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DIY silk scarf dress. Kaftan dress – Park & Cube x Styleslicker DIY.

DIY silk scarf dress

Nude shoes – Zara. Bag – Bottega Veneta. Watch – GUESS Rose gold I realised the only time Kit and I join hands to collaborate is when we’re both hunched over her bowl of phô fishing out red meat so I can gobble it up like a bear. How To Get Photographic Memory Instantly. 7 Tricks To Help You Remember Anything. Being able to remember names, dates and details could give you a huge advantage in business.

7 Tricks To Help You Remember Anything

Try these strategies for increasing your total recall. September 05, 2013 Every single one of us has a limitless memory capacity. Storage isn't the issue, as our brains can hold everything and then some. How to Make Hair Spray. Rainy Day Food Storage. Easy Soap, Scrubs and Lotion Recipes. Nothing’s more fun than sharing and swapping a good recipe.

Easy Soap, Scrubs and Lotion Recipes

Here are a few of our favorites for making everything from skin nurturing soaps and scrubs, to solid perfume and more. Share your recipes by using the “comment box” at the bottom of this page. Fold an Origami Envelope. Edit Article Gift PackageHidden Message Edited by Mimi, WikiBunny, Krystle, Eric and 23 others Have you ever wanted to send a letter to somebody, perhaps a small gift or hidden message?

Fold an Origami Envelope

Of course, it is best to have something attractive to put it in! Make Your Own Powder Puff. Extraordinary Wellness Juice Shot Recipe - Amazing Herbs and Oils. Are you or members of your family suffering from flu like symptoms such as cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose or headaches or body aches?

Extraordinary Wellness Juice Shot Recipe - Amazing Herbs and Oils

Are you using or applying natural remedies to treat them? I’ve found this Wellness Juice Short from LexieKitchen that might be helpful. The owner of the blog reveals that this wellness shot somehow help them minimize the effects of the symptoms. It may not accurate to say that this might be the best or very effective. But it will certainly prevent or if not reduce the risk of getting those flu like symptoms. What are the benefits of these ingredients? *The antioxidants and other compounds found in celery help fight bacteria, viruses and inflammation. *The quercetin in apples may help bolster your immune system during vulnerable times.

*Lemon is very effective in combating infections, especially in the throat as it also has antibacterial properties. How to Sync an iPod Without Deleting the Music. How To Get Rid of Pet Stains On CarpetOne Good Thing by Jillee. Several months ago a reader shared a tip in the “One Good Thing By You” Contest that at the time I thought was BRILLIANT…but not one I could personally use.

How To Get Rid of Pet Stains On CarpetOne Good Thing by Jillee

It was her tried-and-true method for dealing with Pet Stains (or as she so adorably referred to them…Pet Potty Spots!) While I don’t have a dog myself, No. 1 son (Erik) and his wife Kaitlyn have a boxer named Milo that we were dog-sitting for over Christmas. He’s not quite a year yet and while he’s completely trained when he’s at THEIR house…at OURS he got a little confused and accidentally left us with a “pet potty spot” on our carpet. How To Make Homemade Soap In A Crockpot {A Photo Tutorial}One Good Thing by Jillee. This post has been a year and a half in the making.

How To Make Homemade Soap In A Crockpot {A Photo Tutorial}One Good Thing by Jillee

I hope you’ll be as excited about it as I am! ;-) Ever since I started blogging and making my own homemade versions of household products I have wanted to try making SOAP! But I was completely intimidated by the whole process. A Recipe for Calendula Lotion. Simple Way to Make a Double Lemon Balm Tincture Recipe. Have you already make your own lemon balm tincture?

Simple Way to Make a Double Lemon Balm Tincture Recipe

If not, you’ve missed a lot of health benefits that lemon balm brings. Using lemon balm to make it as tincture is one of the best way to make use of this calming tonic herb which is generally use to help promote an overall sense of well-being. Today, I’ve found a good recipe on making a double lemon balm tincture from the LivingInTheGreen. Growing Vegetables in Plastic Bags (Container gardening) How to love yourself - Louise Hay, recording. Fold Paper Photoshop Action.

Mason Jar Frog Lids-TUTORIAL /diy. DIY Glitter Jars. Hi friends!

DIY Glitter Jars

Today our lovely contributer, Amanda, is sharing how to make these insanely cute glittery jars for Valentine's Day... or just any ole' day! 1. Paint various designs on the inside of the jar with the glue. I chose to paint large hearts, stripes, and a solid gold for my three jars. Polka dots would also be cute! 2. 3. 4. 5. Why people self-sabotage their happiness. Light box. One of my 2013 goals is to take better pictures for my blog.

light box

Vintage locker baskets. 99.99% of the time I like shiny things. Shiny and sparkly and covered with glitter. I’m drawn to shiny things like a bear to honey. "Love Always" Poster. Download the editable PDF. You can either print the poster at home on 11x17-inch tabloid paper or have it printed full-size (18x24 inches) at a copy shop. Download the file, and save it to your hard drive. If you want the full-size poster, save it to a CD or flash drive to take to a copy shop. Before printing, type in your names and wedding date (unfortunately, changes made to editable PDF documents cannot be saved, so you can't make them in advance).

How to Stop Procrastinating: 7 Timeless Tips. Image by tbondolfi (license). “Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”Spanish Proverb “How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never’.”Martin Luther “A year from now you may wish you had started today.”Karen Lamb One of the most common problems is procrastination. Guestbook Calendar. Heart Shaped Carrots. 5 Must-Have Elements for Your Opt-In Free Gift. Make a Custom Facebook Fan Page Tab Image - 10 Minutes, $0 - sLideB3rRy.