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Understanding Transient Ischemic Attacks. A transient ischemic attack (TIA) occurs when the blood supply to the brain is temporarily blocked.

Understanding Transient Ischemic Attacks

An individual who is experiencing a TIA displays symptoms similar to those that occur with a stroke, but the event is short-lived and resolves in one to five minutes, with no subsequent brain damage. Because TIAs—also referred to as “mini-strokes” or “warning strokes”—are one of the strongest predictors of strokes for seniors, it’s important for family caregivers to learn some information about them. The more education family members have about the topic, the higher the likelihood of a positive outcome if a TIA does occur.

What Happens During a TIA? During a TIA, just as with a stroke, a main artery to the brain is blocked by a clot, and the blood flow from that vessel is stopped. TIAs don’t necessarily cause lasting damage, but they could indicate the onset of a major stroke attack. Seniors can face a variety of age-related challenges. What Are the Symptoms? Essential Safety Tips for Senior Drivers. For many seniors, driving is a big part of maintaining their independence, and many are reluctant to give up their car keys.

Essential Safety Tips for Senior Drivers

If your aging loved one still gets behind the wheel, there are several steps he or she can take to mitigate the physical and cognitive effects of aging and enhance his or her ability to drive safely. Get Regular Checkups First and foremost, elderly drivers need to be on top of their health by getting regular physical checkups as well as vision and hearing exams.

Seniors should talk with their doctors about the effects their specific diagnosed ailments and diseases can have on driving as well as the possible side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications. 5 Tips for Helping Older Adults Prep for Surgery. Surgery can be a daunting experience for anyone, but for older adults, it can be incredibly difficult.

5 Tips for Helping Older Adults Prep for Surgery

Understanding what’s required to have a successful surgery and recovery can be overwhelming for older adults who may be experiencing physical limitations or cognitive impairment. However, there are five steps caregivers can take to help their aging loved ones prepare for surgery. 1. Help Them Stay Healthy before Surgery In some cases, it takes extra effort to get the body ready for surgery. Organizations Caregivers Should Know. Family caregivers who take care of their senior loved ones are doing so because to them it is a labor of love.

Organizations Caregivers Should Know

They devote numerous hours providing everything that is needed to ensure that their loved one continues to have the quality of life that they have been accustomed to. A caregiver plays many roles in the life of their senior loved one, and each role is vital to the well being of the older adult. Caregiver duties are varied depending on the level of care that is needed. 5 Best Grocery Shopping Strategies for Older Adults. Purchasing healthy foods can keep your senior parent in good shape and stave off various health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and arthritis.

5 Best Grocery Shopping Strategies for Older Adults

Having access to nutritious foods is the key to healthy eating. Take a look at some grocery shopping tips for your loved one. 1. What Forms of Support Can Enable Seniors to Live at Home? Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and seniors benefit when they have multiple sources of support.

What Forms of Support Can Enable Seniors to Live at Home?

When aging in place is your elderly loved one’s goal, you need to begin helping him or her put together a plan that includes people and services that can meet his or her needs. Over time, your loved one may need to add more forms of support, since his or her needs will change. Assistance with Financial Management. Why Does Coronavirus Pose a Greater Danger for Aging Adults? The novel coronavirus is quickly spreading across the world.

Why Does Coronavirus Pose a Greater Danger for Aging Adults?

As of the end of March 2020, the virus had been detected in more than 141,000 individuals and killed more than 2,400 people in the United States alone. The majority of these deaths have occurred in seniors. Understanding why seniors are particularly at risk and taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus can help you keep your aging loved one healthy. What Is COVID-19? The novel coronavirus is a respiratory virus that quickly spreads from person to person through small particles that are inhaled. 5 Great Group Activities for Seniors. Seniors enjoy getting together for social events.

5 Great Group Activities for Seniors

Planning a specific activity for a group isn’t difficult and makes the gathering more fun. There are many activities older adults or family members might consider hosting. 5 Great Group Activities for Seniors. Cancer Survivors Less Likely to Get Alzheimer’s [Infographic] Based on some promising research detailed in the following infographic, it turns out that those who have survived a previous cancer diagnosis may be less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Cancer Survivors Less Likely to Get Alzheimer’s [Infographic]

However, some seniors may still get the disease and require professional Alzheimer’s care. Tips for Keeping Your Senior Loved One Safe on the Web How to Keep Your Aging Parent Safe on the Internet. If your aging parent has recently decided to start using the Internet, you need to come up with a comprehensive plan for helping him or her do it safely.

Tips for Keeping Your Senior Loved One Safe on the Web How to Keep Your Aging Parent Safe on the Internet

While the Internet can be an incredible tool for older adults, there are potential risks around every corner. Luckily, with a little bit of help, your senior parent should be able to avoid cybercriminals and dangerous malware. Start with an Identity Theft Protection Service Well before your parent sets up any online accounts, you should probably take a look at some identity theft protection companies. 5 Ways to Handle Sibling Conflict about Caring for a Senior Parent 5 Strategies for Handling Caregiving Conflicts Among Siblings. Your siblings can be one of your greatest sources of support when your aging parent needs help. Yet sibling conflicts could arise when you all have different ideas about what it means to assist your loved one with daily activities.

