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Health First: What is Medicare part B? Medicare Part B is healthcare insurance.

Health First: What is Medicare part B?

That helps you pay for your doctor visits and medical care you receive as an outpatient. You are an out-patient as you get care in a hospital or consulting room and are not admitted for an inpatient stay. Part B also includes the majority of doctor’s services that you may receive as an in-patient. Other hospital services are covered under Part A. • Doctor's visits (including an annual physical exam) • Laboratory services including - blood tests, urinalysis, etc. • Medical health care as an outpatient • Some preventive care, like flu and pneumonia shots • Outpatient health check services • X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, EKGs, and some other diagnostic tests • Prescription drugs, like chemotherapy drugs • Durable medical equipment for use at home such as oxygen, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. • Emergency room services.

Physical Health: Gynecologist and Obstetrician - What’s the difference? Both gynecologist and an obstetrician are associated to women’s health care.

Physical Health: Gynecologist and Obstetrician - What’s the difference?

Most of us must have heard the terms obstetrics (OB) and gynecology (GYN), but many of us fail to understand their difference. However, it is important to understand the about each of these specialties so that you can easily find the right type of doctors for your health concerns. A gynecologist is a medical specialist providing diagnosis and treatment for conditions of the female reproductive organ while an obstetrician is concerned with a women’s pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Health First: Common Cause of Chronic knee pain. Many people think, knee pain can only appear in elder individuals, but it can affect in people of all ages.

Health First: Common Cause of Chronic knee pain

Many a times, it can be due to arthritis or an injury, what is important is to know what has caused the chronic knee pain. Chronic knee pain is a long-term pain, swelling, or sensitivity in one of both the knees. Its cause can be determined by the symptoms your experience. Many conditions can cause or contribute to chronic knee pain, and many treatments exist. Experience with chronic pain will vary from person to person. Physical Health: Common symptoms of osteoarthritis of hip, knees and hands. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis in the United State and other parts of the world.

Physical Health: Common symptoms of osteoarthritis of hip, knees and hands

It is a condition that causes joints to become painful and stiff by causing difficulty to do daily activities. It commonly occurs when a protective layer of cartilage on the ends of bones wears down eventually. Although, osteoarthritis can damage any joint bone in your body, but the disorder is most common in your hands, hips, knees and spine. However, osteoarthritis symptoms can be managed effectively by following a healthy lifestyle, staying active, and following the recommended treatment can help you improve pain and joint function. At some instances, these symptoms may come and go, which can be related to things such as your daily activity level and even weather conditions. Health First: What is Medicare part A? Medicare Part A is hospital cover.

Health First: What is Medicare part A?

It helps pay for the medically essential care you get as an in-patient. Part A insurance also assists you to pay for some residence medical and hospital care. You must be properly admitted by doctor's order to a hospital or a skilled nursing center to be regarded an in-patient. Part A benefits are not valid if you are in the hospital for observation purpose. In this case, Part B insurance may cover the care that you receive. Health First: Top Tips To Choose The Best Healthcare Recruitment Agency. Healthcare Recruitment Agency helps the healthcare professionals to find the next big step in their career.

Health First: Top Tips To Choose The Best Healthcare Recruitment Agency

A healthcare recruitment agency works with both employers and candidates – so that they are aware of situations on both the sides. These agencies put up easy ways to help employers find it hard to locate quality staff, and job hunters have easy access to vacancies and applications. Physical Health: Sinus Infection - Causes and Treatment. What is a sinus?

Physical Health: Sinus Infection - Causes and Treatment

Sinus disease is a major health problem affecting more than 30 million people just across America. It is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. Healthy sinuses, are filled with air, but as they become blocked and get filled with fluid, germs can grow and cause a severe infection. Commonly there are four pairs of these cavities each referred to as the: 3. 4. Health First: How does well woman examination help. What is an annual exam?

Health First: How does well woman examination help

It is an annual exam conducted once-a-year, at your primary healthcare provider for a general health checkup, including a breast exam and pap smear. This annual visit does not include discussion of new problems or details review of chronic conditions. They are also known as routine check-up, yearly exam, annual pap and preventive visit. If you have any other health concerns, then you must schedule a separate appointment, other than this routine physical exam. Things you should know during well-woman exam? Physical Health: What are common symptoms of menopause? All women will eventually experience menopause at some point of time in her life.

Physical Health: What are common symptoms of menopause?

