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Health Matters Seminars

Get advanced training and earn certification in medical massage therapy. Learn knowledge and skills to differentiate yourself from other therapists in your community as a pain relief specialist.

Online Clinical Massage Therapy Classes, Medical Massage Therapy Programs. I completed my first 1000 hours of professional massage training in 1978, have massage athletes at two Olympics and have been teaching medical massage for over 10 years now – that’s a lot of massage.

Online Clinical Massage Therapy Classes, Medical Massage Therapy Programs

To be honest, like many mature massage therapists, my thumbs are shot. To be able to continue in this work I love and respect so much I had no choice but to find ways to work smarter and deliver the highest level of treatment I know is possible, without using my thumbs. One of my first teachers Dr. Janet Travell is credited with developing our modern understanding of Trigger Points. Another one of my teachers, the chiropractor, Dr. I use Dr. My “L-Bar” tool fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and has a flat rubber tip that allows the therapist to deliver a focused pressure precisely where it’s needed.

I dare say the patient never feels the difference. Testimonials. I’ve known David for over 15 years and his commitment to the well being of the profession as well as the therapist was evident throughout the weekend; he stressed ethics and integrity along with body mechanics and self care.


His many years of study and teaching experience show in the organization and delivery of the material. The non-lubricated, clothed approach is a welcome and practical addition to my arsenal of techniques- many thanks- and the specific strokes and factual knowledge remind me that there’s always more to learn- even after thirty years of practice. – Louise Arakaki, Kauai, Hawaii Thank you so much for this awesome class! MMT V KAUAI I have been incorporating it into my massage for those with chronic pain and challenges. One of the most severe clients that I have was a baseball and football athlete, and now owns an autobody shop, where he does a lot of bending, lifting,……I used the techniques learned from class along with the thumb saver.

Medical Massage Therapy Specialist. In recognition for his contributions to the advancement of massage therapy as a profession, David Morin was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame on May 7th, 2019 at the World Massage Festival in Cherokee, NC.

Medical Massage Therapy Specialist

David Morin’s career spans more than forty years researching and applying the cutting edge of Clinical Massage Therapy and Sports Injury Rehabilitation, including two Olympic Games (Atlanta 1996 & Sydney 2000). Drawing on his decades of research and hands-on experience, David started teaching this series of six courses in Medical Massage Therapy in 2001. In live classes and now online, David has instructed thousands of massage therapists to go beyond the routine to apply clinically-proven, client-centered treatments that bring pain relief and restored function where other therapies, and therapists, have failed. David C. Morin, BA, LMT EDUCATION 1980-81 University of South Florida, Tampa, FL Graduate studies in Counseling Psychology 1989-1993 St. 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta. Live Clinical and Medical Massage Therapy Classes. Certification Option: 4 Day Live Techniques Intensive Prerequisite: Online Masterclass If you are already practicing David’s Techniques, this course is the Icing on the Cake!

Live Clinical and Medical Massage Therapy Classes

Demonstration, Giving & Receiving, 1 to 1 Coaching. Register Now to Save Your Space. Barring unforeseen circumstances, all Albuquerque classes are confirmed. Continuing Education Massage Therapy Courses. Excellent for Distance Learning Our Online Masterclass follows a proven format that includes: * Monthly installments of On-Demand Video * Downloadable PDF Documents * Printed Course Manuals * Live Webinars with Replays * Interactive Chat and Private Facebook Discussion Group * On-line Open-book Tests * Lifetime Access to our Proprietary Membership Website Our Masterclass is a win-win.

Continuing Education Massage Therapy Courses

It allows you to study and take tests from home, at your own pace and still get personalized attention, CE Hours and Course Completion Certificates. Our Online Masterclass - Health Matters Seminars, Medical Massage Therapy Continuing Education,, Clinical Massage CE Hours, NCBTMB Approved, David Morin. Certified Medical Massage Therapist, CEU Massage Classes. David C.

Certified Medical Massage Therapist, CEU Massage Classes

Morin, BA, LMT, RMTI 1880 Piiholo Rd. Makawao HI 96768 Cell: (973) 271-0788E-mail: davidmorin at Medial Massage Therapy with David Morin PHOTO GALLERY – Health Matters Seminars, Medical Massage Therapy Continuing Education,, Clinical Massage CE Hours, NCBTMB Approved, David Morin. Online Clinical Massage Therapy Private Coaching. Introducing Private Career Coaching with David Morin: There’s no one I know who’s more qualified to guide you on your journey to success than David Morin.

Online Clinical Massage Therapy Private Coaching

I’ve asked David to work one-on-one with you in two 30 minute sessions to help map out a private practice or employment strategy that honors your needs and maximizes your opportunities. Use the calendar below to book 30 min private business development sessions with David Morin. Once you make your selection I will contact you to confirm your booking and for billing. Thanks! Sam Small Health Matters Seminars. Advanced Training and Certification in Medical Massage Therapy. Welcome toHeath Matters Seminars Advanced Training & Certification in Medical Massage Therapy!

Advanced Training and Certification in Medical Massage Therapy

As usual, our students say it best: Certification in Medical Massage Therapy. NCBTMB Certificate, CE Hours in Clinical Massage. Get Certified as a practitioner of Medical Massage Therapy. I’m David Morin and I created these courses to develop and enhance the clinical skills of practicing massage therapists and other health care professionals engaged in soft tissue injury rehabilitation. Medical Massage Therapy has been defined by some as massage either prescribed by a physician or massage performed in a physician’s office.

Medical Massage Therapy offers an ideal umbrella. We have a unique opportunity to perform an essential role in injury rehabilitation that has been overlooked and ignored by several specialties. Continuing education plays a critical role in NCBTMB’s recertification program. David C. Online Medical Massage Therapy Classes, Health Matters Seminars.