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HOME CARE ASSISTANCE SONOMA COUNTY - Blog. 5 Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors with Dementia. Thanksgiving Day festivities can be overwhelming for seniors with dementia.

5 Thanksgiving Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Any alterations to their daily routine can leave them disoriented and confused. 5 Low-Impact Physical Activities for Seniors. Low-impact activities are a wonderful way for seniors to get or stay fit while sparing weight-bearing joints from undue stress.

5 Low-Impact Physical Activities for Seniors

Various activities can boost balance, endurance, flexibility, and strength while serving as an opportunity for socializing. Seniors need to merely choose one or more activities that appeal to them. 1. Bicycling Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise that is also easy on hip and leg joints, and it can be accomplished indoors or outdoors by riding a conventional bike or stationary bike. How to Keep Your Aging Parents Healthy and Happy. 5 Low-Impact Physical Activities for Older Adults. How To Make The House Safe For Seniors. 5 Low-Impact Physical Activities for Older Adults. Are Dairy Products Healthy or Unhealthy for Seniors? Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium, which keeps bones healthy and strong as seniors age.

Are Dairy Products Healthy or Unhealthy for Seniors?

However, lactose intolerance is increasingly common, and many seniors find they are more sensitive to dairy the older they get. Learn more about the health benefits and detriments of dairy. The Nutrients Found in Milk Milk contains many nutrients important for senior health, such as calcium, vitamin D, riboflavin, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B12. Calcium and vitamin D are essential for senior women, who lose bone density after menopause. In addition to consuming nutrients, seniors with osteoporosis can reduce the risks of falls and fractures by receiving help from a professional caregiver. The Benefits of Dairy Fat Milk contains fatty acids that promote overall health.

The Dangers of Unpasteurized Dairy Seniors should avoid unpasteurized milk and cheese, which are often touted as healthy, as they contain beneficial fats and minerals. The Relation Between Dairy and Cancer. 6 Exciting Christmas Activities for Older Adults with Alzheimer’s. How to Manage Work & Family Caregiving Duties. 7 Lifestyle Decisions That Increase Life Expectancy. Top 8 Safe Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility. Seniors who aren’t mentally and physically active experience higher rates of obesity, diabetes, depression, and social anxiety.

Top 8 Safe Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Many caregivers have a difficult time coming up with fun, safe, and engaging activities for seniors who have limited mobility. If this sounds like your situation, take a look at these eight activities that can leave your loved one feeling happier and healthier. 1. 5 Brain-Boosting Activities for Aging Adults with Alzheimer’s. 6 Activities Aging Adults Can Enjoy on Halloween. 6 Activities Seniors Can Enjoy on Halloween. Halloween is a thrilling holiday for all ages.

6 Activities Seniors Can Enjoy on Halloween

There are many ways seniors can get involved in celebrating this holiday, including participating in Halloween-themed activities. Here are six exciting things seniors can do to celebrate the Halloween season. 1. Coloring Pictures. 5 Brain-Boosting Hobbies for Seniors with Alzheimer's. The Impact of Sugar on the Senior Brain. It’s no secret that Americans are consuming significantly more sugar than generations past.

The Impact of Sugar on the Senior Brain

In fact, Psychology Today reports the average adult eats between two and three pounds per week. The physical effects of this empty-calorie food can include weight gain and even diabetes. Research also shows high amounts of sugar can negatively affect the brain, especially in senior’s, an age group already at higher risk of conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s. As a trusted Sonoma County senior care provider, our caregivers always encourage and help our clients to eat healthy, well balanced diets. This post will share how sugar, which often hides in in many packaged convenience foods, can put your senior loved one at risk, while also providing information on what you can do to help.

Effects on the Brain When the body processes sugar, glucose (blood sugar) levels can increase, thereby activating the hypothalamus in the brain. Healthy Spices for Older Adults. Treatable Conditions that Look like Dementia. When elderly loved ones start to become increasingly forgetful or confused, family members often assume that it’s a sign of age-related dementia.

Treatable Conditions that Look like Dementia

Filing Taxes for Private Hire, In-Home Caregivers. Tax season is here, and families who have hired or are considering hiring an independent in-home caregiver privately (not through a local Sonoma County home care agency) should understand how their new family arrangement will affect their taxes.

Filing Taxes for Private Hire, In-Home Caregivers

Read on for important filing information for 2015. Household employers who pay their in-home caregiver $1,900 or more in a tax year are required to pay Medicare and Social Security taxes. Additionally, any employer who pays more than $1,000 to their employee in a calendar quarter is obligated to pay unemployment taxes. If your arrangement falls within these categories, here is a checklist to follow to ensure you are in compliance with your legal and financial obligations for 2015.

Helping Prepare a Senior for Surgery. Nearly half of all adults over the age of 65 will undergo a surgical procedure in their senior years.