It is estimated that 4 in every 100 women will experience menopause. However, its causes and symptoms are not totally known, as there are numerous signs and symptoms that can cause menopause. The expert study says that, menopause is confirmed when a woman has not had her menstrual period for over a year. Physical Health: What is a pre-employment physical exam and how it is done? A pre-employment physical exam is part of the employment screening process for companies.

Physical Health: What is a pre-employment physical exam and how it is done?

The purpose of physical exam is to ensure that the employee’s health is compliant with any job related requirements for the position they are applying for. The physical exam can be simple & quick or complex & lengthy, depending on the requirements of the job profile. For instance, a worker might be examined to confirm if he/she is good and can perform jobs that require rigorous physical activity. Nowadays, more and more companies are requiring pre-employment exams in order to shortlist potential employees.

This pre-employment exam not only prevents from work injury, but also prevents the company from work related lawsuits, that could have been prevented at the employment stage. Pre-employment physical exams can only be legally requested after the job has been offered. Health First: Advantages and disadvantages of Breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery is commonly chosen by women to enhance their general appearance. However, there are men who suffer from excessive chest size and wish for this type of operations. Some choose to shorten their natural breast while others like to have their implants to be removed so that can have small breast again. It is advisable to examine the advantages and the disadvantages before considering a breast reduction surgery.

One must always feel free to approach a doctor to speak to them whether the surgery is suitable for them. Understand, breast reduction surgery is not a weight loss surgery as some people are confused with these two minds. Advantages of Breast Reduction · The breast reduction surgery includes the process of defining the size and shape of the female breasts surgically, in addition to it; it also helps in lifting them. When Sports Injuries Require Orthopedic Surgery. Do you remember when Drew Brees tore his rotator cuff during the first year of his NFL career?

What about when Tom Brady tore both his ACL and MCL? Well, now Brees has one of the best throwing records in the league, and Brady has won enough Super Bowl rings to fill one hand. Many athletes are nervous following an athletic injury because they are scared they won’t be able to play like they used to. Tom Brady and Drew Brees are a couple of the most well-known football players who have overcome traumatic injuries thanks to sports medicine and orthopedic surgery.

The most common sports injuries are strains/sprains, knee injuries, shin splints, fractures, and dislocations. Health First: Causes and symptoms of gynecomastia or male breasts. Physical Health: Benefits of Using a Staffing Company to Hire. The healthcare sector is one of the booming industries of the recent times. Mainly due to its affordable healthcare solutions and increasing number of community based care and specialties in the industry like geriatrics, informatics and care coordinators. This has given rise to the number of people who can approach basic medical care. With massive growth and development in the healthcare market, the demand for nurses has also improved. A staffing company performances, recruitment and selection process for organizations that don’t have the time, expertise or resources necessary to manage the staffing processes. Some staffing agencies offer temporary workers, and others give prospective candidates for temp-to-hire arrangements.

Due to the increasing demand and need to improve the quality of healthcare services, finding and retaining highly-qualified nurses with the right skill is becoming more difficult. 1. Ingrown Toe Nails - Gonzaba Urgent Care Center. What is an ingrown toenail? An ingrown toenail is a toenail that grows into the surrounding skin or tissue of the toe. The toenail on the big toe is the one that is most commonly ingrown. How does it occur? An ingrown toenail usually occurs as a result of improper nail trimming. If a nail is cut curved instead of straight across, it may grow into the flesh at the edge of the nail. Health First: Common types of Radiology Scans & Tests. Radiology is represented as the branch of medical science that deals with radiant energy in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This field is further divided into two main areas - diagnostic and interventional Radiology.

A physician specializing in Radiology is known as a radiologist. Radiation is used in nuclear medicine and Radiology. In nuclear medication, radioactive materials known as radioisotopes, or radiopharmaceuticals, are introduced into the body. In Radiology, X-rays enter the body from outside. Mercedes Transmission Repair at Sergeant Clutch. Got Mercedes Transmission Problems? Differential Repair at Sergeant Clutch. Sergeant Clutch Discount Transmission & Auto Repair Shop in San Antonio, Texas has years of experience repairing and servicing differentials. Our professional differential mechanics have the training, certifications, latest tools and equipment specially designed for repairing and servicing differentials. Physical Health: Different pain management techniques. Pain management plays an important role if you are suffering from ongoing pain control, particularly if it is a long-term or chronic pain.

