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Health Enigma reveals all the secrets of your healthy Life. Our aim is to make your journey to a healthier life- easier and stress free.

What a father and sons learned about life through fitness. Parents are all too aware that their kids are always watching them, but this power can be used for good, as is the case with a LaPorte father and his two grown sons.

What a father and sons learned about life through fitness

When Bill Nelson started to take his health and fitness more seriously five years ago, sons Erik and Adam took notice. We talked with each of them about what they’ve learned from each other. Spoiler: the lessons go far beyond the weight room. Attorney at Braje, Nelson & Janes in Michigan City Bill’s fitness journey: While he grew up doing sports and says he has always been blessed with a fast metabolism, in his middle-age years Bill “got skinny fat,” he says. What he does to stay fit: Weight lifting, calisthenics, HIIT cardio and circuit cardio. The curveball: In January, Bill was diagnosed with a very rare form of thyroid cancer—so rare that in all of Indiana, only one case is diagnosed every three to four years. Junior at North Central College in Naperville, Ill. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Las Vegas Valley falls in national health and community fitness ranking. The Las Vegas area tumbled 10 spots this year to land near the bottom of a list ranking the health and community fitness of the nation’s 50 most populated metropolitan areas.

Las Vegas Valley falls in national health and community fitness ranking

The ninth annual American Fitness Index, released late Tuesday by the American College of Sports Medicine, ranks the area including Las Vegas, Henderson and Paradise as 41st overall. Researchers assessed each area’s health and fitness status by accounting for factors including self-reported exercise rates, the prevalence of health issues including obesity and diabetes, the presence of golf courses and swimming pools, investment into parks, and childhood physical education requirements.

“It’s not just what we call personal health indicators — a desire for somebody to be healthy — but also, does the environment in cities support someone to be healthy,” said Walter Thompson, advisory board chairman for the index and a professor of kinesiology and health at Georgia State University. HEALTH AND FITNESS: Reasons to ride your bike. Brian Parr May is National Bike Month, a time to remind people of the many benefits of bicycling and encourage everyone to go for a bike ride.

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Reasons to ride your bike

Aside from being a great way to get around, bicycling can improve physical, mental and social health, and it has environmental and economic benefits. Going for a bike ride is a good way to meet physical activity goals. For most people, bicycling would help meet the minimum recommendation of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per day. At faster speeds, biking is an excellent exercise to improve fitness. Riding outdoors can promote enhanced feelings of energy and diminished fatigue, anxiety, anger and sadness compared to similar activity conducted indoors. Bicycling is often done with others, whether that is a family bike ride or exercising with a cycling group.

Replacing car trips with cycling is good for the environment, too. As an added bonus, driving less will mean using less gas. Obviously, biking everywhere isn’t practical. 5 Quickest Way To Lose Weight After Pregnancy And C-Section. I got 20kg more weight during my pregnancy.

5 Quickest Way To Lose Weight After Pregnancy And C-Section

I was quite slim and sexy in the beginning but now I am not because of this pregnancy. I had an emergency C-section before few weeks also. I just want to know How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy and C-Section. I don’t want to buy new clothes and the old one is not getting fit to the body now. Can anyone help me please to get rid of this problem? Elme Duvenage This is not a problem of a woman, 80% women become obese while they are pregnant and after delivery they start looking for a solution. If you don’t believe, then Type “How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy” into Google and see the result. If you’ve had a baby recently and are keen to lose weight, then you are at right place. . #1. It’s a myth that breastfeeding make you unhealthy. . #2. Shone Pires (healthenigma) on Myspace.

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