In some cases, one of you may feel like you’re doing all the work. At other times, you and your siblings may have vastly different opinions about where your loved one should live. These five strategies can help you get through these conflicts so your loved one has the best care possible from the entire family. 1. Sibling conflicts are easier to manage when you all remember you have the same goal in mind. Top 8 Reasons Retired Seniors Are Choosing to Work Again – Home Care Assistance of Tampa Bay. In recent years, studies have looked at why seniors are going back into the workforce after retirement.

Many seniors are employed even after the age of 74 and it seems like there are more and more seniors out there in the working world. Palm Harbor home care experts share eight reasons why seniors may feel the need to return to the workforce. Some seniors may have the ultimate plan. Instead of retirement, they may decide to start their own business. Starting their own business will allow them to make the money that they want, without having to work long hours. Elderly Weight Gain Tips and Advice [Infographic] By Doris Kasold, 9:00 am on March 29, 2019 While some seniors need to lose weight to reduce their risk of various health conditions, others aren’t getting the nutrition they need to gain a few pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

6 Exceptional Hobbies for Seniors. Simultaneously invigorating and relaxing, walking could be the perfect hobby for a senior. It promotes heart health and circulation, provides exposure to fresh air and sunshine, and stretches the muscles. Walking has minimal impact on the joints and it’s something seniors can do at their own pace. It doesn’t require anything more than a pair of comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. 2.

6 Ways Seniors Can Stay Warm in Cold Weather – Home Care Assistance of Tampa Bay. Winter might bring along flu or other infections with it. Seniors may be more prone to the hazards of winter, so it is imperative for them to follow a few precautionary measures. The expert caregivers at Home Care Clearwater have shared 5 most common winter hazards among seniors. 1. By Keeping Your Body Warm. Easy Ways Families Can Stay Connected When Caregiving an Older Adult. 5 Technologies To Incorporate into a Senior’s Lifestyle – Home Care Assistance of Tampa Bay. 8 Key Nutrients for Seniors. As adults age, the body absorbs nutrients less efficiently.

Some adults may also experience dental or gastrointestinal issues that make foods difficult to chew or digest, while the sense of taste may decrease in others. There are many vitamins, minerals, and other compounds seniors must consume regularly. Hire Reliable Caregivers for Aging Adults. Hire Reliable Caregivers for Aging Adults - Florida, United States. The Advantages of Volunteering in the Senior Years. Giving to others can enhance your elderly loved one’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Senior Care Provider in Tampa Bay. 5 Valentine's Day Activities for Aging Adults. Valentine’s Day is a special holiday many seniors enjoy celebrating. Make the occasion even more festive by planning out activities that can enhance your aging loved one’s mood and overall health. 6 Ways Seniors Can Stay Warm in Cold Weather – Home Care Assistance of Tampa Bay. 4 Safety Tips for Seniors Who Travel in Public Transport – Home Care Assistance of Tampa Bay.

Thanks to modern medicine, our society has significantly changed its perception of the elderly. Age is no longer an automatic indication of a person’s ability or independence. Senior citizens are living longer, more active lives than in the past. 5 DIY Bird Feeders Seniors Can Easily Make. 6 Heart-Healthy Foods Seniors Should Eat. 6 Foods That Can Boost Heart Health in the Golden Years. Learn About 6 Different Forms of Heart Disease. Heart disease is the primary cause of death in the United States. How to Stave Off Lou Gehrig's Disease in Seniors. Also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Lou Gehrig’s disease is a neurological disorder that damages the muscles and makes basic tasks tough to perform. Why it’s Important for Seniors to Understand Finances.

6 Home Remedies for Seniors with Arthritic Hands. Best Antioxidants for Senior Health. Is it Age-Related or Mental Illness? Improving Senior Strength with Daily Activities. How to Motivate Senior Stroke Survivors. Senior Care: The Difference Between Heat Stress and Heat Stroke. Healthy Blueberry Quinoa Salad for Older Adults. 4 Ways to Address Alzheimer’s Symptoms in Seniors. Tips for Senior Oral Care. Tips for Saliva Control in Seniors with Parkinson’s. 4 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Looking Young. 4 Ways to Diminish Seniors’ Feelings of Loneliness. 4 Strategies That May Encourage Seniors to Eat More. Best Exercises for Senior Citizens. Caregiver of the Month.

4 Must-Have Devices to Aid Elderly Stroke Recovery. How Grief Can Make Seniors Sick. 8 Ways Seniors Can Beat the Florida Heat. How a Skin Test Might Help Diagnose Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Senior Mental Health: Effective Tips to Improve Memory. Top Apps for Family Caregivers. 8 Healthy and Cheap Foods for Seniors.