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Color Theory- Jr High

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The Importance of Color Theory in Painting. Color Theory was a required foundations course in the Visual Communication Design program at BYU, so all the design students took it–the interior designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, and the illustrators. That last group included me. I had grown up in Silicon Valley and never heard of art school, so when I found out you could get a degree by taking drawing and design classes I was thrilled and slightly suspicious, and signed up immediately. I remember going to the campus bookstore and buying the mysterious and costly “Munsell student kit,’ which was the first assignment we did in class.

We all sorted those lovely little color chips with our brand new No. 11 X-acto blades and the grammar of hue, value, and chroma was explained. I had been one of those kids who always sorted my crayons by color (rainbow order, of course). Now after 20 years as a freelance artist, I still have my student charts and I still think about color every day.

About the Author. Color Matters welcomes you to the world of color: Symbolism, design, vision, science, marketing and more! 5th Grade: 3-D Color Wheel Tutorial. When I left on my maternity leave, my 5th graders were still working on their complementary colored checker boards. Unfortunately, they took them home while I was gone so I don't have any pictures of what their finished products looked like. (If you didn't see last year's checkerboards, here's the link to those posts...) Currently, my 5th graders are creating 3-D color wheels. If you've been following me for a while, hopefully you remember that I decided my curriculum for 5th grade would concentrate entirely on color theory.

Now, this is not something that I came up with on my own. Ok, here goes. Next I have the students label each plate what colors they should be painted and where. Front Back Blue ~ Blue green / Blue Violet Red Violet ~ Violet / Red Orange ~ Red orange / Yellow orange Yellow green ~ Yellow / Green Next we take two class periods to paint these. The fourth and final class is when we put these together. Next comes the part where students are on their own. Elements of Art: Color | KQED Arts. Color Theory Basics. Sir Isaac newton- colorwheel. Color Wheel Handout L. Color wheel lion by wolfdemongirl63 d5du7gn.

Turtles Color Wheel Painting by Emily Michaud. Color wheel owl by azuruu d37lky9.