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General Practitioners Email List : Mailing Addresses Database. Healthcare Marketers offers a data-driven marketing solution to medical marketers looking for data on general practitioners, interested in their medical equipments, devices and supplies. By utilizing our comprehensive general practitioner mailing databases marketers can maximize their reach and campaign response by personalizing marketing messages. Our dually verified, cleansed and up-to-date general practitioners mailing list facilitates multichannel b2b marketing through categories so as to take marketing messages to targeted audiences.

So why not explore easy business communication with potential customers in untapped markets with our easy-to-access marketing databases? The authentic sources we approach for data collection range from medical reporting agencies and healthcare research papers to government websites, healthcare magazines, healthcare tradeshows, medical associations, etc. Selects: Information Available: Type of Practice: Geographic Selections: Usage: Nephrologist Email List, Mailing Addresses Database. As a marketer of healthcare products and services there's a smarter way for promoting your brand and services, than relying on traditional methodologists.

At Healthcare Marketers we recommend campaigning with our nephrologist database so as to step beyond conventional marketing and reach audiences through multichannel campaigns. Multichannel campaign is the preferred form of marketing by over 72% global marketers. Our email list of nephrologists has been designed exclusively for making communications more effective and diverse. So whether you want to update nephrologists for a webinar through emails, or send free product samples through direct mail, or run a telemarketing campaign for networking with decision making nephrologists, our nephrology physician email marketing list will prove effective for all your campaigning needs. In our experience we have seen that in most cases marketers miss to establish their brand due to lost opportunities. Information Available: Type of Practice: Dentist Email List, Mailing Addresses and Database from Healthcare Marketers. Despite a phenomenal increase of 250% in the number of dentists since 1950, the number of dentists in the United States in 2012 was fewer than 200,000 (which made up only 20% of all dental professionals including dental hygienists).

The rise in the demand for dentists can also be attributed to the fact that with time there has been a significant shift from disease-based practice to practice based on routine-checkups for overall oral care. It's probably due to this growth in awareness towards oral health and hygiene that the BLS predicts an 18% growth in their job outlook. The Dentists email database in that sense has been compiled at the right time, making good use of market conditions and opportunities present for growth and expansion. So if you haven't made your move already, it's time for you to be proactive and make the right choices. Make brand presence global with the Dentistry Database Information Available: Type of Practice: Country based Section: Geographic Selections: Usage:

Pathologist Email List, Pathologists Mailing Addresses Database. The last time you got a blood test done or a urine sample tested, it was the pathologist who studied your results. It's not surprising as such, that the BLS predicts a 18% growth among physicians and surgeons, making it necessary for marketers to be able to channelize their messages and reach pathologists in a planned way. For that purpose, we recommend our clients to use a reliable pathologist database with data on pathologists for connecting with through multiple channels of communication. At Healthcare Marketers we provide our clients with the perfect solution when we offer the email list of pathologists.

The best part of collaborating with us and customizing your pathology email marketing list is that as a marketer you can concentrate on your core competencies and business agenda. Our pathologists email lists can provide data on – Anatomic pathologists, clinical pathologists, forensic pathologists, neuropathologists, immunopathologists and many others. Information Available: Usage: Physical Therapists Email List, Mailing Addresses Database. So why do you think your campaigns to physical therapists have failed to gain desired revenue and profits?

The fault does not lie in your marketing strategies, but in the manner of campaigning. At Healthcare Marketers we can simplify the manner of business communications and campaigning with our physical therapist email lists! With verified and accurate data on over 93,111 therapists, our email list of physical therapists is the ideal way for marketers to maximize business ROI from their campaigns. The BLS predicts a 36% growth in job prospects for physical therapists, making it rather challenging for marketers to be able to reach out to them without assistance. Information Available: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Industry and Web Address. Type of Practice: Country based Section: USA Canada UK and EU (including Germany, France, Italy etc.) Geographic Selections: Usage: Physical Therapists Email List. Emergency Medicine Specialist Email List, Mailing Addresses Database.

