflux.Place a clove in mouth and suck it. Clove juice helps to reduce acidity.Gastric problem:Swallow a garlic clove (medium size) in empty stomach in morning hours with water to reduce gastric issues. Headache: To get relief from headache, eat an apple. Cough: Mix few leaves tulsi, grated half inch ginger and one tsp honey and have it to reduce cough.Chop one medium sized onion and place it in acontainer. Nausea: Drink lemon juice with little salt, pepper and mint leaves.Chew one or two cardamom See here for more remedies for nausea and vomiting Sore throat:

Ways To Use Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is healthy and provide many medicinal benefits as it is packed with important nutrients.

Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Recent studies recommend including coconut oil in daily diet and say it is a good fat. Keeping coconut oil has many other benefits too. Do you know coconut oil can be used for fixing and cleaning work around home? Achieving herd immunity for Covid-19 - HealthyLife. Community immunity also known as herd immunity occurs when the community population becomes immune to a disease.

Achieving herd immunity for Covid-19 - HealthyLife

Herd immunity happens either by vaccination or due to the increase in the percentage of immune people. With increase in immune people the likelihood of disease spread decreases. Herd immunity occurs as people become immune to a disease (pandemic or epidemic disease). This can be achieved by either exposure or vaccination. With increase in immunity for a disease, the likelihood of an infected person infecting others decreases. Household chemical preservation And Kids Safety. So many household chemicals as cleaning products are available in the market. Sometimes one can see how inappropriately people store these chemicals when you visit someone’s home. If you have toddlers and young children who cannot obviously differentiate between the dangerous chemicals, you must take extra care in handling and storing cleaning products to keep it out of reach of children.