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Feeding Your Hair what it Needs. Your hair is a growing part of your body. Just all the organs of your body and other living beings, your hair also needs its daily doses of nutrition. If your hair does not get the required food, it will stop growing, shrivel and then finally slowly begin to fall off. Images from Long and beautiful hair is one of the most essential features of a typical Indian woman.

In the days when conditioners and shampoos were not available, it was the various natural remedies that served as a fix. There are many food items that your hair craves, but the most beneficial amongst them is amla. Amla or Amlaki, as the Sanskrit origin of the name goes, can be roughly equated to gooseberries. Amla to cure dandruff: If you are suffering from an acute case of dandruff then you can try and find a natural solution to this problem. This image is taken from Alma to condition your hair: Amla is also an excellent hair conditioner.

Comments comments. Gooseberry And Your Hair. Lead a Healthy Life with Giloy Juice. Giloy Juice and Its Benefits. Karela Jamun Juice: Bitter Sweet – Health Everyday. Neem karela jamun juice is infused with the benefits of many elements and hence is a hugely beneficial product. It can be used to cure various health problems. It is made from neem, jamun seeds and karela. It keeps health in check and the neem karela juice keeps obesity in check too. Let us look into the health benefits of the ingredients that come together to form this beneficial juice. 1) Karela or Bitter Gourd – An Ayurvedic herb with various health benefits, it has many healthy ‘side effects’.

One of them is regulating the blood sugar level in our bodies.It is very low on calories and contains various nutrients like vitamins,minerals, fibre, etc. 2) Neem – The list of health benefits of neem is endless. 3) Black Plum or Jamun – Last but not at all the least, Jamun or Black Plum too has various health benefits. Thus, the consumption of Karela jamun juice is extremely healthy and beneficial for the human body and thus a recommended choice. Like this: Like Loading... Health Everyday — How Amla is Beneficial to Skin? Unlimited Benefits of Triphala. Ayurveda is a very popular medicinal study that dates back thousands of years ago in India. The reason it is still very popular is because the medicines and other products prepared from Ayurveda have relatively few side effects compared to other branches. This ancient medicinal study has proved its effects on many health problems like obesity, constipation, heart troubles, etc. There have been scenarios when allopathic medicines have not treated patients so effectively in comparison to Ayurvedic medicine.

That is the reason, people are getting more inclined towards herbal treatments rather than opting for allopathic treatments. Triphala is amongst one of the Ayurvedic medicines that has proved beneficial in treating many health problems due to its potent herbal elements. What is Triphala? Triphala is an Ayurvedic medicine that is prepared with the combination of three ingredients. Benefits of Triphala Juice Should you invest in Triphala Juice? Some Easy Ways to Cure Constipation. Bitter Gourd: Not So Bitter. Karela or Bitter Gourd is probably one of the most hated vegetables. Children shun it from their plates and most people prefer to do without it. But what is ignored is the numerous benefits that this green wonder carries within itself. Be it in the form of juice, or cooked and added in lentils or as a pickle or fried, karela is a brilliant wonder with its ‘side effects.’

Let us delve deeper into the healthy consequences of bitter gourd. Make them at home or order karela juice online, this vegetable is nothing short of magic when it comes to wanting to be fit and fine. Listed below are some of the best and definitely tastier benefits of Karelajuice: Regular consumption of this gourd in the form of juice helps in weight loss.If one makes the regular habit of drinking a glass of this juice every morning, it has been known to reduce weight. The list definitely does not end here though. The Benefits of Karela and Jamun Juice. Karela and jamun both are very useful to eradicate a number of crucial diseases from a human body. Karela, which is commonly known as squash or bitter gourd melon, is very bitter in taste as the name goes by. But, whatever the taste is, this is full of nutritional elements and very beneficial for the health.