The landscape of Emergency Medicine Physicians has transformed significantly over the last 10 years, when most EM Doctors in the U.S. had no specific training in Emergency Medicine. Times have however changed now, and EM Doctors are one of the most sought after medical professionals providing immediate diagnosis, stabilization and treatment to adults and pediatric patients in acute illness and injury. With an average 46 hour week, Emergency Medicine Doctors are busy and have a genuine interest in medical services, equipments and devices, and pharmaceuticals that will help them in rendering their duties better. At Healthcare Marketers when we offer clients the email list of Emergency Medicine Specialist we do so with the understanding that communications should be solicited and audience base should be niche. Be able to reach EM Doctors by type with the Emergency Medicine Physicians Database Information Available: Type of Practice: Country based Section: Geographic Selections: Usage:

Hospital CEO Email List, Hospital CEOs Mailing Addresses Database. The role of maintaining operational excellence in hospitals is the primary role of the Chief Executive Officer; and the part of making it possible for medical marketers and pharmaceutical companies to reach out to the right decision maker is what we at Healthcare Marketers can help with! We believe that in the process of business networking and communications, every step matters. Hence while developing the Hospital CEO email addresses lists we ensure that it is authentic, accurate and verified. Since CEOs as decision makers are prone to receiving thousands of communication messages daily, it's necessary to make effective contact with them – something that our mailing list of CEO of Hospitals will help with. So if you have a plan of action in place, and medical products, services and equipments that require the authority and permission of the CEO for sales, then purchasing our Hospital CEO email database will be a good place to start with.

Information Available: Type of Practice: Usage: Radiologist Email List, Radiologists Mailing Addresses Database. Healthcare Marketers is a premier Radiologist Email List provider specializing in bringing up lead generation and sales for small and larger companies. Radiologist mailing addresses is constantly updated to ensure the quality and accuracy of the database. Our experts call and send out emails to hospitals, doctors, clinics and other healthcare divisions to verify the contact information.

We can narrow down the Radiologist email database by demographic location, job title and sub specialty which would help you to reach your prospective customers at an ease. We guarantee fresh contacts and 80% delivery rate. Contacts in Radiologists email list are highly responsive to products and services that meet their requirement. We can fortify your existing databases by appending identifiers such as email address, title, specialty, NPI number, State License number, UPIN number and more. We provide 75% deliverability on emails. Information Available: Type of Practice: Country based Section: Usage:

Marriage & Family Therapists Email List, Mailing Addresses Database. Campaign ROI, customers acquired, markets tapped, leads generated – all business agendas will fall flat, unless every campaign is supported with the right tools. As an established provider of healthcare data, we at Healthcare Marketers offer clients the marriage and family therapists email lists, as the easy and cost-effective solution to reach out to 29,522 therapists through a combination of online and offline channels. We ensure that while developing the marriage and family therapists mailing list we adhere to ethical practices and hence keep the database 100% verified, accurate and up-to-date, guaranteeing campaign deliverables of over 75% through preferred channel of communication.

Information Available: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code, Country, Phone, Fax, Employees, Sales, SIC Code, Industry and Web Address. Type of Practice: Country based Section: USA Canada UK and EU (including Germany, France, Italy etc.) Geographic Selections: Gastroenterologist Email List, Gastroenterologists Mailing Database. Profits, market growth, business success – that's probably what all marketers expect of their campaigns. But what they often miss out on is that in order to achieve their business goals they will have to make the right start.

And that's where we can help with our gastroenterologists email lists! At Healthcare Marketers we believe that effective communication is the key to campaign success in contemporary markets and as such ensure that all data added to our email marketing list of gastroenterologists are unique, accurate and authentic, to guarantee campaign deliverables through online and offline channels. So if you know your goals and are ready to acquire the right tools for reaching your goals, then what's holding you back from purchasing the gastroenterologist database! At Healthcare Marketers we recommend our clients to move on from traditional forms of campaigning.

Information Available: Type of Practice: Country based Section: Geographic Selections: Usage: Obstetrician and Gynecologist Email List, Mailing Addresses Database. The number of obstetrician and gynecologists in hospitals and clinics is on the rise. However, in spite of having access to the best technology and communication channels marketers are failing to reach their targeted OBGYN decision makers in time. At Healthcare Marketers we believe in resolving the challenge from the bottom.

