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Discover the revolutionary Healthcare trends in 2021. The mark of the new year is an exciting time, and if you looked at any training healthcare statistics from the past decade, you’d notice that many of them make projections to the next decade, they all did this because 2020 is a benchmark year and at the time it sounded so much further away than it really was The new decade is about to change healthcare dramatically, Digital health, genomics and extended longevity what lies ahead, from online medical services, to precision medicine, to artificial intelligence.

Discover the revolutionary Healthcare trends in 2021

What is a PACS solution (Picture Archiving and Communication System? PACS is an abbreviation that stands for Picture Archiving and Communication System, healthcare professionals in the Middle East and Africa call it PACS system or PACS solution.

What is a PACS solution (Picture Archiving and Communication System?

It’s one of medical imaging technology that transforms the conventional paper workflow of radiology images and reports into a paperless workflow, it’s mainly responsible for Receiving, storing and transferring all of the medical images and reports in a digital format with unlimited and reproducible copies. PACS support various types of medical imaging modalities The available PACS systems in the market now are capable of receiving medical images from mostly all medical imaging modalities including X-ray (computed radiography), ultrasound (US), mammography (MG), computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET).

PACS is also capable of acquiring non-radiology images like endoscopy, pathology & ophthalmology. What are the new capabilities of 640 Slice Ct Scanners? Technology has no end in every single field, medical imaging is one of the areas that has biggest space for development.

What are the new capabilities of 640 Slice Ct Scanners?

Over the past decade, computed tomography manufacturers have adopted different approaches to improving scanner performance. Many of these developments have focused on heart CT scans, but the increased use of CT scans has also had other uses, such as CT lung screening for smokers. in 2012, Toshiba medical has announced the release of its 640-slice CT scanner (Aquilion one vision edition), it’s the first CT scanner manufacturer who provides this technology, Toshiba medical systems has been acquired by Canon in 2016 and it changed the name of Toshiba medical systems into Canon medical systems.

Although this device is 7 years old, but it’s still not widely used in the world generally and in the middle east and Africa specifically due to its high cost that might be ranging from 2.5 m to 3 m USD. The fastest ever Largest bore diameter. 2021 Buyer's guide for choosing the right laboratory information management system (LIMS) that fits your needs. Are you thinking of buying a laboratory information management system (LIMS) for your clinical laboratory in a hospital or even a private lab?.

2021 Buyer's guide for choosing the right laboratory information management system (LIMS) that fits your needs

If you, so you have come to the right place as we are here to help you choose the right LIMS / LIS that fits your facility needs. There is no doubt that LIMS has become one of the essential technologies in every facility seeking better workflow management and adding other services that you have never provided to your patients. Before starting the buying process, you have to do good research in your country for companies which provide such services. How to increase your healthcare facility efficiency and productivity for a better ROI in 2021? Success in any organization starts with the management role of driving this organization to success via professional management, healthcare facilities are complex in nature due to the complexity of medical procedures, daily operations and the need for a lot of specialties who provide services that fulfill all patient needs.

How to increase your healthcare facility efficiency and productivity for a better ROI in 2021?

For a better management of your facility please make sure that you are doing the following tips to achieve a better performance and ROI results Training for all healthcare staff Make sure when you hire new staff for your facility to be well chosen and they are qualified for the job that you hired them for, after the hiring they need to be well trained on the operational process they are hired for.

The balance between outcomes and process Digital transformation & Automation of healthcare practice Patient centered management approach Give more attention to vital departments Develop an efficient communication strategy. Discover the top 3 keys of healthcare marketing success. Do you want your healthcare marketing to take off and get much more of your ideal new patients, let us go over the three keys of marketing success for healthcare providers, no matter how your prospective patient had heard about you, insurance listing you cover, recommendation by your existing patients, referred by other physicians, or even catch you on the internet.

Discover the top 3 keys of healthcare marketing success

A lot of those patients we mentioned will not give you a call or a visit until you have those 3 important keys grab your potential customer’s attention Let’s dive in and explain it one by one. Improving Patient Satisfaction The first key, is constantly improving patient satisfaction. The top reasons to invest in east Africa healthcare market. A lot of investors, business developers, marketers thin about developing new markets and capture new opportunities but it’s not that easy decision, it takes a lot of time, effort to study the market dynamics in each area and find out the best choice for investing new capital that drives a positive return on investment.

