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Home Care Assistance of Lancaster

Premium Live-In and 24 Hour Home Care in Lancaster County. When an aging parent or loved one needs assistance on an around the clock basis, continuing to live in the comfort of home is not only a viable option, but one that will promote health, wellness and quality of life.

Premium Live-In and 24 Hour Home Care in Lancaster County

At Home Care Assistance of Lancaster, caring for older adults who need continuous care is our specialty. While all of our live-in caregivers are trained in how to safely and effectively meet the physical needs of seniors and older adults, they are also trained in our Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM) which promotes brain health and mental acuity for seniors of all cognition levels.

What Exercises Can Help Boost a Senior Woman's Health? Women receiving senior care in Lancaster are encouraged to maintain active lifestyles for a variety of reasons.

What Exercises Can Help Boost a Senior Woman's Health?

Once-simple movements like climbing stairs or even maintaining balance can become more difficult as muscles weaken and joints stiffen. 5 Common Risks for Seniors with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral palsy includes physical disorders that can affect involuntary movements, motor skills, and balance.

5 Common Risks for Seniors with Cerebral Palsy

Over the last few decades, several treatment plans have been developed to enhance the lives of seniors with cerebral palsy. Even though these treatments are often effective, older adults should know about some of the risks associated with cerebral palsy and what can be done to mitigate those risks. Seniors can face a variety of challenges as they age, many of which can be mitigated with the help of professional in-home caregivers who provide high-quality home care. Lancaster families trust in Home Care Assistance to help their elderly loved ones age in place safely and comfortably. Here are 5 common health risks associated with cerebral palsy. 1. Broken bones are common among seniors with cerebral palsy, and this type of trauma takes much longer to heal due to other symptoms such as tremors.

Top 5 Benefits of Intergenerational Writing Classes. Intergenerational writing classes are becoming increasingly popular among seniors.

Top 5 Benefits of Intergenerational Writing Classes

While many adult education classes cater to a wide range of age groups, including multiple generations in a writing course is beneficial for seniors and their classmates. These classes can help seniors remain mentally active and healthy. 4 Ways Seniors Can Keep Pancreatic Cancer at Bay. Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer that affects older adults.

4 Ways Seniors Can Keep Pancreatic Cancer at Bay

The treatment for this cancer can be both costly and risky. However, there are steps seniors can take to prevent the disease from developing. Here are a few ways seniors can reduce their risk of pancreatic cancer, brought to you by the Lancaster senior care experts at Home Care Assistance. 1. 4 Walking Trails in Lancaster for the Elderly. Most seniors don’t need to sign up for high-impact aerobics classes to stay in shape.

4 Walking Trails in Lancaster for the Elderly

Your loved one can fit in a 35-minute walk, which can help him or her stay physically strong and agile. Lancaster, PA, in-home care experts suggest the following local outdoor places where your loved one can get fresh air and increase his or her muscle strength. 1. Long’s Park Located at 1441 Harrisburg Pike, this 90-acre family park with a petting farm and picnic pavilions also provides a fitness trail. How to Motivate Seniors with Alzheimer's to Eat. Good nutrition is important, especially during the golden years.

How to Motivate Seniors with Alzheimer's to Eat

However, Alzheimer’s can create a host of challenges and make it difficult for caregivers to encourage healthy eating habits. How to Prevent B12 Deficiency in the Elderly. Elderly adults are at a higher risk for vitamin deficiencies, mainly due to decreasing absorption by the digestive system, dietary changes, or decreased food intake.

How to Prevent B12 Deficiency in the Elderly

Lancaster, PA, home care professionals suggest using these strategies to prevent B12 deficiency in your elderly loved one. Know the Risk Factors Simply being over 50 places a person at greater risk for anemia. However, other lifestyle factors like taking medications such as metformin can also affect your loved one’s B12 levels. Alcoholism, low levels of stomach acid, and digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease are additional risk factors for B12 deficiency.

5 Reasons Every Senior Needs a Hobby. Not only are hobbies great fun, they can also enhance your loved one’s cognitive, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

5 Reasons Every Senior Needs a Hobby

Lancaster in-home care professionals discuss 5 reasons every senior should consider taking up a hobby. 1. Reduces Stress When your loved one takes up a hobby, it can help relieve stress. Stress can lead to heart disease, stroke, and other serious conditions, which is why your loved one should control stress levels or try to eliminate stress altogether. 5 Warning Signs of Brain Injury in the Elderly. The risk of a traumatic brain injury increases with age and can be caused by a variety of factors.

5 Warning Signs of Brain Injury in the Elderly

Families providing home care in Lancaster should be aware of these 5 warning signs that an elderly loved one may have injured his or her brain. 1. Loss of Consciousness A brain injury can occur due to a stroke or sudden impact to the head. When an event such as this happens, your loved one may lose consciousness, or he or she may stay awake but be in a daze. 2. A blinding headache is another sign a brain injury has occurred. 4 Spots in Lancaster for Single Seniors Looking to Date. Which Part-Time Jobs Are Most Suitable for the Elderly?

