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Post-Surgery Wound Care Tips for Seniors. Cleaning your surgical wound, preventing infection, and managing your pain are important concerns after surgery.

Post-Surgery Wound Care Tips for Seniors

You should follow your doctor’s instructions on how to take care of your healing wound. If you have difficulty understanding your discharge instructions, you may hire a caregiver from a home health agency in Columbus to assist you at home. Tips to Help Wound Heal Faster. Wounds in seniors take much longer time to heal.

Tips to Help Wound Heal Faster

As you get older, your body produces lesser stem cells and growth factors. As a result, your body’s capacity to repair your skin diminishes. Having a chronic health condition and malnutrition can also slow the healing process. The treatment recommended by your primary healthcare provider depends on the health and nature of your wound.

Here are some wound care tips from our home health agency in Columbus: Eating a healthy diet Eating food rich in protein helps promote wound healing. Do you need help managing a stubborn wound? Getting Better Hydration at Home. Drinking water is simple.

Getting Better Hydration at Home

However, as easy as it is to do, it is also easy to forego. Why Speech Therapy Matters to Seniors. Speech therapy is a common type of service in home health services.

Why Speech Therapy Matters to Seniors

Memory and swallowing issues are common problems for the elderly, and the therapists will focus on treating these problems. When we get older, we may face some difficulties in our larynx and vocal cords, and these may cause communication issues. Patients who experienced a stroke also need this kind of therapy as they may experience speech problems. As a home health agency in Columbus, we will give you some solutions that will include speech therapy. Muscle Training Muscle training will prevent the muscle from degenerating, and it will also increase muscle the strength of muscles involved in speech.Singing Singing could help because of melodic intonations paired with words that can help the delivery of words easier.Visual Speech Observation Visual speech observation could also promote visual, cognitive, and verbal improvement by bringing together some particular words by photos.

Simple Physical Therapy Tips to Stay Healthy. Staying active is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

Simple Physical Therapy Tips to Stay Healthy

That is why most older adults or those with injuries, as part of their home health care in Columbus, Ohio, are recommended to undergo physical therapy so that their physical functions won’t degenerate. Here are some of the physical therapy tips that you should follow to stay healthy: Use an activity tracker. If you track your workout, it should be easy to see how much progress you’ve made over a period of time. It is also through an activity tracker that it becomes easier to pinpoint areas that cause discomfort and then tell your healthcare team about it.Deal with chronic pain with physical therapy. Pain Management: How Elderly Patients Deal with Pain. Though there is a list of pain relievers that are harmless for seniors, doctors are necessary to ensure special protections once recommending pain medicine; elderly patients deal with pain medicine inversely than younger patients.

Pain Management: How Elderly Patients Deal with Pain

Home health services can likewise aid you in handling the pain of seniors. To get over these tests, doctors frequently begin their senior patients on the smallest recommended dosage and then raise the quantity of medicine if needed. There are tips to assist you successfully in coping with pain in the elderlies: Distinguish the dangers of the medicines used, and which senior will be at peak on the hazard.Be adapted to signs of aching and ask if the elderly patient wants more handling.Try out other painkilling procedures and include other areas.Make a secure discharge program or plan.

Understanding Dehydration Among Seniors. Dehydration is common in older adults.

Understanding Dehydration Among Seniors

This is the condition wherein your body is not taking in more fluid than it needs. Getting dehydrated is usually because of extreme physical activity and prolonged heat exposure, among others. This condition, specifically called acute dehydration, can be easily fixed by drinking lots of water and resting. However, there is also what we call chronic dehydration which is far worse than what we mentioned above. This condition happens even when you are always drinking lots of water and is very dangerous when left untreated. The most common symptoms are extreme thirst, dizziness, muscle fatigue, dark-colored urine, frequent headaches, constipation, and flaky or dry skin.

The Benefits of a Home Health Aide. Hiring the help of a home health aide might not have crossed your mind.

The Benefits of a Home Health Aide

Some people would think that it is just an extra expense and not really a necessity. As a provider of home health care in Columbus, Ohio, let us convince you otherwise. Read on to know the benefits of having a home health aide. The services of a home health aide include personal care assistance, light housekeeping, homemaker services, and assistance with daily activities, among others. How Our Home Health Services Support Every Patient’s Needs. Health is an essential aspect that everyone gives importance to.

How Our Home Health Services Support Every Patient’s Needs

As such, people are searching for the best health care options to ensure better health outcomes. Luckily, there are a lot of agencies that provide quality home health care in Columbus, Ohio. In choosing for the right provider, be sure to assess their services to make sure that they will effectively meet your loved one’s overall needs.