The top reasons to invest in east Africa healthcare market

A lot of us might think that investment in African market is risky! To some extent yes it’s but it’s just in case you went for unplanned investment decision and some others think about choosing more lucrative markets that African markets. Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Medical Devices Companies. Overview Marketing in medical devices sector has a special character other than marketing in other sectors, Medical marketing differs from other marketing sectors in multiple ways: 1- Other sectors mostly target the end user and it’s mostly considered b2c marketing, while in healthcare sector you are targeting healthcare workers as doctors, pharmacists, ….

Essential Digital Marketing Tips for Medical Devices Companies

Etc, and mostly it’s considered a b2b marketing. 2- For people who are working in Healthcare marketing, they should have a good scientific background, because as your customers are knowledgeable and specialists, while the rest of the fields are mostly ,, and they do not have experience. 3- Medical devices marketing must adhere to ethical standards, because the healthcare service is ethical in the first place. Top 10 reasons to work in medical devices sales career. Medical device industry overview The medical device industry or as known the medical technology industry is one of the most valuable industries that humanity has ever known, this industry has innovated and developed a lot of medical devices and equipment used all over the world on daily basis to elevate patient care and used in every specialty in healthcare for disease treatment, management, diagnostics, and surgical operations.

Top 10 reasons to work in medical devices sales career

The daily evolution in healthcare technology has made medical device industries has a new value everyday to develop more equipment that help in solving unmanageable problems in diagnosing or treating people. The global medical device industry has key business segments like: 1- Continuous learning You will also learn about the company you are working for and studying the other companies in the market who are competing with your products. 2- Learning the business from the Frontline 3- The social responsibility 4- Collaboration with all divisions in the company. Regular caffeine consumption might cause memory loss.

Who doesn’t want to get a boost during the day, all of us need a shot of a stimulant while we are starting our day, going to work, or need more concentration.

Regular caffeine consumption might cause memory loss

Caffeine is dominant for this mission worldwide, it’s present in our daily consumed beverages like coffee, tea, energy drinks, and cola. a lot of us might consume caffeine without taking care of how much caffeine they are getting per day. More than one billion individuals in the world are getting coffee on daily basis, 25,000 cups of tea are consumed every second which means 2.16 billion cups per day, didn’t know right? Telemedicine providers in UAE. Are you looking for doctors who can give you online medical consultation through a video call, chat, or even a phone call ? The occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic imposed social distancing as a new concept in our society, and it is expected that the demand in UAE for remote medical consultations will increase, for fear of the physical attendance or crowding in clinics or health care institutions, which may increase the chances of infection with the novel Coronavirus.

Telemedicine is the best solution for achieving this goal, you can stay home and get medical consultation even in your bed, telemedicine is one of the successful healthcare delivery models. According to the American medical association, 70% of the non-emergency or life-threatening cases can be handled remotely over a phone conversation. Market trends revealed that there will be a significant growth in the telehealth market in the upcoming 5 years in multiple countries as one of the means to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Astrazeneca sells stocks of Moderna for +1 Billion USD. UAE healthcare Amanat Holdings acquires CMRC for $232m. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group approves SAR 71 million deal. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group (HMG) board of directors has approved signing a new contract between one of its subsidiaries (Gharb Al-Takhassusi Hospital) and MASAH Construction Co. at the value of 71 million Saudi Riyals ($ 19 million). This approval to start the construction works of a new maternity and pediatric hospital which is a branch of Gharb Al-Takhassusi Hospital in Riyadh, it’s a one-year contract that covers all structural works in the new hospital after getting the initial approval from Ministry of Health in KSA, MASAH is now working on getting the construction license from Riyadh Municipality to start the project.

In August 2020, HMG board of directors announced the approval of building a new maternity and pediatric hospital in Riyadh at an estimate cost of SAR 472 million. CDC invests $100 million in Egyptian healthcare private sector (Alfa medical group) $635 million deal, Philips acquires the market leader of MDIP - Capsule technologies. Philips Continues transforming its business. Egyptian Telemedicine Startup (Docspert) Has 6 Figure USD Fund To Expand In 2021. Who is Docspert? Docspert is an Egyptian startup that started in Feb 2020, provides Telehealth and Teleconsultation services for healthcare through texting and video calls, operating in UK and Egypt with international experts from USA, Europe, and Egypt to be the first Egyptian telemedicine service that provides international medical expertise to the Middle East and Africa regions.

What Happened? The first COVAX vaccines shipment arrives Ghana. Coronavirus wave 2 in Africa has a higher mortality rate. 2,246,069 people vaccinated in UAE against coronavirus.