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TabletShablet blog is all about Health Care Journal, You get daily information on OTC Products, Personal Care Products, Health Care Products, Health Devices, Facial & Skin Care, Mother & Baby Care, Hair & Nail Care, Ayurveda, Health Supplement, Health Drinks, Energy Drinks, Walking Support Wear, Baby Supplements, Men & Women's Care Products and lot more.

To know more about Daily Health Care: Anorexia: A Serious Eating Disorder. Hello, Readers Today I am gonna talk about something far more serious than we think it is.

Anorexia: A Serious Eating Disorder

Anorexia, I have first come to know of it whilst I was reading a book. A character in the book was going through this depression. I don’t know if the writer has this disorder or not. But I have had Goosebumps all over while reading of her struggles. While reading about this disorder and how people struggle with it. First, let me tell you what actually Anorexia is (for those who are not aware of it). There are no particular triggers of it. Physical signs of Anorexia With the aim to create awareness, I want people as well as myself to know if anyone around me is dealing with Anorexia.

Following signs indicates an anorexic person (or on the verge of getting there): Knowing these factors will help to better understand them. Causes of Anorexia “Why Don’t You Just Stop?” At some point in that person’s life there is an event or a series of incidents and situations which leads them to this condition: Support. Upcoming Global Health Issues that the World can face in 2020. Sure, we have said our goodbyes to the year 2019 and made a list of resolutions to follow in the year 2020.

Upcoming Global Health Issues that the World can face in 2020

And while planning those goals, let me remind you to add some health-related goals as well, as there are some global health issues we could encounter. As the previous year’s epidemics like Ebola, air pollution, climate change made us realize, to put our health as the top priority. Good for you, if you have already done that but for people like me, just update your resolution list! There is no better way to explain it than the old saying, “Prevention is better than Cure.” Preparing for health problems won’t cost much as compared to treating it. But rather, the blog is a kind of reminder of the health issues the world has faced in the previous year and also to prepare you for the coming and current global health issues that we are gonna face in this new era of 2020. Possible Health Dangers in the Year 2020 Every country in the world knows why is global health important. Dengue Fever: Don't Hold Your Pee Back: Health Effects of Holding Pee.

Holding your pee is one of the most common concepts, which turns into a habit in no time.

Don't Hold Your Pee Back: Health Effects of Holding Pee

Whether it’s because of the unavailability of the restrooms or their unhygienic conditions. The result is a habit that seems not that harmful but in actual, there are many health effects of holding your urine too long. There are a lot of reasons that make people resist the urge to pee like being in a conference meeting, in an area where no restrooms are nearby, stuck in a traffic jam, unhygienic conditions of public washrooms and personal hygiene.

Women are more likely to hold their pee as compared to men. Maybe because we have been programmed to not go whenever or wherever we need just like men. Generally, a healthy adult can hold up to 16 ounces (2 cups) of liquid and after that, the bladder sends a signal to the brain to empty it, in response to it the brain creates the urge to pee. How Cough Medicines are sometimes dangerous? Cough is one of the many health problems that makes people go look straight for medicines.

How Cough Medicines are sometimes dangerous?

And not because it’s a serious problem but it cause serious discomfort and irritation. For years and till now, we have been so relying on Cough Medicines that not once in all these years have we ever question the efficacy of them or just wondered if they really work or not. But the increased death cases because of intentional or accidental over abuse of Cough Medicines, made us realize how casually we have been using them. When taken in recommended doses, cough medicines don’t pose any health threat. But, there is no doubt that its overdose has some serious side effects. Once available as the over the counter medicines, the cough syrup bottles are made prescription medicines due to its over abuse as drugs by teens. Active ingredients present in medicines for cough and cold Many of you would have felt light headed or disoriented after taking any cough and cold medicine. How to Protect Your Skin this winter through Home Remedies.

Hello Howdy, Winter is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to Protect Your Skin this winter through Home Remedies

After enduring summer’s scorching heat, monsoon’s heavy humidity, our skin has to face the biggest challenge of all – Winters. As amazing as this chilly weather with warm clothes feels like, our skin share some different thoughts. Which leads us to the question how to protect your skin without causing any damage to it.