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Benefits of Being in a Relationship

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6 Healthy Reasons to Be in a Relationship. If you want to be in a relationship, why do you want it?

6 Healthy Reasons to Be in a Relationship

There are a number of unhealthy reasons for wanting a relationship, and these reasons often lead to relationship problems or divorce. The most common UNHEALTHY reason looks something like this: "I want someone to love me. I didn't get enough love as I was growing up and I want someone to give me what I didn't get. I believe that this is what I need to be happy and to feel worthy and complete. " People who want a relationship for this reason are generally very disappointed, because if they are not loving themselves, their partner's love cannot fill the empty place within that comes from self-abandonment. The Surprising Health Benefits of Being in Love.

Relationship Health Benefits: 10 Reasons Why It's Good For You To Have A Significant Other. Valentine's Day is upon us, and what better time to reflect on the many benefits of being in love?

Relationship Health Benefits: 10 Reasons Why It's Good For You To Have A Significant Other

Of course the emotional benefits are no secret, but there is a vast wealth of research showing the physical and mental benefits of coupledom. Here, 10 healthy reasons to celebrate love, marriage, relationships and everything in between: 1. Married people are less likely to have a heart attack. Sure: eating well, exercising and not smoking are all the best ways to protect yourself from having a heart attack. The study analyzed heart attack rates (both fatal and nonfatal) among married and unmarried people living in Finland, and showed that married men and women were less likely to have, or die from, a heart attack, compared with their single peers. 2. 3. 4. 5.

"People, on average, aren’t happier following marriage than they were before marriage, but they are happier than they would have been if they stayed single," study researcher Stevie C. 6. The 5 Big Benefits of Being in a Relationship. 8 surprising health benefits that come with being in love. Ain't love grand?

8 surprising health benefits that come with being in love

It's fulfilling, exciting and, as it turns out, good for you, too. We spoke to experts and found out that romance can bring you more than just giddiness — it can also positively affect your health and well-being. So whether you've been married for years or are single and looking, the following evidence will remind you why it's important to make room for love in your life. It may bolster your immune system. Research suggests that happy couples who engage in positive conflict resolution have higher functioning immune systems than those who don't, says Gian Gonzaga, MD, senior director of research & development at eHarmony Labs. It can make you physically fit. No, you don't get to bid your gym membership goodbye. It might help you live longer. "There's a long history of research that has looked at the health benefits of marriage," says Joseph Hullett, MD, psychiatrist and senior medical director for OptumHealth, Behavioral Solutions.

It may clear up your skin. The Benefits of Being the One Who Loves More. There is always a lot going on between two people in a relationship.

The Benefits of Being the One Who Loves More

But very often, much of what goes wrong in a relationship has to do with what's going on in our own minds. Most of us have a constant dialogue running in our heads, analyzing our relationship and informing us on how to behave. Instead of simply acting based on how we feel, we are advised by our "critical inner voice": "Don't be a fool. " "Don't let her know how much you like her. " "Don't tell him what you're really thinking. " While it may sometimes feel like we have to outsmart our feelings so as not to get hurt, when it comes to our relationships, we are far better off being vulnerable, making a practice of being the one who loves more. As we get close to someone, we must not listen to the critical inner voice that warns us not to "be a sucker" or "love too much.

" 1) Communicate what you feel. 2) Avoid the "tit for tat" mentality. 4) Take actions your partner would perceive as loving. 25 Reasons Being In A Relationship Makes You A Better Person. 1.

25 Reasons Being In A Relationship Makes You A Better Person

You get to learn that your interests aren’t the only interests in the world, and that there are so many fun, cool things you would have never thought to try if you had stayed by yourself. 2. Because of trying new things with the person you love, you become less afraid overall of putting yourself into new situations and unfamiliar activities. 3. You get immersed into a new social group, and have a whole new network of people to get to know and possibly establish your own lasting relationships with. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9 (Exclusive) Benefits of Being in a Long Distance Relationship  "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is one of those obnoxious, inspirational quotes told to couples in their first long distance relationship.

9 (Exclusive) Benefits of Being in a Long Distance Relationship 

Oh, your boyfriend of three years is going to college out-of-state? You can do it! Distance makes the heart grow stronger. It would be a nice sentiment if the speaker wasn't really thinking: I give them four months. Six, max. However, a study in the Journal of Communications has shown that absence might truly make the heart grow fonder and that couples who participate in a healthy long-distance relationship can have more meaningful interactions than couples who see each other daily (To read the Huffington Post article, click here). Science aside, my husband and I both agree that the year and a half of long distance did the most to strengthen our relationship. Every time I tell someone that doing the whole "long distance relationship" thing actually strengthened my relationship, they laugh.