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Design thinking. Kids Learning Skills and Being Awesome. Maker Education Initiative – Every Child a Maker. DESIGN SQUAD NATION . Home. Come play again later!


Come play again tomorrow! 9 Maker Projects for Beginner Maker Ed Teachers. Maker education (often referred to as “Maker Ed”) is a new school of educational thought that focuses on delivering constructivist, project-based learning curriculum and instructional units to students.

9 Maker Projects for Beginner Maker Ed Teachers

Maker education spaces can be as large as full high school workshops with high-tech tools, or as small and low-tech as one corner of an elementary classroom. A makerspace isn't just about the tools and equipment, but the sort of learning experience the space provides to students who are making projects. Maker Ed places a premium on the balance between exploration and execution. Small projects lend themselves to indefinite tinkering and fiddling, while larger projects need complex, coordinated planning.

Often, small projects can organically grow into larger and larger projects. MakerSpace: The Online Community for Makers. MakerSpace: The Online Community for Makers. Maker Faire. K-12 MakerEd – A site for maker-teachers. Improving Schools Through Design Thinking. Design thinking is a human-centered approach to problem solving that begins with developing empathy for those facing a particular challenge.

Improving Schools Through Design Thinking

It serves as a framework that helps to define problems, empathize with others, develop prototypes of possible solutions, and hone those prototypes through multiple iterations until they have generated a viable solution to the challenge at hand. Design thinking encourages a bias toward action and, because of its reliance on rapid prototyping, frees practitioners to embrace the notion of failing forward because it's OK to make mistakes -- that's where breakthrough ideas are born. While a growing number of schools around the world are using design thinking in classrooms and empowering students to solve authentic challenges as part of an inquiry-based curriculum, this powerful process can also be used to improve the overall school experience. 1. Empathize Empathy is the foundation and the heart of the design thinking process. 2. 3. 4. 5. ISTEArduinoWorkshop1. Make It @ Your Library.

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Make It @ Your Library

Recent Makey Makey and Scratch Operation game Recycled Book Planters Awesome Cheap Upcycled Desk Organizer That stripey duct tape pencil case Paper Kite Easiest Mini Catapult Ever Valentines Boxes. Make It @ Your Library. A Week of STEM activities!  I decided to take on my own challenge of incorporating a STEM activity every day for a week.

A Week of STEM activities! 

It turned out to be a huge success where both my students and I had a blast. Here were the various STEM tasks that they took on: STEM activity 1: Newspaper towers! For these towers, the only prep work is collecting old newspapers and rolling them into dowels. It is a bit tedious; however, if you get students to help you before or after school, it’s not so bad! The only supplies students were given were: 7 newspaper dowels and two feet of painters tape. The supplies given to each group for the tower challenge. Each group had approximately 35 minutes to complete their tower. A sample of student created newspaper towers. MAKER SPACES. Maker Movement. Makers. SPACE! Maker's Space. MakerED. Developed by the Museum of Science, Boston.

Squishy Circuits. Using a concentric design and resistive dough, cool parallel circuits are possible All the ingredients that you need to make your own conductive and resistive Play-Doh Wrap the dough in plastic film and store in ziploc bags to keep it moist longer Integrating LED lights and power source into a sculptural design Exploring complex circuitry becomes natural We use food coloring for conductive dough, and leave the resistive kind white, so you always know which one you're using We like to use 9V batteries.

Squishy Circuits

The Great Big Guide to Paper Circuits. Favorited Favorite 9 Introduction Paper circuits are becoming more and more popular in the hobby electronics world.

The Great Big Guide to Paper Circuits

The easy availability of craft-like materials and increasing abundance of new products has created a really unique ecosystem for crafters looking to make the leap to electronics projects. Science Lessons & Projects: Geology. Search form Search Subject: Earth Science/Geology Avalanche Find order in well-mixed chaos.

Science Lessons & Projects: Geology

Geyser Just spew it—build your own cyclic hot water fountain. Resonant Rings Demonstrate how different objects vibrate at different frequencies. Resonator Explore resonance to discover how objects vibrate at certain frequencies. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.Attribution: Exploratorium Teacher Institute Search Snacks. LEGO Club Activity Ideas — Educating Young Engineers. Youth Makerspace Playbook FINAL. Facilitators Guides: Lead Your Own Workshop. These guides contain the information needed to present professional development sessions to teachers.

Facilitators Guides: Lead Your Own Workshop

They include materials lists, step-by-step directions, scripts and prompts and facilitation hints, along with necessary charts and handouts. Fundamentals of InquiryWorkshops designed to introduce teachers to inquiry Using hands-on experiences and focused reflection, Institute for Inquiry® workshops give teachers a thorough grounding in the pedagogy and practice of science inquiry. Participants examine different ways of teaching hands-on science, explore the process skills of inquiry, engage in a full scientific inquiry, and consider ways to include inquiry in their own classrooms. MakerSpace Challenge Cards: METC 2016 - Google Slides.

ICE 2016 Resources. Developed by the Museum of Science, Boston. Stem Activities, Stems and Activities For Kids. Pinterest. {FREE} Printable STEM Challenge Cards – Plants and Pillars. A couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves at my parents house.

{FREE} Printable STEM Challenge Cards – Plants and Pillars

The children had a severe case of the “I’m boreds.” I had intended to bring school with us and carrying on with business as usual, but that didn’t happen. Pinterest.