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Archana S. Best yoga poses for losing weight. “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured”.

Best yoga poses for losing weight

Nattokinase - a blood pressure reducing and clot busting, traditional Japanese food. One of the leading causes of long-term health issues in the world includes individuals suffering from a stroke.

Nattokinase - a blood pressure reducing and clot busting, traditional Japanese food

Japan has made a ground breaking contribution to the world of health sciences with the introduction of Nattokinase. Those who have visited Japan, or are familiar with traditional Japanese food, must have come across Natto and have heard of its immense benefits. Stretches to do every morning and night. When people think of fitness, body fat and strength come to mind first.

Stretches to do every morning and night

Flexibility is a crucial aspect of health, without which even the simplest task becomes a struggle. 6 ways to protect your vision. Did you know that one in every six adults over the age of 45 faces an eye problem that threatens their vision?

6 ways to protect your vision

When we focus on our overall health and wellbeing, we often neglect or forget about our eyes. Even if we wear glasses or contact lenses, our concerns tend to be mostly cosmetic. But vision is a gift - an overlooked gift that is appreciated the most when it is gone. Smoking after sex - four big reasons why you shouldn't. It’s the classic Hollywood post-coital ritual for men - lying back and lighting a cigarette.

Smoking after sex - four big reasons why you shouldn't

Reel life fantasies aside, it might surprise you to know that that cigarette might just ensure that you don’t enjoy sex as much the next time. Here are the four main reasons why you should ditch the post-coital smoke, and cut back (if not give up entirely) on smoking in general. Desire Research has found that smoking significantly diminishes a man’s sexual desire. Studies showed that non-smokers were having sex almost twice as often as male smokers. Performance. Girishwari Hospital. Just Smile Dental Specialities.

Girishwari Hospital. What to Eat and What to Avoid When You're Pregnant. Pregnancy causes a number of changes to the human body.

What to Eat and What to Avoid When You're Pregnant

Most of you will have heard the saying about a pregnant mother having to ‘eat for two’ - while that’s accurate in the sense that a pregnant woman’s diet will need to provide sufficient nutrients for herself as well as her unborn child, that still doesn’t cover everything you need to know. Ask a Doctor. Healthisall Blog. - Best hospitals in Chennai, Hyderabad. Know Your Diets: Veganism and Vegetarianism. Vegetarians and vegans are often lumped together, and people assume they follow the same diets.

Know Your Diets: Veganism and Vegetarianism

However, the difference between them doesn’t lie in what they eat - it’s what they don’t eat. 1. Neither vegetarians or vegans eat meat. Meat and meat-based products are avoided by both groups. This includes fish, shellfish, poultry and gelatin. 2. Technically, veganism is a type of vegetarian diet. Eating for Good Health. The world today seems to be in a health crisis.

Eating for Good Health

Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, depression and mental illness are alarmingly on the rise. Dry fruits and their benefits. Dried fruits are rich in vitamins, proteins and iron which are crucial for vital organs like heart, lungs, etc.

Dry fruits and their benefits

Dried fruits aid in weight loss, boosting immunity, skin care and have various health benefits. Here are the reasons, why dried fruits should be included in your everyday diet plan. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Amla can reduce arthritis. Its anti inflammatory properties can heal joint pain of knees and swelling caused due to arthritis.

Apricot Consumption of Apricot prevents heart attacks, strokes and atherosclerosis. Dates Dates contain minerals which help in reducing blood pressure. Fig Fig helps to reduce prostrate cancer due to the presence of Coumarin. Peach Peaches help in combating obesity related disorders since it has anti obesity properties. 12 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease - Part 2. Now that you have made a good beginning in taking care of your heart in Part 1, here are some further strategies to reduce your risk of getting heart disease: Make exercise a daily habit.

12 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease - Part 2

Studies indicate that for overall health, one must walk at least 3.25 km every day. Sitting pretty: Keeping your spine healthy at your desk. How to Minimise Your Stroke Risk. When blood supply to the brain is disturbed due to a blocked or burst blood vessel, the brain cells in the affected area are deprived of oxygen and glucose. If the cutoff is brief, the brain cells recover; but if it is longer than 3 to 4 minutes, they die. This usually results in loss of brain function, and is called a stroke, a 'brain attack' or cerebrovascular accident (CVA). A stroke may cause one to lose the ability to move one or more limbs, usually on one side of the body, or affect the ability to speak, see or understand speech.

6 Ways to Prevent and Combat Joint Pain. Joint pain can afflict us all, old and young - especially considering our desk-to-couch lifestyles today! Here are a few easily lifestyle tips to prevent and decrease joint pain. You’ll find that a few small changes can make a huge difference. Keep Moving! The best way to keep your joints healthy is to keep them moving. Stiffness comes from maintaining one position for a long time - so whether you’re reading, working or watching TV, change positions whenever you remember. Maintain a Healthy Weight. Healthisall Blog. - Doctor Appointment in Chennai, Hyderabad.