So rest assured – your campaigns are perfect and your strategies will work fine. The problem lies in your current email list of Obstetrician and Gynecologist and that's what we are here to help you overcome. With verified and result-driven data on over 38,911 OB/GYN physicians there's little reason for you not to make a new beginning with our Obstetrician and Gynecologist database. The BLS predicts an employment growth of 24% among surgeons and physicians.

At Healthcare Marketers we look at it as the right opportunity for marketers to make their move with our OBGYN email lists. Information Available: Type of Practice: Country based Section: Geographic Selections: Usage: Neurologist Email List, Neurologists Mailing Addresses Database. Demand for neurology physicians and surgeons is on the rise – but there is a gradual shortage in their availability. With an expected shortage of 20% in supply by 2020, this is a global challenge the healthcare market will have to battle collectively. At Healthcare Marketers we are doing our part by offering medical marketers the neurologists email addresses lists. The idea behind developing this database is simple – we understand that neurologists are working from across locations, and for marketers to be able to reach out to them, it's necessary to have access to a database that comes with verified and accurate data. And that's exactly what our neurologist database will do. While data is the foundation of every campaign, it is not everything.

It is also necessary for marketers to be able to engage their audiences and gain their loyalty. So this is what we propose to our healthcare clients. Information Available: Type of Practice: Country based Section: Geographic Selections: Usage: Anesthesiologist Email List, Mailing Addresses Database Directory. There are medical marketers who make detailed plans and execute them systematically. Such marketers understand the challenges that market competition presents to them, and hence takes necessary steps to combat them. This means that they don't simply roll out campaigns, but use verified medical marketing lists to reach targeted specialists. So, if you are targeting anesthesiologists, we at Healthcare Marketers can help in this process by offering our anesthesiologist database.

The important part of our anesthesiology physician email marketing list is that we develop it through consultation with clients. A pre-packaged database of anesthesiologists, though beneficial in several cases, is not the best choice when marketers want to create a niche customer base, or retain market position. Our anesthesiologists email lists therefore are custom-built. Information Available: Type of Practice: Our mailing addresses of Anesthesiologists will support your geo-targeted campaigns with data from: Usage: Urologist Email List, Urologists Mailing Addresses Database. It's a confusing matter when medical marketers doubt marketing databases for rolling out campaigns. After all, what's the sense in spending time looking for data, when we at Healthcare Marketers can do it for you?

We have been serving the healthcare market for years and have in our repository over 2 million healthcare data. While developing out urologists email lists therefore we have been able to add to it the latest data on over 6,899 urology doctors so as to justify investment in our lists. We have teams that are skilled and competent in the field of data collation and can add accurate and authentic data in the urologist database. It has been seen through research that with time the number of urology doctors is declining. So, as a pharmaceutical company, CME provider, device manufacturer or any other medical marketer, this is the ideal time for you to showcase your brand and medical offering to a global audience base. Information Available: Type of Practice: Country based Section: Podiatrist Email List, Podiatrists Mailing Addresses Database.

At Healthcare Marketers we want to bring simplicity to the manner in which marketers promote their brand and services to healthcare professionals. To make communications simple and effective we recommend the use of marketing lists and hence offer the podiatrists mailing list as a way for reaching out to geo-targeted podiatry specialists! We believe that data forms the foundation of a strong campaign. Our podiatrists mailing address database therefore is a fool proof list of verified contact details, segmented by categories to facilitate targeted communications.

Targeted communications deliver better results as all messages reach its intended audiences. Considering the busy schedules that podiatrists have, do you really want to risk the success of your campaigns by using incorrect data? Purchase our podiatrists email lists and let us drive your campaigns to success! Additionally what makes our podiatrist email addresses the best in the market is its data-quality.

Information Available: Psychiatrists Email List, Psychiatrist Mailing Addresses Database. Psychologist Email List : Psychologists Mailing Addresses Database. Cardiologist Email List, Cardiologists Mailing Addresses Database. Orthopedic Surgeons Email List : Orthopedists Mailing Database. Chiropractors Email List : Chiropractor Mailing Addresses Database.