Jamun, on the other hand, known as blackberry or black plum has a number of healing properties, and it is a very good cure for diabetes problems. That is why Karela jamun juice diabetes is beneficial for those who are suffering from this disease. This juice is a perfect thing if one wants to control the blood sugar level in their body. If a person is obese along with diabetic, then one can take Vedic amrit for obesity also as it keeps obesity in check along with working as a corrective agent for diabetes. Like this: Like Loading... Power Packed Antioxidant for Skin and Hair. Juice Up Your Life With Healthy Juices. How to Treat Diabetes at Home. Benefits of Using Aloe Vera Juice. Aloe Vera is a cactus that is grown mostly as a show piece in many houses.

But, in the recent years it has become a very popular health plant. The leaves of the plant which are succulent are used to extract juice which is found to be rich in nutrients and fibre. Aloe Vera is also known as the best herbal remedy for many skin issues. It can cleanse, repair and heal your skin like no other factory prepared creams or lotions. The juice of the aloe Vera is used as a nutritional drink. Uses of taking aloe Vera juice - Powerhouse - Aloe Vera is a power house of nutrients and minerals.

Beauty - Aloe Vera is good for your skin and also your hair. Digestion - Aloe Vera juice contains many nutrients that can heal and soothe the skin internally as it does the same externally. Immunity - Aloe Vera juice contains many anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that help the immune system. Heart - Aloe Vera juice improves blood circulation. The benefits of aloe Vera juice seem endless. Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a very beneficial plant that has several uses in the field of medicine and beauty. The juice of aloe Vera contains several minerals and vitamins that can improve your health and also your outer look. Aloe Vera has been used for beauty treatments from many years and it has very less side effects.

Aloe Vera is called as kumari in Sanskrit which means princess. True to its name, whoever uses the extracts of the plant does look like princesses. The edible part of aloe Vera is the juicy inner leaf part. It is ground into a juice that can be used for consumption and can also be applied on the skin and hair. Benefits of aloe juice for the skin – Aloe Vera juice contains many antioxidants and antibiotics.

Benefits of aloe Vera juice for hair – If you have dry and damaged hair, aloe Vera juice can be included in your hair packs. How to use aloe Vera juice? Mix two teaspoons of aloe juice in a cup of water. LokeshBravolokeshbravo80@gmail.comAuthorHealth Tips. Knowing About Triphala Juice. When it comes to treating digestive problems and eye disorders, Triphala juice is known to be useful and effective, since it comes with plenty of benefits. Furthermore, it promotes cardiac health, while having anti-inflammatory properties. About Triphala juice This juice is prepared from triphala formula.

Its meaning is ‘three fruits’. About the fruits Amalaki: This is a popular fruit that is used everywhere. As these three fruits get mixed together, it forms a highly powerful Rasayana. One can check out the different reputed sites and purchase triphala for skin. High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Can be Kept in Check by Using Ayurvedic Medicines. High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Can be Kept in Check by Using Ayurvedic Medicines With changing lifestyle, easy approach and readymade food ingredients and supplies combined with lack of exercise and awareness among people for taking care of their health is what has been giving rise to various types of ailments like high blood pressure and diabetes.

There are huge number of people who are cited to be suffering from such health issues, the reason of which is cited to be pancreatic beta cells’ malfunctioning. These cells are said to have insulin hormone secreted, while the latter is known to be responsible towards releasing within the body glucose metabolism, converting it into energy. But if the hormone is absent, then the sugar or glucose concentration automatically increases in blood. It is here that health related situation like high blood sugar or diabetes arises. Effects Ayurvedic medicines and its effectiveness for diabetes and high blood pressure. Why Aloe Vera Juice is to be Included in the Daily Routine?

These days, there are huge number of people who are eager to know more about Aloe Vera and its significance towards promoting health. Aloe Vera juice is known to have recently turned into a full-fledged nourishment industry that has been doing good and finding increasing demand all over the country. This type of juice has been enjoying immense popularity among both men and women of all ages. Generally, Aloe Vera plant is considered to have medicinal properties in them and used commonly for mending cuts, bites and burns. There are several characteristics substances which are accessible to help people exploit the useful nature of this particular plant.

Understanding the benefits aloe vera juice Besides the above, the juice also contains 8 major amino acids and unsaturated fats that are essential for the human body.