Helping Prepare a Senior for Surgery

Factors such as age and health can affect how a senior reacts to surgery in comparison to the general population, so it’s important to properly prepare your loved one if he or she has an upcoming surgical procedure scheduled. The following are a few tips that can help you prepare, presented by Home Care Assistance, a local home care agency in Sonoma County. Create a Complete List Medications It is crucial that both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist are aware of the complete list of medications and supplements that your loved one is taking before the day of surgery arrives. Some types of drugs, such as blood thinners, will need to be stopped or have their dosages lowered before the procedure in order to prevent excess bleeding. 5 Post-Stroke Changes Essential for Senior Recovery. Having a stroke is a major, life-changing event, and people who have survived a cerebral vascular accident are at the highest risk for experiencing a second stroke.

5 Post-Stroke Changes Essential for Senior Recovery

Fortunately, regular check-ups with the doctor and participation in the following lifestyle changes can help seniors recover more quickly and avoid having another stroke. The following are five simple changes, recommended by the Sonoma County senior care experts at Home Care Assistance, that seniors must make post-stroke. Be Pro-Active – People who take charge of their own health by researching their condition and actively caring for themselves recover more fully and quickly than patients who are passive recipients of healthcare. If your aging parent or loved one is recovering from a stroke, make sure they have the right support systems in place to prevent a second stroke. Tips to Help Better Manage Parkinson's Tremors. Tremors are among the most noticeable of the motor symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. Since symptoms can vary in patients, it’s not unusual for tremors to affect one hand or leg and not the other.

Often occurring during the early stages of Parkinson’s and increasing in intensity as the disease progresses, tremors can often be managed to the point of not being so disruptive. Counteracting Tremors with Movement Tremors frequently disappear or become less noticeable when patients move the affected area, especially at a stage when tremors are still relatively mild. Top Reasons Seniors Should Maintain A Garden. Gardens are attractive, calming environments that can alleviate stress and create a sense of peace.

The practice of tending to gardens, however, can also be extremely beneficial. This is especially true for seniors as they negotiate the challenges of the aging process. Sonoma senior care experts highlight the following reasons aging adults should consider maintaining a garden. Medication Safety Checklist for Seniors. According to the Administration on Aging, 92 percent of adults older than age 65 have at least one chronic condition, and 77 percent have at least two. With the medications needed to control these issues, it’s important to make sure your elderly loved one is taking his or her prescriptions safely, especially if there is more than one. To help get you started, the trusted caregivers at Home Care Assistance have put together this medication safety checklist for seniors. 1.

Ask his or her doctor for a medication review. For this appointment, bring a list of all prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and supplements your family member takes. 2. If your loved one has started a new medication, it’s important to be aware of side effects that may arise. Legal Plans for Seniors with Alzheimer's. After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, seniors should sit down with their family members to begin the process of legal planning. This will give them the opportunity to state their preferences for treatment while they still have the mental and physical health for doing so. They can also identify their resources and make plans for long-term home care. Following are some of the most important topics to cover during these conversations.

Living Will. Family Caregiving: Tips for Post-Hospital Discharge. Discharge from the hospital can be exciting, as you’re about to bring your aging parent or loved one back home. However, as a caregiver, you’re also about to assume additional roles without the immediate help of a team of healthcare providers. Dementia Care: Tips for Introducing New Activities to Seniors. It is vitally important that seniors in the early stages of dementia be encouraged to engage in meaningful, mentally stimulating activities. Participating in these types of activities can improve quality of life, relieve depression, and may also slow the progression of the disease.

The Best Foods for Boosting the Senior Brain. Concerns about decreasing cognitive function and memory loss are often on the minds of seniors and their family members. Fortunately, aids that can boost brain function may be as close as the kitchen pantry. Home Care Assistance, the leading provider of Sonoma County in-home care, presents a few foods that research has shown to help enhance cognitive abilities in the elderly population.

Dark, Leafy Green Vegetables Improved brain function has been linked with the consumption of dark, leafy green vegetables. Good sources include: Parkinson's Care: Personal Care & Privacy Concerns. How to Keep Seniors Safe in the Sun & Warm Weather. Sunshine is both uplifting and essential. It helps the body properly synthesize D vitamins and can also contribute to a sense of happiness and overall well-being. Senator Mendoza Promotes Safe Referral Practices for Seniors. Getting a Senior with Alzheimer's to the Doctor. Simple Changes Help Seniors Retain Mobility. 5 Easy-to-Miss Signs a Senior Needs Help at Home. As parents age, there are subtle signs they need help at home that adult children may miss.

Since children aren’t with their aging parents every day, they should be alert to any signs of mental, physical or emotional changes that may be occurring when they come to visit. How to Communicate Effectively with a Senior with Alzheimer's. As a leading provider of senior care in Sonoma County, we know that communicating with a senior experiencing Alzheimer’s can be an exasperating experience. Yet, according to the Nursing Times, “Recent research suggests that simply defining Alzheimer’s in terms of organic brain disease and linking the process with aging may not be as straightforward as was once thought.” 7 Home Cures for Mosquito Bites. Health Benefits of the Season’s Best Fruit. A Cup of Joe Can Help Ease Parkinson’s Symptoms. My Loved One Has Parkinson's, Now What? 5 Fun Activities to Celebrate Senior Citizens Day. How to Create a Living Will. Damaging Effects of Stress on Mental Health.