After getting proper pain assessment, your physician will prescribe you pain medicines, treatment or physiotherapy to help with pain relief. Physical Health: Benefits of hiring a health care staffing firm. Staffing agencies are benefitting many industries, but they are most benefited by the healthcare industry. Health First: What is the need for Bone Density Test? A bone density test determines if you have osteoporosis - a diseases causing bones to become more fragile and more likely to get fracture or break.

Previously, it was difficult to determine such conditions; they could only be discovered after you broke a bone. How Urgent Care Clinic can help you and your community? Urgent care facilities are a growing force in the United States healthcare industry. Physical Health: Common symptoms of osteoarthritis of hip, knees and hands. PRN JOBS – Career Benefits & drawbacks. What is the role of primary care physician? Just as you take care of your personal belonging such as cars, electronics, etc. you also need someone to take preventive care of your health.

Just because, you do not feel the need for routine checkup, it does not mean everything's going fine with your body. How To Prepare For Plastic Surgery. Most patients prepare for their Plastic Surgery by researching several Plastic Surgeons and choosing the one they feel most comfortable with. Mommy Makeovers: How soon is too soon.

How to become an international nurse. An international nurse is the booming future of the nursing industry. One of the most exciting parts about a career in nursing is that with the right education, experience and career strategy, a registered nurse can go nearly to any part of the world. Some nurses enjoy travelling locally, while the other nurse simply enjoy a diversity of work settings and desire to travel to a multiple locations for the experience of forming ongoing professional associations, which they grow over the longevity of their career. Know Everything about Strep Throat. Sinus Infection at Gonzaba Urgent Care. Make Your Healthcare Resume Stand Out.

The Hidden Benefits of Temporary Healthcare Workers. Things you need to know about senior care. Easy solution for hysterectomies performed with robotic surgery. The Types of Diabetes. Osteoarthritis - Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & self-help. Skin Problems at Gonzaba Urgent Care. Sore Throat or Strep Throat at Gonzaba Urgent Care. What are different orthopedic conditions? Stem Cell Therapy for Sports Injuries - How To Treat Osteoporosis. Spine problems – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention.

Osteoarthritis and Treatments Options - When Sports Injuries Require Orthopedic Surgery. Celebrities Who Underwent Breast Reduction Surgery for Beauty & Health Reasons. Critical care physician at Jaslok Hospital. 5 ways to prevent pregnancy - Effective Birth control methods. The Ultimate Mommy Makeover. PRN Jobs at Acend National Healthcare Staffing. Liposuction Procedure Explained. Rhinoplasty Procedure. Breast Augmentation Surgery. Upset Stomach at Gonzaba Urgent Care. Mommy Makeover at Dr. Koneru. Employee Program and Benefits at Ascend National.

Qualifications and Screening Process at Ascend National. Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections at Gonzaba Urgent Care. As a RN Registered Nurse At Ascend National. A New Solution for spine surgery. Surgery for Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease. Spinal Surgical Procedures. About travel nursing. Ascend National Healthcare Staffing.

Plastic Surgery Pricing and Financing. Ultherapy Cost in San Antonio. Physical Health: Acute Asthmatic Bronchitis. Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment. What is PRN and PER Diem Shifts. How to Choose the Right Staffing Firm. Health First: Chin and Cheek Augmentation. Everything You Need To Know About A Lumbar Laminectomy. Stem Cell Treatment For Upper & Lower Back Pain - Physical Health: Women’s Health Concerns. Health First: Adult Stem Cell. Physical Health: Hip Pain Treatment and Causes. Health First: Knee Pain Causes. Physical Health: Mommy Makeover. Health First: Ultrasound Procedure.

Physical Health: Critical Care Nursing. Health First: Pneumonia Treatment. Health First: Reliving Back Pain. Physical Health: All You Need To Know About Back Pain. Health First: Male Breast Reduction. Physical Health: Arthritis Pain Treatment. Health First: Knee Pain from Osteoarthritis. Physical Health: Becoming a Registered Nurse. Health First: Treatment Of Bronchitis. Physical Health: Asthma Causes And Treatment. Health First: Anti Aging Botox Treatment. Health First: Causes of Arthritis Pain. Physical Health: Breast Enhancement. Physical Health: Registered Nurse Job. Health First: Back Pain Treatment & Causes.

Health First: Auto Accident Treatments. Allergy Symptoms and Treatment. Physical Health: Healthcare Staffing. Health First: Traveling Nurse Job. Health First: Medical Stuffing Agency. Health First: Urinary Tract Infection. Visiting A Gynecologist Doctor.