After retirement, some seniors lose the sense of purpose they once gained from performing regular duties. Many become bored or listless, but taking on a low-stress, yet meaningful part-time job can help boost mental wellbeing. The staff at Lancaster Home Care Assistance has put together this list of part-time jobs your retired senior loved one may want to apply for. Personal Assistant Many business owners and busy mothers are looking for a part-time personal assistant to help them take care of basic errands and other daily tasks. Formal training isn’t usually required for this type of job, and pay is often negotiable. Tour Guide. What Caregivers Need to Know About Memory Screening. Since seniors are at a greater risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of age-related dementia, it is important for Dayton live-in caregivers to keep an eye out for any possible symptoms.

A prompt diagnosis of dementia allows seniors to use treatments that delay the disease’s progression. Regular memory screenings are a particularly useful method for early detection of dementia. Following is some helpful information and facts about the memory screening process. 5 Romantic Ways for Seniors to Spend Valentine's Day. There’s no age limit for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Seniors in the mood for some romance and fun may enjoy a few suggestions from the elderly care experts at Lancaster Home Care Assistance. 1. Try a New Food For seniors in long-term relationships, finding new things to experience together can be challenging. This Valentine’s Day, seniors may want to consider trying a new type of cuisine. 2. Many seniors remember their dancing days fondly. 5 Romantic Ways for Seniors to Spend Valentine's Day. Top 4 Tax Write-Offs for Family Caregivers. Family caregivers who are looking after and paying for the cost of caring for a senior loved one may qualify for some tax write-offs.

The staff at Lancaster Home Care Assistance looks at 4 ways family caregivers can save money on taxes. 1. Medical and Dental Expenses In most cases, you can deduct up to 100 percent of the expenses related to diagnosing, curing, preventing, or treating your loved one’s health conditions that are not covered by insurance. This includes medical and dental care as well as expenses for supplies and medications. 2.

You may qualify for a deduction if you pay at least half the expenses of your loved one’s long-term care, including the cost of housing, food, and clothing. 3. If you are like most family caregivers in Lancaster, PA, you probably spend a great deal of time driving your loved one to various medical appointments. 5 Awesome American Athletes Over Age 65. Growing older doesn’t mean seniors can’t be physically fit and accomplish great things. Countless aging adults are breaking athletic records by challenging themselves to all new heights of fitness, strength, and endurance.

4 Ways Older Adults Can Have Fun This Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that can be celebrated by all age groups, including seniors. Important Information About Memory Screening. Home Care Assistance Chicago. 4 Brain-Boosting Activities for Seniors with Dementia. Keeping the mind active is crucial when managing dementia symptoms, and certain structured activities offer impressive brain-boosting benefits for seniors with this condition. Lancaster, PA, senior home care experts discuss 4 activities your aging loved one can engage in to alleviate dementia symptoms in a powerful and positive way.

How to Help Seniors Maintain Their Dignity. Can CBD Therapy Relieve Parkinson's Symptoms? Scientists are constantly researching new options for effective Parkinson’s treatment, and seniors with Parkinson’s may be excited to learn about a potential natural solution. Recent studies indicate a chemical compound in marijuana called cannabidiol (CBD) is showing great potential for relieving Parkinson’s symptoms. Lancaster, PA, Parkinson’s care experts want to share some of the findings on CBD and how it compares to other Parkinson’s treatments.

Premier In-Home Care Service Lancaster, PA. Gift Ideas for Seniors Who Have Everything. When it is time to buy your parents or grandparents a gift, you might get stumped because you know they already have everything they need. With some thought about what they like, you might be surprised to find some unique gifts they will love and appreciate. 4 Reasons to Appreciate Your Elderly Father. How to Keep the Elderly Cool During a Heat Wave. During a heat wave, seniors may be especially vulnerable to the effects of rising temperatures. This is often due to health conditions that limit their ability to cool off effectively. However, implementing certain strategies can prevent serious problems such as heatstroke and dehydration. Why Are Strawberries Healthy for the Elderly? What Are the Links Between Depression and Alzheimer's? It is estimated that approximately 40 percent of people with Alzheimer’s also experience some form of depression.

This has led many researchers to attempt to determine if these two conditions have any direct connections. Lancaster Alzheimer’s care experts discuss the ways depression and Alzheimer’s disease may be linked. The Similarities and Differences Between the Two Conditions Many people with Alzheimer’s also experience depression, especially during the initial stages of the disease while they are still lucid. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify depression in seniors with Alzheimer’s because the two conditions share symptoms like apathy, social withdrawal, and a lack of concentration. Health Benefits of Soy-Based Meals for Seniors. How Seniors Can Boost Their Overall Health Today.

What Can Seniors Do to Prevent Kidney Disease? Should Seniors with Diabetes Try Insulin Therapy? Tax Deductions Seniors Should Take Advantage Of. How to Show Appreciation for Your Loved One's Caregiver. Can the Elderly Cover Up Symptoms of Dementia? 5 Ways to Simplify Grooming for Your Senior Loved One.